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LG OLED C8 65" TV $3623.20 Delivered @ Appliance Central eBay


Couldn't see cheaper posted than this. Hope someone can benefit.

Use proper10 code.

Original PROPER10 10% off Sitewide on eBay Deal Post

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    good price,i have been keeping an eye on this tv through the various ebay sales last few weeks. and this is the cheapest i have seen it. not ready to pull the trigger yet though

    • +1

      Was slightly cheaper here.

      • That post was for the 55" C8 and the 65" E8. This is a 65" C8.

        • +5

          Read the very first pricing: it was $3596 for the 65" C8 via Click & Collect.

  • i think at least for myself the previous deal with shipping was more than the current listing. although by not much

  • -1

    how does this one compare to sony oled tvs?

    • +1

      Everyone will tell you something different, but they're all incredible TVs.

      • what about price/performance ratio?

    • all oled quality is very close unless you are super attention to detail and sound or hardware quality. otherwise no problem at all. If you compare oled to qled, then it's another game.

      • Guess it might come down to OS preference?

      • I heard sony OLED TVs are overall the best, mostly their image engine and OS system plus can be enhanced if you also have ps4

      • So is QLED better or worse? I read a few reviews and it still wasn't clear to me.

        • This is like Plasma V LCD. QLED is a tweak of existing LCD technology. My humble opinion - If you're after a high-end 55-inch TV, buy an OLED TV, since both technologies are the same price at that size.

        • I was leaning that way, thanks for the advice.

    • Sony uses LG OLED panels. Differences mainly come from the OS and processing engine.

      I love the LG operating system.

      • Only LG display manufactures large OLED panels for TV in the world.

  • +5

    Decided to hold off … Personally I think coming Black Friday and Xmas sales will be very competitive in term of price and discount. Can't Wait !!

  • hmmm should i wait until black friday? last year's sale was super great.

    • what was it last year?

  • Great TV

  • -1

    Anyone fine the code not working? Can't figure out what I'm doing wrong…

  • tempting. i still have a tv to get rid of first though

  • +5

    It's just dropped to $3550 now. Current price $3850 with the $300 off using PROPER10.

    • Weird mine is still showing $3960 even when trying on my phone.

      • Yeah, I noticed it reverted back about an hour after I posted :( Well done if anyone got in while it was that price!

    • Anyone happen to have a screenshot of the price at $3550?


      • Just dropped to $3580 ($3880 - $300), not quite what it was this morning, but still pretty great.

  • +1

    55" Version also available for $2,150 delivered or $1,935 delivered with PROPER10 code.


  • +1

    Just got mine a few days ago. Best tv ever! Came from a sony 4k 93xxd which died a few weeks ago.

  • This vs Samsung Q9 QLED?

    OLED vs QLED?

    Is burn in an issue for OLED in particular for gaming?

    • +1

      If you can, go see them at your local jb hifi or somewhere like that and compare in person.

      Personally, after seeing them side by side, OLED is a distinctive winner (opinions will vary though).

  • +1

    Price just went down again and now $3880 and purchased for $3580 using PROPER10 code.

  • Now only $3352 from video pro with pear tree code… pick up

    • Should note that Video Pro is based in QLD

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