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iPhone XS Max 256GB (Gold, Silver, Grey) $1777.50 Delivered @ Yourfone eBay


iPhone XS Max 256GB (Gold, Silver, Grey) $1777.50 Delivered @ Yourfone eBay

23 in stock while posting:
* Grey - 10
* Gold - 8
* Silver - 5

  • Brand new in sealed box
  • Australian Model, Australian Stock, 1yr International warranty
  • 2 years Apple warranty under consumer law in Australia
  • Ships within 1 or 2 business days, Express shipping signature on delivery
  • Tax invoice with GST tax credit with your name and address

10% off Sitewide @ eBay (Min Spend $120, Max Discount $300)

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  • Any deal for the 64gb max?

  • +13

    So expensive for a phone.

    • -12

      Premium products attract a premium. It's how it works…

      • -2

        Yeah but this isn't really a premium product. It's the phone equivalent of a hyundai with a body kit to make it seem as if it's a premium super car

        • +2

          Whats a premium phone then? Not sure how you think an iphone is budget. It's the only phone that offers 5 years of major OS updates and security patches. It has more stores than other brands for support. It offers in store replacement and repairs unlike nearly every other brand. It offers features not present in most other phones. It has some of the best performance and battery life of any flagship. not sure what else you want for it to be considered premium.

          • -4

            @onlinepred: Definetly not an iFruit running smaller capacity batteries than rival phones were 5 years ago LMAO

            • +1

              @Joey Jo Jo: Huh? iOS is more effecient and doesn't need a huge battery lol. Current iPhones last longer than androids with much bigger batteries. Not sure if you know anything about phones.

          • -1

            @onlinepred: Oh wow you edited your comment and proclaimed iPhones have better battery life hahahaha oh that's gold - I'm sure all the women in the office daily chasing iPhone chargers agree with you, or is that because of Apple updates deliberately killing performance in older models?
            What better features, your inability to set a data limit? How the phone turns your wifi back on after you turn it off? Or the great feature of an $1,800 phone where you can't use it as a plug and play mass storage device or even add a memory card to boost storage?

            • +2

              @Joey Jo Jo: Are you 12? If you did any research you would know most androids are so inefficient they need almost double the capacity to last as long. I don't have an iPhone btw. I'm just a tech enthusiast, so I actually know things… Unlike trolls who just say phones are expensive wah.

              This forum is for tight arses. They downvote as their wallet doesn't agree. I'm fine with that- it doesn't change anything.

              Also Android turns your wifi on after you turn it off. Just saying…

              • @onlinepred: Lol call someone a troll because they bring facts to the table that you don't want to hear. Apple are notorious for crap battery life. I know I own both Apple and Android. Android has way more features. Apple are the perfect kids phone because with their restrictions theres less ways kids can screw them up. I've never seen an android turn your wifi on after you've turned it off. I've seen them warn you that you're using mobile data but never seen them turn it back on like iPhones.

                You got negged because your comment deserved to be negged. Wake up to yourself man lol

                • @Joey Jo Jo: What phone you got? Note 9?

                  Here's an instructional page for you, perhaps you aren't an android
                  power user. httpsww.tomsguide.com/us/android-oreo-automatically-enable-wifi,review-4609.html

                  • @onlinepred: Did you seriously link a guide to set an optional Android option that isn't an option at all on IOS? LMFAO!

                    • @Joey Jo Jo: You said you didn't know android does this. It does by default. Hope you learnt something new. iPhone has this option too

                    • @Joey Jo Jo: Now you know how to do it on both phones.


                      Always good to educate people with tech

                      • @onlinepred: Do you have a guide on how to get a battery capacity in an almost $1800 phone that wasn't the standard four years ago?
                        Or a guide on how to add an SD card to an $1800 iPhone?
                        What about a guide to set a data limit on an iPhone?
                        Also maybe a guide on how to use an $1800 iPhone to quickly USB plug and play to store data?
                        If you do find one for the last mentioned see if you can find me a guide on how to play standard video format files such as MP4 on an $1800 iPhone?
                        Cheers bro, these things should be standard on an $1800 smart phone but prove difficult to find such basic functionality as listed.
                        $1800 LMAO

                        • @Joey Jo Jo: Nope because iPhone is more efficient, somehow they get better battery life than a note 9 out of a much smaller battery. iPhone plays MP4. Perhaps you should try using an iPhone long term before you just say random things you googled. Most androids don't even support sd cards. But if that's your requirement then so be it. A 512gb iPhone most not be enough for you either.

                          Anyway, I use a pixel 2xl and S9+, please do your research before trolling. Android has some great phones, so does apple. You get a lot for the money on both ends. If you don't want to spend 1800, you could get the xr at 1100 which still outperforms most androids in performance and battery life while offering 5 years os and security updates, hardware support to change battery for $99 for up to 7 years.

                          I'll probably buy the next Samsung foldy phone, it will probably be very expensive so I can see you won't get it.

                          • -1

                            @onlinepred: Lol I've used Apple, the battery life is woeful. It's not trolling to point out that it is not a premium device and is well overpriced - Your negs on your comment labeling it a premium item show this as well as Apples sales figures falling to the point where they're now no longer reporting on how many units they're selling.
                            I have a feeling the Samsung foldy phone will have a lot more features and options than we're seeing on the restricted fashion accessory that is the iFlop.

                            • +1

                              @Joey Jo Jo: yup, because using terms like iFlop really show you are not trolling.

                              • -1

                                @try2bhelpful: Lol, that's not trolling as it has flopped in sales >XD

                                • @Joey Jo Jo: How do you know it has flopped - Apple hasn't released the figures on the units - do you have insider information? Also given the current pricing they don't need to sell as many to make the profit. Using an emotive "i" term is trolling. I'm just waiting for your "isheep" comment next. The Apple phones are not to your taste, so be it, but you are not the arbiter of what is a Premium product. Go ply your Fandroid comments on an Android forum, not sure why you are trolling here.

                                  • @try2bhelpful: Lol, haven't you been reading the tech news? Obviously not. Haha I think that speaks volumes that you say they don't need to sell many since they're so heavily over priced for what they are. But I'm sure the few people who buy them will create great selfies for their Instagram accounts, well as long as the battery that was standard five years ago holds out.

                                    • @Joey Jo Jo: Can you please provide me with links to your tech news; including a comparison between the top selling Android phones and the top selling Apple phones. I can't find any statistics indicating either of them. However, I am happy to be provided with this information. Given the Apple phones have only just been released, particularly the XR, I would wait for a little while before declaring it a "flop". You try to show you are "logical" but then you end it with yet another stereotypical insult at Apple users. I would rather the 5 year old battery standard of the Apple device than the "start of the art" battery of the Note 7.

                                      • @try2bhelpful: Dude, it's called Google go have a look for yourself.
                                        Haha yeah that note 7 battery fiasco of two years ago was pretty bad for samsung no one will argue against that. Hasn't been repeated though while Apple are charging $1,800 for a phone with a smaller battery than the Galaxy Note 3 LMFAO.

                                        • @Joey Jo Jo: You said that "tech news" said this - I tried to Google your claims and couldn't find anything that showed me a comparison for any of the phones - you said it was there so please show me what your links are. You obviously have some to be quoting this.

                                          Battery size is irrelevant, it depends on how efficient the phone is to provide what it does. You don't tend to look at the size of a car's petrol tank but people are concerned about the Miles per Gallon.

                                          All I ask is for you to back up what you say with facts and relevance. Not insults and trolling.

                                          • @try2bhelpful: Google iPhone SX sales and then Google Apple all of a sudden not reporting on units sold anymore for the first time ever. Then Google what this means for Apple shareholder confidence.

                                            Um bud, you bought up the Note 7 when the Note 3 has a better battery than the latest $1,800 iPhone. My iPhones and every other iPhone user I know were and are looking for chargers far more frequently than other phone brand users. That's because Apple sell phones with tech from 5 years ago for $1,800. Not trolling, facts 100%

                                            • @Joey Jo Jo: Sorry, I want you to show me the actual stats from both manufacturers because you are the one that said the "tech news" were showing it was a flop. Can you please provide those links? As I said, the battery size is not relevant, it is how the phone utilises it.

                                              I don't care if it is 5 years old battery technology provided the phone performs as well as it's peers. Again please show me links from reputible sites that shows how much worse the iPhones are with their batteries to comparable high end smart phones. What you are saying is not a relevant "fact". Now please show me youre links. You have made an assertion I am just asking you to back it up with some hard statistics.

                                              • @try2bhelpful: Bro it's in the news. Go find articles that say otherwise if you want to disagree. I'm not doing your googling for you.

                                                Battery size is relevant. You use apps you use battery. iPhone users are always desperate for chargers like they're crack addicts

                                                • @Joey Jo Jo: You are the one that said it so you must have hard statistics to go with. I'm not the one that cited they had "tech news" sources. So either put up or stop posting. I want the statistics that show the iphone unit sales are a "flop" compared to other individual smart phones and the statistics that show the iPhone batteries are so much worse than other comparable smart phones. You have stated they are so please provide me with statistics from reputable sites.

                                            • @Joey Jo Jo: Better battery lol. Bigger dosnt mean better. You literally know nothing.

                                              • -1

                                                @onlinepred: Oh totally a larger capacity battery is so much not better than a much smaller capacity battery. And I suppose no SD card expansion is also better than having that option LMAO

                                                • @Joey Jo Jo: You still have not provided me with one actual reputable site for any of your claims. I'm not interested in your opinion I am interested in the "Tech news" sites you were claiming had this information. Now please provide me with them.

                                                      • @try2bhelpful: Lol where is the abuse? You offended by the term iFruit? This isn't Twitter or tumblr buddy Haha.
                                                        The information you seek has been in the news for weeks

                                                        • @Joey Jo Jo: Stop trolling mate. You clearly know literally nothing about tech and go to name calling. The $1800 iFruit has longer lasting battery than most androids. If you knew anything, you would know this. You should also know they have smaller batteries. If you use the brain in your head, you would realise that apple phones are much more efficient with the battery and don't require huge batteries to power them like some cheap android phones.

                                                            • @Joey Jo Jo: Okay I'll try and come down to your facts, why is it better? It's battery life was rated at 7hrs of video, while iPhone xs max is rated at 18hrs while being smaller. Why is note 3 battery better? Please tell me your facts.

                                                              • -2

                                                                @onlinepred: What the hell mate, seriously? You're comparing the entire note 3 to the entire iFruit XS. LMAO five years apart - Five tech years apart yet Apple sells restricted products for $1,800 that have a smaller battery capacity than a more than five year old Samsung LOL

                                                                    • @Joey Jo Jo: Like I said, once you done any amount of research, call me when a samsung lasts longer. It's not yet btw


                                                                      What I will give you is that under certain use cases the Samsung might last longer maybe. But it does have over 800mah more, and still struggles. I'll just go replace the battery of that $1800 note 9, oh you can't…. Hopefully you weren't going to use it for more than a few years. That and it only gets 3 years of updates lol which is ending compared to 5 years. Basic features really.

                                                                      • @onlinepred: Lol you just admitted you're wrong. Note 9 lasts longer - fact. I wouldn't pay $1800 for one of those either but it's clearly the better option as its actually a smart phone with non restrictive features, has double the storage of 512gb for the same price not to mention SD slot, larger battery, can be used as a plug and play mass storage device, compatible with way more file types straight out of the box, better camera, better functions, all round better.
                                                                        I'm not sure what planet you are on about replacing batteries between the two as the note 9 has a better battery and both require the same tools to perform a battery replacement. Its also fact that updating your iPhones of more than 3 year years old slows the phones performance, apple were caught out on that one do you remember? It was in the news and I know how weak your abilities are to search topics in the news. Haha technically Apple offer updates for tech 8 years old since all their hardware is a whole generation behind when it comes out anyway.

                                                                        • @Joey Jo Jo: Haha call me when it lasts longer though. And when you get some actual knowledge.

                                                                            • @Joey Jo Jo: Flossy Carter lol. No wonder you know nothing

                                                                              • @onlinepred: Lol he compares the battery of the Samsung you chose to single out against the Kim Kardashian accessory you're trying to argue is worth $1800 while being nothing new and in true Apple style lacking many options and features of competitors. See how the YouTube community give him way more likes than negs? Lol I suppose YouTube are bias against apple.

                                                                                • @Joey Jo Jo: Your$1800 phone can't even compete with iFruit https://youtu.be/OgqUjqbXMZA

                                                                                  According to you this is Bible, YouTube is never bias, iFruit is better. Waste of money getting anything else

                                                                                  • @onlinepred: At the end of the day the iPhone is BS overpriced for what it is compared to every other device. Iys a premium snapchat and Instagram tool. Lol that's the market they're going for, Kim Kardashian followers

                                                                                    • @Joey Jo Jo: Overpriced as it's higher quality and offers longer and better support. Pretty much better than a note 9 in all typical phone categories. It's only if you want to use a stylus on a phone that you may choose note 9. Fantastic phones though. I had a note 8 and loved it, but being a realist I know what it's good at and what it isn't good at. As a smartphone, the iPhone is better in all basic ways, it's only niche things that android can do that iOS can't, so for sure if you do niche things then pick a phone that suits it. Don't sit there and make shit up though like a troll. Android consumes more battery due to its features like aod, background processes freedom, split window etc. iOS has huge control over this and increases battery life significantly. The real issue is why won't apple stick a 4000mah battery in an iPhone? If they did it would last longer than any other phone on the market by hours.

                                                                                      • @onlinepred: Haha its only the 20 plus things that android do out of the box that makes them better than iPones nor to mention notisong hardware from 5 years ago. IPhones are better for selfies and do kiddy stuff, Android does all the rest waaaaay better.

    • +2

      This is gaming laptop price territory. I have nothing against Apple as I used iPhone from work but holy hell

      • +9

        Do you even have a phone? How else will you play Diablo Immortal?

      • I don't disagree bout the steepness of the price, but I would also hazard a guess that the average user would use their phones a lot more than they would use their gaming machines. I'm still holding onto my Iphone 6 plus because the beastie does what I want it to; I use my iPad for the gruntier uses. I'm eyeing of the Ipad Pros but, bang for buck, buying the lastest low end iPad and either hot spotting or getting a SIM would probably be the best option for many people. I'm also keen on the Apple watches as an actual phone replacement; but I grew up in the era of Dick Tracey.

  • +1

    Great price, Got one :)

  • -1

    Why does his photos and ebay account look so fake ha.

    • +2

      Not sure how you came to this conclusion mate. Seller seems genuine to me with 100% positive feedback with 1394 ratings. :)

  • +2

    Makes more sense if it had 3yr warranty at those prices.

    • +3

      My old iPhone 6 stopped working after 2.5 yrs and appple exchanged it with a refurbished (looks completely brand new) without questions, and told me I’d get another two years of warranty with the replacement

      • What did you say to apple when you exchange it with refurb?

        • +20

          Thank you?

      • A connector to my SE malfunctioned a month before the two year mark. They gave me a new SE. You can spend a lot on phones these days. I don't think I'd get the same service with a high end Sony to be honest. If you can stack some discounts e.g. 10% gift card plus TRS then it makes the high price palatable.

        According to the Apple Store they sell this model for $1879 you're only saving $101.50. However a discount is better than none.

    • Aus Consumer Law guarantees 2 years if Aus stock. If phone is replaced, the time limit resets. But agreed. Way too expensive!

      • I remember if the phone was replaced the phone would be under warranty for 90 days or continue the original warranty if it was longer.

  • +3

    It might be a "good price" but still a lot of money for a mobile phone.

  • any deal for iphone XS. or iphone X

    • Have a look, and let us know.

  • +7

    thats the price of my 1st car :P

    • +15

      The iPhone xs max was never intended to be used as a car!

      • +1

        But priced as much as an used car!

        • +1

          You can get a used car for a very small amount of money.

          • +1

            @try2bhelpful: My first car cost more than the first iPhone. I think the fuel in it was more expensive than the car.

            • +1

              @t25: If it was a mini it probably drank more oil than petrol too.

        • +1

          Cheaper than a tv that you probably use less.

  • +2

    Great find Op..
    As someone has pointed out in the other thread: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/414153 this seller actually has a brick&mortar store in Gold Coast, and they are also selling on gumtree the same thing for $1750 cash offer.. they are also an associated shop with Joyone mobile in Brisbane which is selling iphones on ebay and gumtree at a similar price.

    It is really tempting deal but meanwhile.. looks a bit dodgy from past customer reviews on google….

    • +2

      just so that you know, I bought an iphone XS from them yesterday and received it today. Came with an GST invoice + Legit ABN.

      • thanks [email protected]

        what about the device? So far so good? Brand New as described?

        • +1

          brand new sealed in box. im setting it up now and everything seems legit. i dont know how these guys can sell them for so cheap. Im not complaining.

      • @michaelTito Did you receive a physical printed copy of GST invoice with your iPhone shipment or they sent it to you over email?

        • Physical print copy of the invoice

  • No thanks, I'd like to keep my kidney.

    • Kidney doesn't have b28 though.

  • No stock

  • Does anyone know how to confirm the 1yr International warranty + 2 years Apple warranty?
    Are those warranty real?

    • +1

      go find apple care on the apple store web page, it will ask you to put in the serial number etc to check your coverage of warranty if it helps.. and by the way the guy from the shop claimed the phone comes with 2 year warranty.

      • thank you, I have have a try, when I receive it

  • +1

    Those who complain about these phones being expensive
    Think about what you are getting

    • A laptop equivalent CPU and GPU
    • state of the art SSD storage
    • Decent camera(s) with AI
    • OLED Screen
    • a mobile phone
    • digital wallet
    • wireless charging
    • OS
    • flash light
    • All day battery
      All this In a package that fits in your pocket

    I think it’s cheap

    • Will it return back in stock? Seems there is no more

    • -2

      It has a battery smaller than a Sony Xperia Z2 that was released almost FIVE years ago. All day battery my arse, maybe if you don't use it for apps and don't make the processor run LOL

      • It has one of the best battery life on the market at the moment. Longer than the Note 9 with its 4000Mah battery.
        Test done with Note 9 at max resolution though, not at same res as iPhone.

        See YouTube battery comparison, and you'll be as surprised as I was.

        Will never buy this overpriced crap though.

    • +1

      Whatever you're smoking, I'll have some :)

    • This is hilarious 😂

    • +1

      Unfortunately people want the best everything for cheap. It doesn't matter the justification. Not sure why they came here looking at an iPhone when they were never going to buy one anyway.

      • +1

        and that is very much the point. Everytime there is an Apple deal the fandroids come in and whine it is not a good deal because you can buy one of their toys cheaper. It gets very tiresome. I'm sure Apple people know what they are looking for and just shut out this irritating noise. Most of these whiners have never used the version of iPhone on offer, but they think they are experts anyway. People have a right to spend their money as they see fit.

        • I'm a fan of tech, not of a certain OS. Would suck to be so limited in experience and knowledge by something so simple. I love using all OS's and phones and see value with all.

          • @onlinepred: I've tried quite a few Android phones and,as a rule, I don't like their OS. It doesn't mean I am limited, just that the Apple one suits me best. It just pisses me off when people who don't know what they are talking about try to belittle people who do.

            • @try2bhelpful: The pixel line is actually really good. I currently have pixel 2xl, S9+ and ip7 plus. There's quite a lot that's easier on one than the other. Would I pay over $2k for a phone, no. I can understand why some people people with money to burn might. Would I buy an xr or X for less than $1400, for sure. For a long time iOS was quite bad, it's not until the last few years it's picked up core features that android has had for ages. It's still a closed ecosystem that's quite restricting, and imo the xs max is not worth paying near full RRP for. Still doesn't mean it's a good phone.