expired Nagoya, Japan from $575 Melbourne, $582 Adelaide, $584 Syd, $600-BNE, CBR-$634, $706-PER on Singapore Airlines (May-June 2019)


Destinations: Nagoya
Airline: Singapore Airlines
Valid Departure Dates: 7 May to 14 June 2019 (limited availability)
Deal Expiry: Till Sold Out

Melbourne – $605 ($575 with promo code*)
12-23 May 2019
Adelaide – $610 ($582 with promo code*)
9-20 May 2019
Sydney – $614 ($584 with promo code*)
8-20 May 2019
Brisbane – $628 ($600 with promo code*)
7-18 May 2019
Canberra – $662 ($634 with promo code*)
12-23 May 2019
Perth – $734 ($706 with promo code*)
9-20 May 2019

When selecting ‘BYOJet’ as the supplier, one can use the promo code FOLLOWTOFLY30 on the payment page to get an extra $30 off

Things to Note:

  • One stop flights via Singapore from all cities listed above with the exception of flights from Canberra where the in-bound leg is via Singapore & Sydney.
  • Baggage allowance is 30kg.

Frequent Flyer:

KrisFlyer (Star Alliance) or Velocity Frequent Flyer.

This fare books itself in “K” class and earns 50% of mileage flown. For a round-trip between Melbourne and Nagoya (via Singapore) this earns 6870 Velocity points and 120 status credits.

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  • +9 votes

    Have flown into Nagoya twice when Jetstar flew there. Not so much a tourist destination. There were mainly business people on the flights - going to Toyota HQ.

    Recommend ISE-JINGU (Emperor's Shrine, a fair distance Southwest) - my 1st visited & favourite Shrine, rebuilt every 20 years, for last 1600-2400 years!
    "Nowhere is more sacred to the Japanese than Ise Grand Shrine's Inner Shrine. The pilgrimage to this holy site will provide you with a unique opportunity to connect with the spirit of Japan and its people."

    Cheap 5 day train pass at airport from $43 with limited express train to Osaka. Plus travel around Kyoto, Nara. Also covers Ise area for Shrine (with bus pass on dearer ticket) & Iga (Ninja region).
    Used it many times. Also available at KIA (Osaka airport)

  • +3 votes

    Very close to Hida Takayama…a beautiful city in the mountains.


      Great place heading up into the mountains. Autumn & Spring festivals are interesting with wooden floats pulled around the streets.

      Japan Alps are further North. Nearby town has a "naked man" festival annually. Loved the wooden castle in Matsumodo.


    Really cool aquarium with killer whales in Nagoya, they also have a bullet train museum.


    its not tokyo, thats a plus for some.

    ive been to the toyota museum and it was worthwhile because up until then i had only driven toyotas.

    not far from gero onsen, and good transport network to get you to kyoto/osaka or onto tokyo.


      what wrong with Tokyo? I haven't been to Japan yet but I'm aspiring to go one day in the future. It is crowded like Manila?

      • +1 vote

        Yep, its hectic/crowded/fast pace.
        People generally have no time for you.
        Nothing wrong with this, doesnt mean theyre rude.
        It is easier to familiarize with surroundings/cultural difference in a more slow paced city like osaka

      • +1 vote

        Tokyo (narita airport) can be quite crowded, although its still convenient to get out of. its good to have another city to go to.
        Japan gets 30 million tourists a year, and this is really evident when you go to tokyo. I encourage you to enjoy as much of Japan as possible, and take the opportunity to see something that isnt just another capital city in the world.
        Heavily populated areas dont leave much for expectation and can easily ruin a holiday (over booked, cant find a restaurant, competing with rude tourists etc)
        Do you research before you come and have a great time


    It's a shame that the return flights are so soon after, as I feel that ~10 days is much less than you'd want for a country with as much diversity between cities / prefectures as Japan. I went for three weeks a few years ago and only felt like we were scratching the surface of all the cool stuff to see.