expired $40 Cashback on $30 Amaysim SIM Plan (10GB, Unlimited National Calls & Unlimited In't Call to 10 countries) via Shopback


Nice deal, technically $10 profit :)

To Get Cashback, Follow this :

  • You must be new Amaysim customer - Cashback is only valid on new services and for new sign ups/customers (SIM)
  • Activate within 30 days of purchase
  • Click via Shopback link in the OP

Available to new amaysim Customers only. Activate within 30 days of purchase. Pay $30 for your first 28 days and get $40 cashback, 10GB data, unlimited talk & text (standard numbers in Australia) and unlimited international standard calls to 10 countries.


  • You MUST click out through ShopBack to enjoy the cashback offer.
  • Once you’ve clicked Shop Now, DO NOT exit the amaysim site until your purchase is complete.
  • Cannot be used with any other amaysim or 3rd party promos/codes/referrals.
  • Remember that AdBlock may cause issues with tracking technology, please disable this entirely before using ShopBack.
  • If for any reason your order fails to track after 7 days, please send an email to help@shopback.com.au

Other Terms & Conditions

  • Cashback is only valid on new services and for new sign ups/customers (SIM)
  • If however the service (SIM) is not activated within 30 days of purchase, the sale will be deemed cancelled and cashback will not be awarded.
  • Accounts that engage in fraudulent orders/activities to game/cheat the Cashback system will be banned and Cashback forfeited
  • ShopBack must be the last link you clicked in order to get Cashback. If other website links are clicked after clicking through ShopBack, Cashback will not be tracked (E.g. coupon websites and deal websites)

Referral Links

Referral: random (1367)

$5 to both referrer and referee (+ Bonus $6 until 3/1/19) after $20 purchase.

This is part of Singles' Day Sales for 2018.

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  • +2 votes

    What counts as a new customer? Don’t have a current service but had one last time for a similar deal.

    • +3 votes

      I am sure you can start a new email address or use gmail's same.account/sameaccount/sameaccount+1/… trick.


    limited to one purchase per shopback account or nah?

    • +4 votes

      I would say yes. Such deal organisers know not all cashback will be paid out finally anyway. Mishaps to customers can happen at delivery, activation time limit, sale tracking, cashback account verification, waiting period, etc. If only 50% of the sale cashbacks are paid out, it is still $10 profit per SIM sold.

      Peronally, I would not put $30 in advance and go through such processes to get a possible more back.


    I would use a different email address as I am already an existing customer.

    I am still a customer from the 6 months 28 days deal a while back for about $1 for unlimited calls and texts and 1GB of data.

  • +3 votes

    Amaysim didn't dispatch my sim last deal

    • +1 vote

      I have had 2 sims missing from Amaysim on 2 different new numbers. Delivery address was meant for my work, so unlikely that it was pinched from the mail box.


    I have always had problems when activating these Amaysim sims. Last time i had to ring them to sought it out. But i always have got my refund from Shopback without any problems.

  • +1 vote

    Shopback tracked my order but it's only $24 back for some reason

    • +1 vote

      did you buy the $40 sim instead? that one gives a cash back of $24 instead

    • +1 vote

      Same thing here. Definitely bought the $30. I think they're maybe an issue in their end


      Bought $30 plan then got $24 cashback tracked, so -$6 profit?


      Hey guys,

      Sorry for the confusion this has been rectified on our end! Due to caching you might not see the changes yet, but it'll appear at the correct rate soon.


    I made sure to purchase the $30 plan, but my Shopback app shows $24 cashback!


    To clarify, I need to cancel this before the first 28 days for this to yield a profit. Will this still qualify?

    Sorry, new to cashback other than the instant 5% off cards at checkout

    • +2 votes

      Just make sure you turn off auto renew and you'll be fine. After this you can remove payment details for extra privacy etc. But you don't need to actually cancel the service.

      I've done this several times with amaysim via Shopback and Cashrewards and never had any issues.


    how long does it take for cashback to show in account?

  • -2 votes

    Have not used Shopback or used referral links before. Is there a procedure to follow here? Like … click on referral links first etc. before opening/making a Shopback accoubt.


    I am churning from Kogan and I am assuming this line means they will only port me out of Kogan when I activate the amaysim, not at time of purchase?

    "FYI - you can start your number transfer whenever you’re ready."


    i'm porting out from Catch Connect (Optus MVNO).

    can i port straight into Amaysim?


      Yes but porting may take longer.


        why would it take longer? i'm curious at the process involved.

        worth spending $0.99 to port Catch Connect to Kogan for 2-3 days and port to Amaysim?

        • +1 vote

          Transferring between same "carrier" always takes longer, not sure why. I found its taken up to an entire day sometimes whereas between carriers it's generally within minutes.

          The number I port is not my main number, so for me I don't mind the time between ports as the number receives nothing important (I use it only for online shopping).

        • +2 votes

          The Kogan SIM might be best option but cheapest option ($0) is to port to Telstra on the Day2Day plan. This SIM card is free to get online. Takes 1 day to arrive in mail. Then request port to Amaysim. SIM card then will take about 3 days to arrive. So this way if you are prepared to not make calls etc for the 3 days waiting for the Amaysim SIM to arrive then it will not cost anything.


            @Rodo: hi rodo, thank you for your comment. i guess i will wait for all SIM to arrive before initiating a port.

            i just have to plan the timing carefully because i work in a rural hospital with no vodafone coverage.

            port Catch Connect to Kogan at 3pm.

            port kogan to Amaysim next day at 3pm.


    20 minutes… hasn't been tracked yet

    (Edit) - came through after about an hour


    hi can a shopback store rep confirm if existing amaysim customers sign up for this deal and activate sim with a different email that hasnt been used on the amaysim website and get a new mobile number will they be eligible for the cash back?

  • +1 vote

    Still seems to be active? $40 cashback still appears on the side next to $30 Unlimited 10GB sim.

    Where did you get the expiry date of Nov 12 from?

    edit: Received cashback saying I'll get $20.

    Had a look at the list again - it still shows $40 cashback for $30 Unlimited 10GB sim.

    Merged from Shopback amaysim Cashback

    I bought this

    $30 Unlimited 10GB sim which has 40 AUD cashback.

    Now my Cashback Overview shows AUD 20 pending it in.

    Should it not be 40 AUD?

    Does this happen a lot with Shopback?


      Happened to me with Cashrewards. Quick message to CR support and it got fixed. Perhaps you should try contacting Shopback support?

      Edit: just had a look at Shopback's cashback details. Are you positive that you got the $30 10GB sim? $20 cashback is for the 5GB/2.5GB/2GB plans.

      Edit again: Seems like other people in the deal thread has the same problem. Probably just contact support.


      FWIW purchased $30 Unlimited on Sunday, $40 tracked (pending) by Shopback on Monday.

      Contact support, most likely a bug.


    Tracking didn't work. Seems to be a common thing with SB these days whether I use the browser or app on phone. Back to CR for me.


      Yes, seems like they have issues with tracking according to the other comments. I think I will give further deals like this a miss from Shopback. Just stick with CR to be on the safe side.


        I took up this offer with no issues. Actually averaging 100% tracking with ShopBack unlike Cashrewards.

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