expired Get $300 Visa Card If We Can't Beat Your Home Loan Rate @ Challenge My Rates


hi, one of our client's websites have an offer until next week, so if your in the market for an new home loan or refinancing your current loan, give CMR ago, they are based in Kent Town, Adelaide and backed by some of Australia's best Lenders.

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    For those on variable rates only

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    I'm 99% sure you can't beat the current rate I'm paying, and it's not an introductory rate either.

    How do I claim my free $300 gift card?

    Before I hand over all my personal details are you guys licensed mortgage brokers? Do you have an afsl?
    Do you have any hidden T&C's?
    What is your complaints process?


    They say 4.9 stars on Google. I can't find them


    Just realised you're representing the company that made the website you're linking off to.

    Just a tip:

    Test on mobile. The website is horrible to view in Chrome on Android. The hamburger menu button doesn't work either

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    LOl too many conditions:

    Eligible home loans are deemed as a variable rate home loan that is secured against a residential Australian property and meets normal lending criteria. Any of the following special conditions will make the home loan ineligible for this promotion:-
    Honeymoon rate
    Introduction offer
    Fixed interest rate
    Special home loans including Aboriginal loans, Defence loans, Staff loans, Student loans, Reverse Mortgages
    Medico loans
    Guarantor home loans
    Injunctions on a property including Caveats, Second mortgages and Encumbrances
    Construction loans
    Home loans in conjunction with business lending

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    The Testimonials on the website look fake.

    The testimonial for 'Jack' shows a picture of Matt Trembicki

    'William' is this guy…

    'Mason' is English chef Russell James

    and 'Charlie' is Alex…

    Looks very dodgy…


    The graphic on the top of the page says 'Get an $300 gift card'.It should be 'Get a $300 gift card'

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    @savetherobots - might want to consider locking down the website a bit better - https://challengemyrates.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/ - lots of nice shutterstock pics.

    If this is the level of security, I'm not sure I would trust much else…

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    This is from the save the robots website:

    "We are E-commerce & Growth Hacking Experts, we build small businesses into multiple dollar enterprises."