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Teemo M4 Electric Longboard: US $361 (~AU $499) Shipped (China) @ Teemoboard


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Cruising Range:

Powerful Samsung:

4.0Ah Bateery:9.3 to 11.2 miles (15-18km)

Panasonic 6.4 Ah
6.4 Ah Battery:12.5-14 miles(20.5-22.5 km)

Speed Mode

1.Slow mode/ Beginners : 11 MPH (18 km/h) max
2.Medium mode / Intermediate : 18 MPH (30 km/h) max
3.Quick mode / Pro : 23.8 MPH (38 km/h) max
The maximum Climb Angle is 30 °

Skateboard Deck

Material: 7-Layers Maple+1-Layers bamboo

Maximum load: 330 pounds (150 kg)

The recommended Rider weight should be under 264 pounds (120 kg)

Front wheel

Bearing: German FAG bearing, the best bearing in the world.

Material: PU solid tire

Size:36x9.4inches (92x24cm)

Avoid skateboarding on bumpy roads and sharp rocks


Type: 90mm (3.54inch) diameter hub motor x 2
Rated motor power: Dual motor each 250W

PU type: PU on the motor is non-replacement


Fast mode: 38 km/h

Middle mode: 30 km/h

Slow mode: 18 km/h

Stronger signal

Powerful and smooth when it accelerates and brakes

Charging time

2.5 to 6 hours our

Battery cover and ESC cover
Material: aluminum alloy

Adapters and chargers

Input: 100-240v 2.5a

Wireless remote control

Capacity: 200 mah

Battery type: lithium battery

Charging time: 0.5 hours

Type: 2.4G rf technology

The board moves with the remote, whether or not there is anything. So when you come down the board, you should turn off the remote to avoid injuries and accidents

Entire skateboard

Net weight: 16.09lb (7.3kg)

Size: 38x9.44x4.92 inches (970x 240x 125mm)

Waterproof grade

Teemo boards have been strictly waterproofed before they leave the factory, but once they start to be used, maintained or swapping batteries, the water resistance of the circuit boards will be reduced.

Do not ride on wet or icy roads. Riding on wet or icy roads is dangerous potentially causing a loss of traction or control.


Size: 39.37x12.59x7.48 inches (1000x320 x190 mm)

Gross weight: 22.04 pounds (10kg)

Package contents:

1 x electric skateboard

1 x adapter and charger

1 x remote wireless control

1 x T wrench tools for routine maintenance

1x rear light after

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  • InB4: Something something illegal use in public areas. Rah rah private property. Blah blah my state says it’s ok…

    Think I’d sooner get an electric scooter than one of these. Only takes one tiny rock on your path and A over T you go…

    • I’d rather not be lazy and push/peddle/walk.

      • Well, a valid point. Never looked at it this way. I do love a good walk or ride. Pair of shoes and a cheap bike would be cheaper…

    • -1 vote

      Only takes one tiny rock on your path and A over T you go…

      not necessarily true.
      depends on your terrain, the softness of your wheels, your weight distribution on the board, your balance and reflexes.

      i find my wheels tend to flick most pebbles away; it's the softer tree nuts that give me issues

      • I’ll let the guy know that was spread out in the middle of Ultimo TAFE that he just needed to “distribute” his weight a bit better…

        • -1 vote

          complete with air quotes, too?

          i'm sure he'd appreciate tips from a non-skater..

          • @tdw: Been skating since I was a kid and I’m well into my 40’s now (longer than this bloke who was sprawled out on the asphalt in front of 60 or so cheering people). So, had I have used your great piece of wisdom, my air quoted tip would certainly have come from someone well qualified to dispense advice on skateboarding…

            Bad news is, today’s teenagers didn’t invent skateboarding, much to their denial.

  • But this way you do it in style man

  • Casey Neistat

  • I wonder if the motors actually slow you down going down hill (if you use it like a regular longboard)

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  • I was commuting to work riding my bike up William Barak bridge in Melbourne, near the tennis centre. Looked at my speedo, was about 26km/h. Was working pretty hard.

    This guy on his electric skateboard skated right past me. This is on the way up the bridge.

    Looked pretty cool. Reminded me of the silver surfer. Or Mr Frozone from the Incredibles.

    • Yes but the battery is bad for the environment and dont forget that cycling is good for your health too..

      • True but arriving wherever in sore need of a shower and recoup somewhat offsets the health benefit for transport.