expired Anova Sous Vide Precision Cookers - Anova Nano (Bluetooth Only) $119, Wifi and BT Model $149 Shipped @ Anova Culinary


Black friday savings on Anova Precision cookers. $70 off the wifi model.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2018

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    I was a skeptic at first, but after doing a whole bunch of scotch fillet steaks with this I can't go back. Recommended! I got the bluetooth + wifi model but never use that function. Still good though as this is the more powerful unit and can cook for more people if you need it to.


      How long are you doing your scotch fillets for? I've been doing 2-3 hours at 55 degrees but reckon it could be better for longer


      Wifi was a pain to set up

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      I use the WiFi all the time. I get Cape Grim steak in bulk, season and vacuum seal then freeze. I use an Esky for my water bath. I put the steak in the bath before I go to work along with 2 giant bricks of ice I've made using silicone loaf pans. The water temperature drops and stays below 4C for the whole day. I use the app to start it cooking a couple of hours before I head home and when I get home, the steak is ready to sear.


    Any discount codes peeps?

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    I've got this and have recently purchased this, https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-multi-cooker-sous-vide-fu..., as I wanted a slow cooker.
    I kinda prefer the Kogan multi cooker. Have used it for suos vide too and worked well.
    Anova one works well too, but Kogan one more practical if you have the bench space.
    My 2 cents :)

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      Practicality depends on your usage though.

      I have a 25(ish) litre esky that I use with my ANOVA. Do meals for 6-8 people regularly. Have cooked protein for 25 people using it. 6l capacity wouldn't be practical for me.

      Seems that the ANOVA would take up less space too since you can just use a pot to cook in if you only need a small capacity. But I guess if you're using the other functions on your Kogan cooker then you're saving space on all the different appliances.


      good for 1-2 people but probably not a family

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    I bought a Bluetooth model a few months back and ended up getting it for free.

    I was originally going to return the unit under their 60 Day return policy, nothing wrong with it, I just didn't think I'd use it much.

    Initiated the return process, they wrote back saying no need to return, keep it as a gift. They refunded the money on the same day.

    Can't beat free.

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      wtf im tempted to try this


        I suspect it was because it was an older runout model (the metal Bluetooth model).


          oh youre right

          the reviews for this new one dont seem good

          cheap plastic

          dont suppose you want to sell yours if youre not using it


            @furythree: Can you point me to the reviews you've read? Most I've seen have been pretty good.


              @jtb: theres one directly on their website! i was about to click buy but thought i can wait a bit longer for more reviews given this is a new product

              This looks like a classic case of "we are now mainstream so lets release the el cheapo plastic made in china version"


                @furythree: Ah I see what' you're talking about. I was going to get the wifi version, but the size of the nano is so much better for me. There's a 100-day money back guarantee, so I'm going to give it a go.


    So does the precision cooker come with an Australian plug and works on 240AC? Assuming it does but could not find any doco.

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    Thanks for the post. Size comparison for anyone interested https://i.redd.it/6qexdl9dea611.jpg

    Was tossing up between the two, but will probably go the nano now that I've seen the size difference.


    the Bluetooth version was 109 before T T


    A shame they no longer sell the Bluetooth only model. I looked just lasy week & made the mistake of waiting for BF sale. Is this a good price for the Bluetooth/ wifi?

    I assume the ‘plastic’ one is the new nano?

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    Just got an email - maybe can update post with new code?


    Get an additional $20 off the Anova Precision Cooker Nano


    Would be a no brainer for me if I didn't have a perfectly good Anova already, the previous metal one (currently slow cooking a beef short rib…)


    I think there's a minimum spend for the code to work ? Just tried it on the bigger ($149) model and code doesnt work.

    But with a 4.0 AND a Nano, it then takes off $20

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      The email says it only applies to the Nano - don't think it works on the older model.

      I find it pretty ridiculous that they say the smaller one is 1-4, and the other is 12. I can't imagine you'd see any difference, despite a paper difference (100 watts). If I was buying now, I'd buy the cheaper one for sure. Only reason I wouldn't is if you need wifi. I rarely use this though.


    The offer for the WiFi enabled one has expired?

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