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[Amazon Prime] Polk Audio T15 Bookshelf Speakers, Pair, Black $74.50 Delivered @ Amazon US via Amazon AU


Just ordered a pair. Decent speakers for a decent price.

Description from amazon

The T15 are those bookshelf speakers whose high versatility is built to impress. Engineered with Polk's proprietary Dynamic Balance technology, they're primed to improve your home theater experience and take on your entire arsenal of tunes without fail. Think brighter highs, a wide-open mid-range and surprising bass response-the perfect entry into high-performance audio. The best part is that it won't drain your wallet! Go big on great sound made for everyone. Add the T15 bookshelf stereo speakers to your home audio setup today. Sold as a pair.

Note: These speakers need to be connected to an amplifier/receiver.

Mod: As the delivery cost without prime is $83.91, we'll regard this as a prime only deal. For those without prime, 1 month is $4.99 if you have already used the 30 day free trial.

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        • lol kinda piling up all the services I can buy and trial…… STAN, NETFLIX, CRUNCHYROLL, SHIPSTER, EBAY PLUS, GOOGLE MUSIC, SPOTIFY, AMAZON PRIME, AMAZON UNLIMITED, AUDIBLE, EA ACCESS, NINTENDO ONLINE, PLAYSTATION PLUS, XBOX LIVE….. But hey they ONLY cost a few bucks each and arn't important so why worry about money…. :)

          P.S Just waiting for the 'right' moment to abuse a prime trial….so I have to factor how many goodies I can grab in the 30 days :P

          • @Forfiet:

            Just waiting for the 'right' moment to abuse a prime trial

            +1 I have been waiting for this too.

            • @johnno07: I've had it for not even a week and saved over $20 just from shipping. Plus get to watch 4K shows and got the music app. Plus there's so much more. This is definitely worth $5 a month!

  • You defo need Prime to purchase these, delivery is more than the product!!!

    Good value for those that signed up to Prime though..

  • Even if you don't have prime already, the trial is free or you can get month's worth for 5 bucks. Plus, don't forget cash back which will give you a bit more than $5.

  • passive ?

  • These, or the Transmission Audio Ultimate?

  • Noob here. how would these compare to a good set of equally priced PC speakers that come as a 2.1

    how come some are bookshelf style and others are separated out with a separate sub? I dont think i have the ear for it but i've always wondered.

    • Hard to compare equal price as you'd have to buy an amp / receiver to run these. You'd get pretty lame 2.1 speakers for $80 new. If you're looking used, you could get something that'd knock your socks off. I aim for 25% of RRP, so a $240 2.1 system would be very decent.

      Personally after spending a lot of time (and a couple thousand) on audio over the last decade, I'm finding that the real 'wow' factor in a system is the subwoofer. Personal taste of course. If you're an audiophile you're going to want high quality speakers, but as you said you're not, go for something with a good sub. 8 or 10" is entirely possible in your budget. Consider a used Logitech z5500 for example. Put all the speakers at the front and run it in stereo as 3.1 if you don't have the room for 5.1.

    • Look up logitech z623, they often go below $100. They have a sub, and go very loud with clarity. Great value for the price

      • I second this. They are an extremely good starting point if you want to get better sound.

        • Except that they buzz if you turn up the bass or volume over about 2/3rds. And the mids and highs are less loud than the older X-530 or X-540 5.1 speakers (I haven't got a set of z506 to test but I imagine they're louder too).

  • Can I hook these up straight to my tv?

    • No, you need an amp or receiver.

      • Thank you mate. Any amp recommendations?

        • Recommended Amplifier Power Per Channel 20 watts → 100 watts

        • For speakers this size, get an amp that has 10-25 Watts rms output per channel. With amplifiers, there are a lot of bullshit ratings, don't believe them. All proper amplifiers will have a rating in "Watts rms", if it isn't listed for an amplifier, avoid it.

          You could go as high as 100 Watts rms, but there is a risk someone will turn it up all the way, and burn out your speakers. Odd that Amazon doesn't list the power handling capability of these speakers.

  • Great value. Rated 4.6/5 on Amazon US. Would buy them if I didn't have way too many speakers already.


  • How do these compare to the Voll speakers?

  • What are recommended amps/receivers to use with this for either a PC or a TV?

  • would these work ok as rear surrounds?

  • How much would a Amp cost to run this from a PC? I have no clue about audio equipment but would love to get something better than my $30 chepo 2.1's i have now.

  • This is one of the best speaker deals in ozbargain history if you consider bang for the buck value.

  • Good deal, thanks for the heads up….

    anything else worth buying while i have amazon prime now ?

  • For those who want to use with their PC you will need a small amp.

    I use a Topping MX3. Connects via Optical, coax or USB to your PC so output is digital. Has a DAC and 2 channel amp for your speakers that does 30RMS (which is a lot for PC speakers unless you have super high end book shelfs). Also has Sub out if you want to add a sub later, and can also power your higher end headphone.

    Nice and compact, and available with free shipping on Amazon, or can get from aliexpress.

    The sound you will get is much better than PC sound due to external DAC, not sure if highest end PC motherboards have some good on board stuff.

    I use it to power a set of Q-Acoustics speakers and honestly probably won't get a sub as the setup is that good and clear, however will eventually get a pair of Monitor Audio bronze 1/2 speakers once they are back on sale or second hand.

  • Awesome, bought a pair to be used as the rear speakers in my home theatre setup.

    A lot of people are asking about amps, so here's what I have: Yamaha 5.1Ch Home Theatre Pack from Good Guys, which I got during a 10% off Ebay sale (was about $360). It's a 5.1 system and the receiver supports 4K/HDR etc. The speakers in the pack are small and very average, so I've been replacing the speakers over time with better ones - floor standing fronts, new centre speaker and now I'll have new rear speakers.

    • Do you think these would be good for floor standing fronts? Or a bit el cheapo and weak for that purpose?

    • Great deal. Yamaha 5.1 systems are good value.

      @shrodes. Highly recommend you get something with a sub. See my post above.

      • Already got a sub, in fact already got a 5.1 setup, but looking to replace my old Pioneer PDP-S37 front speakers (which I think are probably low end? But I really have no idea):

        Cabinet: Bass-reflex type
        Used speakers (two-way system):
        Woofer (for low tones) 4.8 × 13 cm cone type
        Tweeter (for high tones) 2.5 cm semidome type
        Nominal impedance 8 Ω
        Frequency Range 70 to 30,000 Hz
        Sensitivity (1 w, 1 m) 81 dB
        Permissible input :
        Max. input 13 W
        Rated input 4 W
        Crossover frequency 3 kHz
        External Dimensions 76.5 (W) × 632 (H) × 92 (D) mm

        I probably should have snapped up that Wharfdale deal I saw a little while ago.

        If you have any recommendation for front L+R that won't send me broke I'd love to hear it :)

        Is this or this any good?

        • Hey mate. Good that you've already got 5.1, that's a decent start. Those Pioneers are what's known as "Home theatre in a box" (HTIAB). Ok starting point, but definitely low end. I know Sherwood are a cheapy brand, not sure about Dayton. Is the whole current system Pioneer HTIAB? In that case if you have a couple hundred to spend I'd personally get a better sub first, then floorstanders or bookshelves second. The advantage of getting a sub first is that they're active (have their own amp) so won't be dependent on your amp for power. If you want big floorstanders, you'll want a decently powered amp to run them.

          • @captaincabinets: Actually got a JBL set I think. It's been a while since I bought them. Sub is a JBL 200/230.

            Found the set:

            But I swapped out front L+R with the Pioneers. I think I got these in a different home theatre set :D

            I have a fairly recent Pioneer VSX-524 which I bought standalone. It can drive 130W per channel I believe.

            • @shrodes: Ah yep. So that looks to be a 100w 8" sub that goes down to 35hz. You could do a lot better for a couple hundred if you're willing to buy used. Do you live in a major city? I could check Gumtree for you for examples.

              • @captaincabinets: thanks for sharing some good advice, esp about Yahama kit - i have been checking out this set :https://www.eastwoodhifi.com.au/yamaha-ns-555-speaker-package.htm
                Any experience with these? I received a Sony str-dn1080 recently, doing my research in to a good starter set, much to learn about audio technology… so i'm particularly wary of spending on products I know little about. Eventually i presume to expand to the supported 7.1 / atmos capabilities at a later stage…

                • @swampson: That Yamaha deal is probably great. My first serious home theatre was this one:

                  It was an absolute cracker, and the amp was much easier to use than my new high end Pioneer one. I moved it on to a mate who used it successfully as party speakers in a venue for 50-100 people.

                  I've since upgraded to VAF floorstanders, an SVS sub + a larger Yamaha sub etc etc. The VAFs sound great for music but for home theatre (my main use) the subs have made the biggest difference.

                  7.1 is a bit of a gimmick IMO, and probably not widely supported enough to be worth the hassle of extra cables and speakers. Your mileage may vary but you may find better value earlier on in just getting quality components. Depends if you're the kind of person who gets obsessed with their hobby (me) or prefers to set and forget.

                • @swampson: After I read your comment on Eastwood link on the Yamaha NS-555 speaker package. I have been waiting for this speaker package to go on special for a long while now. I have been researching on my next speaker sets and reading up on reviews etc. and the Yamaha NS-555 speaker package has great reviews. I called Eastwood Hifi but the shipping to Perth is too dear, over $300 to ship from Sydney to Perth. So I called around a few WestCoast hifi stores to find out who has this to display to I can have a listen and compare the Yamaha NS-555 speaker package sound comparison with Polk Signature S50 5.1 Speaker Package. Those were within my budget as well.

                  I prefer the Yamaha, the Yamaha speakers sound is more natural and very detail for me and it's exceptional at the sales price range. I have notice Eastwood hifi occasionally has the Yamaha NS-555 Speaker package on sale quite regularly but no one posts them up on Ozbargain, not sure why?

                  • @Raiden22: i saw your other post - let me know what you think of these? Wife is a bit cautious about how large the spkrs are … so i guess that has to be a consideration / negotiation tactic!

                    • @swampson: Now I have had a week to play with my new Yamaha NS-555 speaker set I think the sound quality is fantastic. I can hear a big difference from my 15yo US Audio 5.1 speakers. Sorry I am not an audio expert but it makes my movies and music experience so much better and the Yamaha NS-SW300 subwoofer has big bass, had to turn it down because the neighbour complained.

                      If you have the room for the speakers and finance for the Yamaha speakers, they're good value and excellent speaker. I didn't regret getting them at all. Good luck!

                      • @Raiden22: nice, mate! thanks for the info .. yeah i am a n00b at audio stuff too, even though I've decades of other electronic experience and knowledge, audio area is very new to me. So cost, opinion and tinkering are very important for me to make a reasonable decision based on reasonable finances. I'd love to spend the time learning as much as i could before buying my first bit o kit, it just makes sense to be informed, but life gets in the way :)
                        Appreciate your input! the Sony str-dn1080 receiver i have will support 7.1+atmos, so may look to upgrade the Yamaha 5.1 kit accordingly later on…

      • duped my own comment… deleted

  • Genuine question, does Prime include free shipping on orders from the US no matter how big the item?

  • +2 votes

    Having purchased several bookshelf speakers these past few years (Voll B44s, Energy Acoustics) you really gotta get a subwoofer to be impressed by these. Which means buying a seperate subwoofer and making sure the amplifier you buy also has a SW out. All of a sudden much more expensive then a decent 2.1 active package.

    • Further that comment. Make sure you get a active subwoofer and a amp that has Subwoofer Preouts (most amps have this, some HT sets which inc amp may not).

      Passive subs are weak.

      Note: Preouts are connections which only pass signal not power.

      • "Passive subs are weak."

        That's just plain incorrect.

        Where the amplifier that powers a speaker is located (inside or outside the speaker enclosure) makes no difference to how good the speaker is.

  • Noob question

    I bought these Wharfdale Diamond 220 speakers from a bargain a while ago + SMSL amp from ebay. It works for my computer, but for my Smart TV I am having issues.

    My speakers

    My Amp

    I got a Digital Audio Output converter which connects to the the TV.
    The RCA cables from my amp plugs into the converter.

    Still doesn't work.

    Do I need to get an AC receiver or can I get another part to add on? I'm quite a newbie with these tech.

    I have an LG smart tv which apparently has some issues connecting with different speakers
    Thanks in advance!!!

    • Does the LG have a non-digital out? Headphone jack, maybe?

      • No headphone jack unfortunately

        • I got a Digital Audio Output converter which connects to the the TV.
          The RCA cables from my amp plugs into the converter.

          Am guessing that you haven't switched on your TV's digital audio. The factory settings don't automatically switch on digital audio by default. Read your LG TV's manual. The audio option will be under the TV's Audio menu. Play around with the audio menu settings until you find one that mentions 'Bitstream', 'Raw', 'PCM', etc. Try enabling any/or each of the options then your converter should be receiving the digital audio signal and begin working.

          Another option is instead of wiring the Amp to your TV you could wire the Amp to your other devices. Eg. Bluray player, PVR, Notebook headphone jack, Sony PS4, etc.

        • which output on the TV is the digital audio output converter plugged in to?

  • Waiting (dreaming) on Amazon to bring out a deal on Klipsch speakers.

  • Speaker really depends on what you want to use it for. Some speaker may good with Music but not Movie.

  • I have a pair of in-wall Polk speakers rated at 6 ohm, can you pair with these 8 ohm speakers on a 5.1 Yamaha receiver.. I plan to use the in-walls as satellites

    • No issues with 6 or 8ohm mixed systems usually. Most problems arise when you try to mix some lower ohm ones like 4ohm (which not all amps support).

      If you can set the ohms on your amp then set it to the higher one e.g. 8ohm.

  • Only Ozbargainers will go into the this much depth before buying a $75 pair of speaker….

  • Damn you OzBargain. Got me spending on this speakers. And I don't even have an amp right now.

    • Yeah my finger hovered over the order confirmation button for a couple of minutes while I tried to think of where I could use them, now or in future, and I couldn't come up with a plausible scenario.

      So I muttered 'f!#$ it' and clicked anyway.

  • For those looking for a suitable amp, this 1 looks the goods for wot it does - just be aware there is no tuner but does ALOT of other things & priced @ $125 (Free delivery) seems fair..

    Edit: Or even this 1 - cheaper, does less but does include RCA inputs.. Only 5 instock @ posting

    Excellent reviews on both

  • Now "Price: $75.73 + $81.65 Delivery"
    Gone up a couple of bucks