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5% off $100 eBay Digital Gift Cards (Max 5 Cards) @ PayPal Digital Gifts eBay


Greetings everyone, not as good as the 10% deal but this is still awesome :)

Lasts at eBay's discretion, so get in quick if you want one.

eBay Gift Cards stack with eBay vouchers for anyone who doesn't know. There seems to be a limit of approximately $1500 per transaction from my experience.


As always, enjoy!

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  • +1

    I just got the gift cards after 10 minutes of purchase. Quite surprised.

  • Bought 5
    4 hours later only 2 turned up (and that was an hour ago)

    • Check your Spam folders

      • Not in Junk. 3rd one just arrived.

  • Just ordered one and came in less than 10 minutes.

    • Attempting! People are saying 4 hours at least. I dont know if i would like to risk

  • Not sure if I should take a punt any buy now, some taking so long to arrive and some getting it so quick

  • Not sure if this has been asked, can I apply a $100 voucher code I bought to a different eBay account? In other word, is a voucher code tied to the eBay account it was bought?

    • +1

      Nope, if the voucher is unused, then it can be used on another account :)

  • I have a feeling I won't get my codes today. Hopefully, Bing Lee surprises with a 20% off eBay code like last year's Black Friday.

    • Hope that isn't the case. I'm trying to get some early Xmas shopping done to get it out of the way.

    • OK, wait time was 4 hours.

  • just a FYI, I ordered at 2:18pm this afternoon and received links and emails at 2:29pm.

    Good luck to everyone else!

  • bought 5 at 4.30pm been smashing f5 since, watching the phone i want to buy run out of stock, still haven't received them

    • same situation here…

      only lucky thing is the gift card got three years shelf life~~

      • finally got mine! 4 hours

        • You are lucky~~ it's been 5 hours and 20 minutes already.. i still haven't got my codes. am i breaking the record??

  • I bought mine at 11:00am, and am now giving up waiting. 9 hours and nothing received.
    Will have to purchase without these coupons.

    Not great. I know I’ll ue the coupons eventually, but I had a use case right now. Plus they will get lost in my inbox I’m sure.

  • How long does it take after placing an order to receive the cards in email?

  • Just bought 5. Praying to the gift card gods they get here before Woolies close…

    • Aaaaaand they're here! 8 minutes!

      • Just bought another 5 on another eBay account. Start the stopwatch!

        • Phew! Close call 1 hour, 8 minutes.

  • +1

    Purchased 6pm. Trying to be patient! Wish i knew what method there was to the madness haha.

    • Mine took 5 hours to arrive yesterday.

      • Ooof. Yep this is going to be cutting it close.

        Edit: And 3 and a half hours after purchase the item I want is sold out anyway. WELP. hopefully they'll cancel the order for me.

        • Edit 2: Just so everyone knows I ended up getting them at 4 hours on the dot pretty much. And also the customer service reply is that if you hit 4 hours and you dont have them they'll try and resend the email. As a note for people who are stuck.

  • +1

    Can I cancel if I dont receive it until 11pm?

  • +1

    I purchased 5 at 4:01pm. Arrived 8:04pm.

  • I got one email (ordered five cards). Clicked on the link and I got "We're sorry. This is not a valid claim link." WTF! Anyone else had this issue? Got a solution?

  • Ordered at 5:09pm, received at 9:05pm.

  • Just so everyone knows, ebay will give you a gift voucher to the value of 5% of the cost of your gift card if you forgot to use the code like I just did.

    Now waiting for this bloody email. Crazy that some get it within 5 minutes and others 5 hrs.

    • Who said this? I contacted ebay's customer support and they said they couldn't apply the discount or help me at all. They told me to message tomorrow during the day to speak to the returns department to see if I can get a refund on the whole price of the cards but it might not be possible :(

      • I spoke to someone from the buying department named Michelle she they game me a $25 discount voucher as I bought $500 worth. No point in the end anyway as I won't receive them before 12. Bought them at 8:30. This is so frustrating.

        • I bought mine at 8:30 and am still waiting too :( Why is 12 the deadline? Does the 15% off ebay end after that? I'm slowly watching the item I want be bought out. Think I might just have to buy it with real money and pocket the gift cards for another time :/

          • @poopoohead: Yep likewise. The 15% off ends at midnight. They will probably have another 10% off sale before xmas but then that's a reduced amount and your item may no longer be available. I'm looking to buy a dyson airwrap and the things are sold out everywhere. Some people are on ebay profiteering out of it and the discount basically brings it down to what you would normally pay at a store if it was available.

  • ordered at 6pm today, received 10pm. good luck to everyone else!

  • +3

    Yeahhhhhh, I regret buying this so late - I did not realise it would take so long to get sent. I've got a Sony A6300 to buy, and the clock is ticking

    • +2

      Regretting also, cause I don't have the funds to really be spending this $500 twice :(. The $25 saving has not been worth the anxiety, I should've ordered sooner or not at all.

      • Just checked and I ordered at 7:54pm. If they come bang on 4 hours I can race through checkout in time. :-/

    • I know the feeling son. I had a Mielie vac, only 1 left waiting on my 10% gift card last time and was stressing balls. That's what being an oz bargainer is all about. The thrill of the kill.

  • ordered 6:30PM. Still praying now

    • Got them! 10:42!!

  • Can you cancel the gift cards if they don't arrive on time?

  • Mine came exactly 4 hours after purchase on 2 accounts.

    • How much did u order?

  • 9 hours later and only 4 of the 5 codes have arrived :-(

  • -2

    Purchased only 1 after seeing comments at 10:52pm still waiting at 11:04pm

      • +2

        You're kidding! You neg even after you read all the comments saying there's a delay! Do you not realise that companies take time to process orders? Not everything is instant.

        • Some people got their cards instantly though, and others who ordered earlier got screwed. The deal was cheap but the neg was more directed at paypal gifts for being unprofessional, so don't take it personally. I can't believe there is such a lag - when it's purchased and paid for through ebay and there's nothing physically to send, I can't understand why the whole process isn't automated.

  • Yes!! Just received all three of mine.
    FYI Got them exactly after 4hrs

  • ordered 2 and they came 2 mins after

    • Wtf?!? Are you trolling me? I ordered 3 hours ago and still waiting…

      • it was what i experienced. Actually I ordered 2 times both arrived within 5 mins

  • Purchased 15 mins ago. Got mine in 6 mins.

  • Just purchased. Left it way too late but fingers crossed I’m one of the lucky ones and it comes through in a few mins

    • Giftcards came through 4 hours and 6 minutes later :( Now to find a use for them and hope I don’t forget about them

  • +3

    What a joke - ordered 10pm and not arrived before 11:59pm.
    Have now requested a refund.

    Had to bite the bullet and buy items with 15% off as didn't want to risk not getting this discount as well…

    What a joke in this day and age to wait hours for an electronic gift card!!!

    • I agree slappy. Exactly the same happened to me. And I bought $500 worth of giftcards that I can't do anything with.

      So question to those that know - if I purchase items off the supercheap auto ebay store, how do returns work in store? Will they put it back on my debit card? Also, I have 2 coupons on ebay for $25 and $30 - if I use these will they put the value of that back onto the debit card in store?

      • Me too - $500
        I should have bought them earlier today but had to confirm all the things I was buying at home tonight with the minister for war and finance!!

      • You can buy stuff on the next sale and compound your savings then. These won't go bad within the week.

    • +1

      Why would You order at 10pm when there are so many comments stating it took them 4hrs to arrive.

    • Refund via PaypaL?

    • In this day and age …
      Do you work in IT building and maintaining systems that have to deal with the multitudes of users ebay deals with? You're probably underestimating a number of things here.

      • Maybe, but can you explain why some got their cards in 2 mins when ordering after 11pm and some got their cards in 5 hrs who ordered in the evening? Seems unfair to me.

  • +1

    Just wasted $400 on these gift cards only to have the 15% off sale end… Does anyone know when the next one will be?

    • Tbh 15% is rare, probably 3 a year?

  • Got a question - can the gift card be used multiple times (ie if I buy something that's below 100)

    • Yes, the remaining balance reveals itself on your next checkout.

  • +1

    Ordered at 11AM Thursday
    Arrived after 3AM Friday.

    So obviously too late to use for the sale.

    Oh, and only received 1 code. Still waiting for the other 4.

    That’s not fair.

  • Im on the same boat with most ppl, still havent got the gift cards (ordered 2). Whats the process of getting a refund? Tempted to wait it out for any black friday sales… But then again, the item im after are oversea… F'n gst…. Would have been great to use that 15% + 5% to compensate the gst…

  • +2

    The way I see it, is that I am really annoyed (the second of my five arrived just after 6am — 19 hours after ordering)
    EDIT: how silly of me, they just resent the link to the first of five coupons in response to my email last night. So that’s still left me at 1/5.

    … however once I get them, I know I’ll have a use case over the next 3 years, so the 5% saving is worth hanging on to. So I won’t bother requesting a refund.

    What frustrates me, is that the coupons are being drip fed, and I get around 200 emails a day (mostly spam and fake emails), so these are well and truly going to get lost in my inbox.
    I was ready to use them all last night, but wasn’t able to.

    It’s funnt how 5% sounds really good, till you see it as just a $5 saving.

  • +2

    I bought 2 of these at 6:20pm yesterday and was quite taken aback by the experience:

    1. 2hrs after ordering I asked how long the order would take. I mentioned that I was hoping to use them during last night's sale and, if this was not possible, if I might otherwise cancel the order.
    2. The seller claimed that digital gift cards would arrive within 4hrs and that if not I should contact them and it would be arranged.
    3. After 4 hours I contacted them, and my order was IMMEDIATELY marked as sent by email delivery along with a fake tracking number. This means I cannot initiate any cancellations through eBay.
    4. Now, this morning the order is still listed as sent with an expected delivery date of 29th November? For an emailed digital gift card? Obviously the item hasn't been sent because what kind of email travels even slower than Australia Post…
    5. This has left me a bit sore because the item I was watching sold out during last night's sale while I was being strung along by this seller. Well it's not the end of the world but my reason for posting this is below

    Now I actually thought this item was being sold by eBay or paypal. The above experience coupled with closer scrutiny of their store page leads me to believe that this is a third party seller. I would have placed less faith in receiving my order on time had I known this. (Their store says "approved seller of both eBay digital gift cards and many other third party gift card brands" but it would seem they cannot generate coupons themselves but do not list a finite number of available gift cards. Plus there is the fake tracking number and the suspicious response to my query at 4hrs. Is it reasonable to conclude something is off?)

    Clearly many people have had good experiences with this seller. Was I being dumb? Do we just chalk this up to poor navigation of a digital marketplace?

    Anyway, I wanted to post this rather long message because I think it's important that we be explicit about whether certain items are being offered through official channels or not i.e. gift cards or items of non-domestic origin like grey imports (in particular domestic sellers selling grey imports- often disguised as official by an in-house "warranty" that carries specific restrictions- this especially effects electronic goods). One fantastic aspect of Ozbargain is the community that contributes to identifying such listings- though I get the sense that like Alibaba, eBay is being overrun with sketchy sellers these days and it is getting harder to police. Perhaps I'm being paranoid, but I've had no fewer than 8 poor ebay experiences (including 4 scams originating from hacked accounts) while building a computer in the past 2 months.

    • Images from the add description comes form crazylister.com. Registered to Levitin Godin LGO Ltd. in Israel.

    • Well I have to eat my own words somewhat, at least with respect to my experience with this seller- it turns out that at 10.30pm gmail directed my gift cards into a folder called "updates". I've never paid attention to that folder having assumed that inbox showed everything.

      I would recommend everyone waiting on gift cards check all such gmail folders- not just the trash folder.

  • For anyone having issues with their voucher: Call eBay on 02 9293 7700 and complain!

    I called them yesterday and their immediately pointed out that it was a Paypal promotion and not eBay's. I Pointed out them that they in partnership with Paypal so they need to help me…and they did! (eBay used to own Paypal).
    eBay rep contacted Paypal and got my vouchers within 15min!

  • So can i buy a $100 gift voucher, for $95 and and use the code for bing lee for%20 off? I want to purchase the Yamaha ATS 1080.

    • Yes you can.

  • My problem now is… What to do with $300 worth of eBay gift cards that I only wanted to use last night hmm?

    • Sell them on gumtree / ozbargin and get that $1 profit

  • Whats the likelihood that they'll refund the gift card? The item i want is no longer available, and the promised "within 4hrs" turned out to be over 11hrs.

    Edit: im still currently waiting

  • Been over 24 hours for me …. still waiting

  • So sorry, newb here…how do these work? As my dad loves Ebay & with his birthday coming up I though I would get him one of these vouchers. Do they just send out a code? And you have to spend $100 on it to get the 5% back?

    • Yes they send u a code via email.

      When u buy u enter the code under promo, (the same place where u enter voucher codes for ebay) and $100 goes off the price.

      Kind of annoying they couldn't make it higher than $100 as with big purchases it takes a while.

  • +1

    I contacted ebay and they told me the seller will definitely refund. They told me to send a message to the seller asking to cancel/ refund so we will see.

    • Thanks - let me know how you go.

      I asked for a refund and got this message 2 mins ago:
      Have fired back asking specifically for a refund…



      Hi xxxxx,

      We apologize that you have not received your gift cards yet. I have re-sent the gift card, please also check your email service’s Spam or Junk folders as it may have accidentally filtered into a different folder.

      PayPal Digital Gifts


      Hi there,

      Please cancel this order as I did not get it tonight for the ebay sale.

      Why electronic gift cards don't arrive immediately is not good enough in this day and age.

      Thank you

      • I contacted ebay and they gave me 5% off in voucher form. I gave up contacting the seller as they kept sending me the same message. I didn't bother asking ebay for the full refund as some ceiling fans I want are on sale so I'm going to blitz the cards on them :p

    • Have also messaged for a refund, hopefully it works.

  • Hope eBay will offer the 10% off giftcards for Black Friday

    • That would be soul crushing after buying them at 5%

  • Thanks and ordered!

    • Did you receive yet? Wondering how long the processing time is at the moment.

      • It took mine like 4 hours

        • Lucky you. Mine still hasn't arrive. It's been more than 8 hours now and counting…

  • +1

    I have 3 of these I don't need as I am retarded, see here

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