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Sony RX 100 Mark 3 + Bonus Sony BX1 Battery $594.96 + Delivery (Free with ClubTed Membership) @ Ted's Camera


Sony RX 100 Mark 3 $594.96 + free battery at Teds.
Cheapest I could see, includes instant cash back and a free battery.

Some people say it’s a good camera…

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  • Great price. Love this camera

  • I wonder how it compares with newer cameras like the hx99v (which I am thinking of getting). Specs of the hc99v are better, but I haven't compared image quality

    • hx99v is of much smaller class:
      1/2.3-type Exmor R CMOS Sensor

    • The RX100 MkIII has a much larger sensor (1 inch vs 1/2.3).

      Would have a big advantage in low light settings over the HX99v

    • Their cmos sizes are different.HX is no way to catch up with RX.

    • Sensor Size 1/2.3"

      Totally different class of camera! The RX range are all about image quality, even in low light. The HX99V would be almost useless in low light, and The 30x zoom is not very useful unless you carry a tripod everywhere.

      I suggest you read some in-depth reviews to understand the huge difference between these camera's. HINT: people who are serious about photography would not even look at the HX99V.