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Nintendo Switch $339.15 (Expired), PlayStation VR V2 with Camera & VR Worlds Bundle $253.30 Delivered @ Gamesmen eBay


Lets move back to Australia and this time combine these deals with 5% off ebay gift cards for further savings

PlayStation VR V2 with Camera & VR Worlds Bundle

Original coupon code post

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  • Starts @ 5pm?

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    How likely do people think Amazon will do $315 again for the Switch?

    • That's what I am waiting for.

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        Don't forget to be rocket fast when it does happen or you will be waiting for a long time.

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          lol, I'll go like a RocketSwitch =D

    • Better hope this report just forgot to mention Switch.

  • The Switch is very tempting… Not sure if it's worth waiting for Black Friday (Amazon)? What do people reckon?

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      Didn't stock last all of 2 minutes on Prime Day?

      • That's a good point.

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        Uh oh, maybe I shouldn't wait then…

        tough call

        • Did you end up waitin?

  • Oh no, just bought one month ago from Amazon, 12% cashback.

  • Great price on the Switch.

  • Any recommendation on where to get some games at a good price? Looks like gamesmen ebay is more expensive than EB in store (!).

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      Try catch with discounted gift cards?

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      Gumtree has some great deals if you don't mind 2nd hand (which you shouldn't)

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      Amazon Au pre-sale with (free for 30 days) Prime. Amongst other items I paid $99 (was $118) for Lets Go Pikachu and Poke Ball Plus, $62 currently (was $69) Super Smash Bros (release date 7th Dec) and $17.11 (was $18.80) for hardcover SS Bros Ultimate game guide.

      Did CashRewards and this was 12.5% cashback at time of order.

  • Good deal, sadly, got an international flight on 27th, delivery is too slow, hope Amazon or EB can bring up a good deal, so I can get it within 2 days

    • Don't think EB is in for a deal they just pulled both Xbox X listings down from ebay.

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        That's um really disappointing considering I just bought a set of gift cards…

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    I jumped on the Smash Ultimate pre-order deal but haven't got a console yet lol.

    I'm going to hold my nerve and wait to see what Amazon offer…

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      Got the exact same issue hahha

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      I did the same for Pokemon Let's Go. Also going to wait for Amazon. Hope I don't regret it :|

  • is that the cheapest the PlayStation VR V2 has been recently ?

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      Bundled with a game, yes. JB has just the PSVR unit for $249 here (unless that deal also includes VR Worlds and the post didn't mention it).

      • Guessing it’s the bundle as it’s currently $279.

        • Link also says the deal starts tomorrow, so decent chance it hasn't been updated on the site.

  • Damn I paid $280 for VR now even cheaper….

  • Arghhh. Go on this today or wait for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday…

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    Does eBay cash rewards work with this discount code?

  • It shows the 5% off code cannot applied to my order, why ?

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      are you trying it on ebay gift cards?

      • yep, I was trying to purchase 5 gift cards together with code PGIFT5, but the it shows error. My ebay account just getting weird sicne yesterday…

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          did you change it US address for previous deal? or changed app location to US?

          • @Pricebeat: ahh.. I forgot to change it back from US !! lol.. thanks for reminding me bro, you are life saver ~

  • Anyone think it will get better than this?

  • Can I buy a few 5% off cards and use them all at once?

    • Yes

      • How. Many can go together in one purchase?

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    Good price I don't need a switch I don't need to switch ….

  • Can you use more than 1 ebay coupon for this? If a have a couple from Flybuys?

    • one coupon per order on ebay

  • I don't appear to be searching properly.. can anyone tell me if this applies to the grey joy con bundle? Or just neon?

    • I’m pretty sure grey is more expensive on their store

  • Rolling the dice and seeing what comes up tomorrow, hoping for a bundle or two.

  • Does this come with an Australian Adapter/Terminal Plug?

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      Gamesmen is an Australian store, so yes it does.

  • How long do Ebay giftcards take to send?

    • Took 8 minutes for this user

      • Took me more than 5 hours

        • Yeah mine aren't here yet, bought with a few hours to go, fingers crossed.

    • Bought mine at 1:25 haven't received yet (now 3:11). Email confirmation said it could take a few hours.

    • 12 minutes first time and 28 minutes second time. Second order at midday today.

      • Lucky :/ gmail acct?

        • Not an @gmail.com address, but hosted on Gmail.

    • +2

      Still waiting for the gift cards from earlier this afternoon… At this rate I will miss out on the deal because I was trying to save a little more and cheat…

  • Do i just enter PYIPPEE at checkout to get it down to $339?



    • Purchase done; 15% off with the 5% off gift cards #winning

  • Bought one for my brother. Merry Christmas :)

  • Over 100 sold in 2 minutes

    • Out of interest how.many now

      • +1

        about 400

        • Thanks

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    Got one also! Didn't have time to buy the gift card but 15% is still sweet.

    Hoping tomorrow won't be cheaper 0:

  • conflicted on whether to buy or not to buy

    EB has a crap deal, so its down to this versus Amazon

    • I was feeling the same, but you get free returns on this if you sign up for the free 90 day eBay Plus trial just in case the Amazon deal is that much better. I have a feeling it either won't be much less or will be very limited stock at a lower price though.

      • Can you return it if it’s just a change of mind?

  • Not applying to the nintendo switch link for me? just spits a "this code cannot be applied to your order".

    • changed app settings to US?

      • How, turn auto country / region off and set location to US despite australian shopping address?

        • This is on Australian website so you need to use your Australian account

          • @Pricebeat: yes I got that but how to use US app settings?

            • @Kirbysmashed: I was asking whether you changed your app settings to US for previous deal and forgot to revert back to Australia

              • @Pricebeat: No I hadn't, but thanks anyway.

              • @Pricebeat: Tried the OP's link to the switch solo buying it with the code on both my phone and PC with australia region and everything untouched or set to Australia and still can't get it to apply. guess I'll give it a break for now.

  • Just ordered $339

  • Sorry for my ignorance, but is this AU stock?

    • +2


      • Just waiting for the e gift cards to come through and then pulling the pin. Hopefully still in stock when the cards arrive.

  • got one. thanks

  • Thanks!

  • I got 1. My giftcards did not came so lost 20. Now ihave cancelled gift cards

    • How did you cancel your gift cards?
      I've been waiting since 4…

      • And they didn't cancel my gift cards. I thought they woulde cancel them. My 500$ blocked 😥😔

  • I need to buy a bunch of games as kids pressies from relos now that i just got them switches is there an ebay page that i could get the games at great prices then apply 15% off eg..ebgames best ebay ship for games. Thanks

    • what games are you looking at?

      • My boys are 4 6 10 i know definetely one of the marios but not sure which one is best to get…excuse my ignorance but they need to buy fortnite if yhey want it right..they dont download.. plus any other fun level games. Maybe street fighter..no toys this year from grandparents games only lol

        • +1

          Fortnite is a free download on the Nintendo eshop. No physical for switch. The Fortnite game cases you may have seen in stores are just download codes. There will be an initial and optional fee of around $15 if you choose to purchase the battle pass for the kids to unlock cosmetic skins (essentially different costumes and dances for their character), but it is not needed to fully play and enjoy the game.

          Best rated Mario game is Super Mario Odyssey.
          Best multiplayer Mario games are Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Super Mario Party although they don't really have much in the way of a single player story mode.

          If you're looking for a Street Fighter you're better off with the Street Fighter Collection rather than Super Street Fighter 2 Ultra. More content and they could be easily mistaken for one another if on the same shelf.

          Other games to think about for them are The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Splatoon 2 (you'll need to buy the online service to make the most of this), Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Arms, Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy and maybe a sports title such as FIFA or NBA. These are game I would have enjoyed as a kid/enjoy now and also games that kids I teach tell me they enjoy on their Switches.

          If you're looking to add some more titles without paying money, get a microSD card (you'll eventually need one of you plan to download a lot of games on the system anyway) and fill it with some of the free, yet quality, games on the Switch Eshop. Off the top of my head they are:

          And to a lesser extent:
          Pokemon Quest
          Fallout Shelter
          Pinball FX3

          • @Ninternet: Thankyou so much.. im truly so grateful for the information you just provided and is soooo helpful. Cant thankyou enough for taking the time to respond with such detail.

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