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Sony WH-1000XM3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones $335.75 Delivered @ Wireless 1 eBay


Good price on these headphones!

Original PYIPPEE 15% off Sitewide on eBay Deal Post

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  • $299 let's do this

  • Got one!

  • Don’t forget 5% off GC!

  • Better than Bose don't @ me

    • I'm @ing just to say I agree with you all the way! :P

    • -2 votes

      In incall quality or being able to switch between devices connected via bluetooth?

      Oh wait…..did i just ruin your concentration.

      Dont think anyone is saying that bose sound better. People chose bose because the incall feature and being able to switch connected devices easily was important to them.

      But hey what would i know im just a bose snob arent i?

      *tongue in cheek*

      • He means overall, which for most people means listening.

        If those features mean a lot to you, obviously your priorities would change. I don't care about switching connected devices. There are times I wouldn't want to do that. If I'm listening to something on one device, I don't want to hear when the other starts doing something else. I'd rather control that manually.

        • If the sony didnt sound like im wearing a darth vader helmmet when i taking/receving call with it. And you can switch between 2 connected devices seamlessly like in the bose.
          And the earcups where a little roomier so the tip of ones ears dont get hot and sweaty.

          Believe me im jumping ship immediately. I got no allegiance to either. I go with what fits most of my needs if not all. Right now bose fits that.

          • @xoom: Ay mate I said don't @ me πŸ˜›

          • @xoom: That's some big ears you got

            • @educalifa: Dont actually have the sony but going by many reviewers saying that their ears get hot and sweaty with the sony because its touching the inside. Could only mean one thing. Its a thing that happens.

              If its not happening to you then i guess its not a problem. For you. Doesnt mean its not a problem because its not happening to you.

              In call quality is important to me. So is being able to switch easily between devices. Its what swayed me to get the bose. If thats not important to you. Then definitely go the sony.

              • @xoom: Agree. And you're right, it's not a problem. For me. Or you, really… since like you just said you're just going bu what other ppl said.

                I also take calls on mine all the time and have no idea what the in call issue is supposed to be. It sounds great to me ans no one on the other end has ever even questioned whether I was on speaker or not.

                But hey… I'm just one person. What do I know?

  • Good price my ass, anyone posting >$300 deals for this should be shot (with a nerf gun). This is black friday season, try harder comrades.

  • Would this headphone stop crying baby noise?

  • Got a pair in last deal and whilst they sound amazing and the NC is awesome….they have one issue that slipped past my research. They don't have the aptx LL (low latency) codec. I bought them for music listening (mobile phone) and watching TV (paired with the Blitzwolf BW-BR4 bluetooth transmitter). But because of this lack of codec there is a lip sync issue. They have every other codec but this one. Spoke to Sony, and they are aware and are planning a firmware update…but no info re when.
    Just thought I'd share this in case someone plans to watch TV with them….you need a pair of headphones (and bluetooth transmitter) that both support aptx LL.

  • Under $300 if claiming TRS. But I'm flying this weekend, so I won't receive it in time unfortunately.

  • For anyone still following, Gold is now $319.20 @ Sony eBay with PEPPY

  • JB Hifi are doing it for $339 (Adelaide Rundle Mall)