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Nintendo Switch Console (Grey or Neon) + Mario Kart 8 Deluxe $389 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Don't forget CashRewards ($350) or ShopBack ($342) for further discount!

Add both into cart, and discount of $60 (Mario Kart 8) will be shown in cart.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2018

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  • I added both the console and the game into my cart but the discount didn't show up. Am I missing a step?

    • Did you go all the way into your cart?

    • Click "Proceed to Checkout".

      • Ah I see it, you have to go all the way to review your order to see the discount, thanks!

        • @songaz, how did you manage to get the total of 389, on my account i still see it 460 plus.

          • @msagar: Me too, did we miss it?

          • @msagar: Figured it out, you have to select the $60 amazon version of mario kart for the deal to work :)

            • @Grapplingwithfire: @grapplingwithfire, same here. figured it out later while i was playing around with the price. i was lucky enough to secure one though :)

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    While it's probably not a terrible price it's available right now at JB Hifi for the same price - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/418709

    • +12

      Just to point out, JB doesn't have cashback, although JB does have gift cards. Also, JB's one is digital download, some likes it physical.

      • +20

        I, too, like it physical.

      • I generally prefer physical, but for a game like Mario Kart that I want to have on hand for random multiplayer sessions, and am unlikely to get rid of, I would go the digital copy personally.

        (Having said that, I have physical, because it was cheaper when I bought it!)

        • ^he doesn't get it

          • +1

            @tightm8: I don't get what, exactly?

            (FYI, I was reponsding to TeesAndSuchAustralia not silverrat23. I was in the process of writing my comment when silverrat posted!)

    • +1

      JB ran out of the 5000 MK codes they had, they aren’t doing codes nationwide.

      The switch console (by itself) listing on their website is taken down entirely now.

      • They ran out by 10am this morning. Crazy.

  • +2

    It was $329 before on amazon

    • +2

      Yes, but not with the free Mario Kart 8.

      • +5

        Err 389-329=60

        It's not free.

        • +3

          Good point. I should say that the Lightning Deal for Nintendo Switch is now extended then.

        • +3

          I thought you were an error code for a second there…

      • i'd prefer the 329 with 12.5%.. so sad i missed that..
        estore sales and i prefer digital copies etc so it would have been better deal for me.
        MK8 not super keen on, would have been way better if amazon gave a choice of game.

        • Well you'd get the 12.5% back on the Mario Kart. So that is ~$54-$55 for the game? Could probably sell this copy for $60 somewhere? Profit!

      • Yes, but not with the "free" Mario Kart 8.


  • Thanks @TeesAndSuchAustralia! I ordered the lightning deal this morning for the same price - without the game. I just cancelled that order and grabbed this instead.

    • +5

      Lightning deal would have been $329

      The game is $60

      So therefore you could have just purchased the game as an extra

    • how can you cancel the order? I'm trying to do the same

      • Just buy the game for $60

      • I had to call. Found it deep in the support pages somewhere. You enter your number and they call you.

  • Can I order multiples… say 5 or 6 and all eligible for the game bonus? I can't see any limits or t&c that says only one.. but was curious if anyone else has tried…

    EDIT: nevermind.. "T&C 3.Offer is redeemable once per customer"…

  • Cheers OP atlast pulled the trigger. :)
    Missed out the morning one.

  • damn, should have held my nerve - pulled the trigger on the eBay deal yesterday.

    • Contact ebay for price beat guarantee, you should get a $26 voucher at least :)

      • Not anymore since the switch isn't $329

        • Good point, I guess if there is any other deal that is cheap it could be used.

  • Tried to get Harvey Norman to price match but no dice :(

  • Just ordered……thanks O.P.

    JB deal not available right now as they have apparently run out of download codes, so this Amazon deal is the best going.

  • i added both the console and game to my cart, event went all the way to checkout, i haven't paid yet but beside that every step is done but still my total is $464 not $389.

    I have gone through the process twice to see if i missed any thing but no luck.

    A little help here please :)

    • +3

      Did you add the Amazon Au supplied version of Mario Kart? The default choice is another seller and you won't get the discount - you have to select the $60 Amazon Au one.

  • Go it for $389 plus did the Cashback! What a great deal. Christmas is sorted for the kids! Plus it’s the cart version… I kinda like that

  • thanks op just got one. waiting for the transaction to pop up in cashrewards. probably did something wrong anyway

  • finally pulled the trigger. happy camper with shopback cashback :)

    • Does the transaction in shopback show up instantly? I made the purchase earlier and still nothing has shown up in my shopback account.

      • if you did all the steps correctly should take 48 hrs for the site to track any purchases. I did the steps but havent gotten cashback yet so waiting for now:)

        • Have you guys got your cashback yet? I haven’t seen mine come through.

          • @mastahpee: yep my $42 cashback just got confirmed but I can withdraw it in Feb 2019 lmao

  • Refunded my click & collect purchase at JB after being told they couldn't do the code for Mario Kart to get this one instead.

  • How much did everyone get charged? I got charged 337?

    • How?

      • I have no idea, only reasoning I can think of is Mario Kart is out of stock from Amazon and I will be charged later when Mario is back

    • I think this is for console only. If you press the tracking of Mario Kart, it should say that it is yet to dispatch. When it does, Amazon will charge you for the remaining amount.

  • Thanks OP :)

  • +1

    Thanks! I also have amex spend $100 and get $15 deal

  • +1

    I'm glad to be of service! :D

  • Thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP - got it with cashrewars and AMEX offer, worked out to be around $340-ish.
    Very happy with the price since it includes MarioKart 8.

  • Can't find the $60 Mario Kart 8. Is it still available?

    • +1

      Looks like lowest is $64 now - i ordered separately just about 1.5 hours ago and I was able to select $60 to be fulfilled by Amazon


      • What does it mean?

        Do I choose the $64 (seller MERISS.LLC) or $68 (seller amazon)?

        • I think the deal is gone.

          I managed to put in another separate order for the $60 game + the controllers $94. However the game is on backorder to be delivered 05-Dec-2018 whereas the console coming on Tues and controller on Wed.

          Console bought via ligntning deal using Shopback but it is not showing up in my account as tracked yet - whereas I purchased the Game and controller via cashrewrads last night and both appeared in my Cashrewards.

  • Thanks and I have pulled the trigger after years!

  • My package just arrived - ordered on Saturday afternoon. Good job Amazon!

  • This was my first chashrewards purchase and I think I stuffed it up, as it’s still not showing up as tracked in my account. Does anyone know what would happen if I returned the console? To have a second chance at the cash back? Would the cost of the game be charged to my account?

    • +1
      1. It’s been a few days, so it should show up already
      2. If you return it, you will have to refund all, and you get a full refund of everything you bought
      3. Amazon will reimburse $17 for returns (I’m Prime, so I get that, not sure if you’re Prime)
      4. After returning it, you may not get the deal anymore
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