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Cyber Monday - 20% off on 700+ Products (Google Pixel 2 XL $919.20, S9+ $918.40, Note 9 512GB $1199.20) @ Mobileciti


Hey guys,

Thanks for all the support during BLACKWEEKEND you all helped make it a great success.
To celebrate we've begged our suppliers and come up with a few more requested bargains for you guys, including the Samsung Galaxy S9+ Plus and Google Pixel XL.

Apply code CYBERMONDAY at checkout. Code applies only to products on landing page. Australian stock with local warranty.

Local stock with pickup, GST invoice with ABN included, and TRS if eligible. Ends 11:59PM, 26th of November.

While stocks last, no back orders.

If you can't find what you're after here check out our 15% off via eBay deal. Thanks to TA for the original post.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2018

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  • +1

    Awesome prices, great work guys!

    • Thanks doweyy!

  • +20

    $769 for galaxy s8 is not a good deal

    • +2

      agreed, i think they missed the 20% off on this item it should be $615.20

    • Agreed

  • +6

    waiting for the Note 9 512gb to get below the $1,000 mark.

    • same here. saw it for $1050 on the weekend. almost there.

      • Wow, the 512gb? 1150 is the cheapest I've seen it.

        • +1

          Ditto, under $1000 is the trigger point for me too. Seems if spending so much on a Note it might as well have the 512GB/8GB.

  • +1

    No Note 9 128gb? :(

  • Edit: works fine.

  • +1

    Hi Op,

    any chance of getting a deal on OnePlus 6T?

    • +1

      Hi zhaoand,

      Unfortunately OnePlus has not yet expanded to Australia yet. We do have some great phones by OPPO, a sister company of OnePlus.

      • Hey mate unable to see any price drop for Oppo R15 pro at all. No promotion

        • HI jag007

          Sorry R15 is not part of this promote, however you can still use eBay 15% code

  • Oh okay any deal for oppo R15 pro. Or R17.

    • theyre all missing from the sale

      • Yeah mate, It's funny the way the do sales these days

    • Hi jag007

      read this

  • +2

    iPhone XS Max 64gb please?

    • 256gb as well please

  • +1

    Is the code working with iphone

  • Damn, bought Huawei P20 Pro last week with 15% discount :(

    • +1

      Hi hero1211

      P20 Pro still the best deal @ 15% off ;)

  • +1

    Trying on iPhone but it's said code not valid

  • +2

    Any chance at a deal on the mate 20?

  • +1

    is $919 a good deal for Google Pixel 2 XL?

    • +5

      I got it for $882 from eBay 20% Allphones… back in July. Haven't seen cheaper except overseas or refurbished deals. I'm really surprised how expensive it still is when the Pixel 3 is out and all.

    • +2

      You can buy brand new sealed from gumtree for around 750 or less. I was able to claim warranty without receipt from Google

  • Waiting for the Mate 20 deal…

  • Mate 20 deal plz

    • Hi KLoNe

      Thanks for showing interest on Mate 20, unfortuantely its not inc in this promote, but you can eBay 15% code

  • +1

    Hi, just want to ask. Since this is Australian stock, if I were to get the Note 9, can I send it to Samsung Au if there is anything wrong with the phone?

    • Hi moonsyk100

      Yes 100%, all warranty covered by Samsung Australia, you can drop off phone to any Samsung service center in your local area.

  • +2

    Is there a deal for Pixel 3 128gb many thanks

  • note 9 512gb - single or dual sim?

    • Single Sim, Unlocked / Telstra Verison

      • Are there any limitations with the single sim (other than the obvious)? Would there be any issues if I purchased the Unlocked/Telstra or Vodaphone variant and brought it over to Optus or another provider?

        • Hi Deditus

          main different are preinstalled carrier's app and start up logo. will be support all the australia network sim / 3G/4G LTE Bands.

        • +1

          Will not support non Telstra VOLTE or wifi calling

  • When a phone says "Tel" such as the Gs9+ does that just mean the branding or is it locked?

    • +1

      Hi fedwood,

      Tel refers to the network branding, in this case Telstra. Networking branding only affects the software, and means that the phone has a few preinstalled carrier applications for Telstra customers. You will also receive updates when Telstra releases them.

    • +1

      Save yourself the trouble and get an XSA model. Unbranded

  • For note9 after code showing 1199.20 not 1159.20. I am doing something wrong?

    • Hi Rosycmv,

      You're right, sorry, was calculating off the wrong model. Our apologies.

  • Mate 20 Pro? Not discounted?

    • Hi kamac93

      Sorry Mate 20 pro is not part of this promote, but you can still use eBay 15% code

  • Huawei mate 20 please…

    • Hi angelkulit025

      Sorry Mate 20 is not part of this promote, however you can use eBay 15% code

  • oppo ax5?

  • Op, Samsung galaxy Tab S4 Please?

  • +1

    No deal on P20 :(

  • +1

    Is it possible to do $1200 on Note 9 512GB Dual Sim, Sir? Just for an hour please…

    • Ditto

    • Hi davescott

      Sorry that's not possible, we have sold all the Note 9 512GB dual sim and Aussie stock note 9 dual sim cost currently still very high.

  • Hi AHUANG, looking to get the blue or black Samsung S9 plus, but the code doesn’t work for this colour anymore. Any chance of getting this done. Will not buy the gold colour. Cheers

    • Hi Dios Mio

      Thanks for asking, I also love to inc the Black or Blue colour, unfortunately due to we bought stock from different supplier, other colour cost us much higher and we dont have support for them.

  • Thanks OP.
    Great deal for my wife.
    Brownie points for me…

  • How’s the battery life on the S9+?

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