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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 SM-N960F/DS 128GB US $657.48 (~AU $894.17) Delivered (Import) @ Never Msrp eBay


Original PYRO10 10% off Sitewide on eBay Deal Post

Combine with 5% off gift cards to get it for US$624.60 (~AU$848.96)

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    That's what I'm talkin' bout!

  • i thought the international model is sd 845, but this one is exynos. i will give it a pass..

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      Was it Dual SIM? Linky?

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      exynos has better upload speeds and Qi charging i believe

    • N9600 is the one you want for Snapdragon.

  • If you don't get the gift cards with AUD conversion plus shipping plus GST it's really


  • Will Officeworks pricematch on this model?

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      Computer say No

  • Will Samsung pay work on this?

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      You might have to flash Australian ROM

      I have posted step by step information here

      • May not work according to a OzBargainer here.

        • I didn’t understand what were you referring to?

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            @Pricebeat: "My GS9 grey import doesn't accept Samsung Pay. Apparently due to US firmware. Asked about changing the firmware and Samsung advised it would void my warranty."
            "Google pay works fine." written by mrbargainhunter

            Even if you change the firmware, samsung pay wont work. From S9 lineup samsung has adapted multi zonal firmwares which means even if you load XSA (Australia) or TEL (telstra) etc firmware, the CSC will remain for originating country which means no samsung pay. The only way to change CSC is by rooting which means no samsung pay anyway… on saying that Google pay will work flawlessly. written by maximus117

            Check reply log here

            • @ChickenAdobo: Ah that sucks, thanks for sharing

            • @ChickenAdobo: Is there any major difference between Samsung pay and Google pay

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                @starbearer: The main difference is that Samsung pay supports MST, meaning older magnetic card terminals still work, even if they don't support tap & pay.

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      cannot flash Aussi firmware on snap dragon chip as our firmware is meant for samsung exynos

  • to get it for US$624.60 (~AU$358) wut!

    • Updated! I was checking price of something else at the same time.

      Would be good if Aussie $ had that value :D

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        Wouldn't call it much of a deal though, did the whole Officeworks pricematch deal and got mine for $1050 . BTW cheaper now. but anyway sold the headphones with it and the skin, got 200 from that. so made it for me $850, au stock and duel sim.
        But since the headphones is no pemo now but i would still do the Officeworks pricematch for warranty and au stock. Au plug. even if its a little more.

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    Good price but better get the Snapdragon model if you're buying a grey import. Much better battery life.

    I just sold my locally purchased Exynos model and got a grey import SD845 lol. I couldn't stand the standby drain on the Exynos.

    • As per comments above, isn't there a lot of features you lose though?

    • The battery on my Exynos 8/512 is miles better than any other smart phone Ive owned…?

  • I wouldn't say you lose a lot. What you end up losing is VoLTE, VoWifi and Samsung Pay. To me this is not a deal breaker but YMMV. VoWifi is a very nice feature to have though.

    • Forgive me, but what is YMMV and VoWifi?

      • lol YMMV is your milage may vary. VoWifi is WiFi calling.

        • Right got it. Sorry I'm not up to date with the latest abbreviations, still got a note 4 here 😊

  • TRS Eligible?

  • Can someone please explain why they prefer the Snapdragon SoC over the Exynos one?

    • Better for gaming

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