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NetGear ORBI RBK50 Mesh Wi-Fi System $398.40 Shipped @ Amazon AU ($378.48 through OW Pricebeat) RRP $599


The Orbi is awesome, I have one (not this model) and it's exceptional, honestly couldn't believe the improvement after replacing the garbage set up I had before getting my hands on one of these. These aren't often down this low but this isn't the best price ever… Last year there was a perfect storm with The Good Guys where it got down to $299 but can't see that ever happening again!

Don't forget Cashback.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • $382 for those who have The Good Guys Commercial access. In theory 6% through shopback cashback is still a hair cheaper.

  • That's a good price! How are these compared to Ubiquiti APs?

    • I can't compare but just know the Orbi we have in our house is exceptional and from everything I have read, they are the market leaders. But its very possible the Ubiquiti is amazing, I know nothing about them…

      • Ubiquiti have their own "consumer" brand that has something very similar to this - the Amplifi HD. I have a 3 pack of Amplifi cubes and it is outstanding.

        So to answer your question - the Ubiquiti AP's are not comparable because they are aimed at the enterprise/small business.

        Their comparable product is the Amplifi and it's similarly awesome.

        • yep ubiquiti stuff are great switches to AP's use them a lot at work and have been using them since they started out, i went with Orbi for the parental controls for home and the dedicated wireless backhaul feature i spent more than this (had vouchers) but worth every cent … most the current mesh based setups are good from google wifi to orbi to unifi etc.

  • Might be worth getting price match at HN and using Amex for $50 rebate :)

    • I have confirmed (via online chat) that Harvey Norman will price match the Amazon price, which would satisfy the requirements for the AmEx rebate.
      They will not match the price beat guarantee offered by Officeworks, unfortunately.

  • What about Orbi vs Google wifi ? Cant decide between the two.

  • What’s the difference between AC2200 and the AC3000?

    • The number is bigger…
      And to my understanding, the 3000 is faster and has more range but its 100% possible I'm completely wrong, I am far from an expert…

      • More backhaul antennas (4 vs 2 and speeds 1.7gig vs 877mb) also faster triband AC3000 (1733 + 867 + 400Mbps) AC2200 (866+866+400Mbps) rest is quite similar with the port density at sattelites so on etc. (ac2200 being rbk40 i'm asuming?) sorry also coverage is higher on the RBK50 :)

  • This is expensive as a unit in itself - especially compared to the $10 Xiaomi ones you can give from GearDirect or whatever, but I have tried so many others and the ORBI just works. Great for large houses etc. Recommended.

  • Or get the Tenda ones for $100 on ebay. They have great reviews to.

  • MWave at NSW have it on offer until end of the year at $265 + shipping.

  • That's the RBK20, not even RBK30 or this one which is RBK50…?

  • Back to $499 now? Not seeing the price any more.

  • The newest Wi-Fi format ax or Wi-Fi 6 is available already in the US and will be here soon so waiting for that is the smart option if you have patience.