expired NES Classic Mini $70 + Delivery (or C&C) @ The Gamesmen


Cheap price, part of their 12 deals of christmas promotion. Ends tomorrow

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The Gamesmen
The Gamesmen


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    Remember when people were paying $250+ for these things on eBay? Good times.

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      You still can if you want, let me know and I'll list it for you :)

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      there was someone from a collectors forum who had paid an additional ~$250 to have it graded.


      I'm sure Nintendo lied and said it would be a limited release, here they are, a couple of years later still making them…

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        People were angry when they stopped making them, angry when they start reproducing them. Man talk about a no win situation


          They complained…

          Can’t load your own games.
          Doesn’t have all the great games.
          Cables are too short.

          Then it was discontinued. And so they complained some more.

          Classic case of entitled gamer syndrome.


    I want the SNES


    price match at JB or EB?

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    My NES mini will be last time I pay full price on release for anything. It's still not even opened out of the postage box… Well maybe I will for a Dreamcast mini.


    Cannot add this to shopping cart.

    Script just pops up saying you have no items in your cart.

    [Edit] Worked when logging in first.


    has anyone got the ps1 classic/mini? ive read online reviews its not that great. be interesting to hear from owners here what they think

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      Its an underpowered console running the same reArmed emulator that you can download off sourceforge on your PC, and putting it in a grey shell. Frankly, I can't believe that they are such lazy bastards. Hypocritical, too, given how much Sony busted people's balls for Bleem and other emulators, then they turn around and actually make money off an open source product.

      All these mini consoles have lag. Lag from the emulator and the TV. Running it on decent hardware reduces this, but of course you wont get decent hardware for $100. You would invariably have a better experience downloading the roms and playing them on reArmed on your PC.


    Thank y'all for downvoting me when I was part of the retail price is not a deal crew.

    A bunch of ozbargainers sure did love paying RRP+shipping for this crap that could be replicated with a rom kit for a few bucks

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