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10% off Optus Plans + $400 (Pixel 3, XL, Galaxy S9, S9+) or $200 EFTPOS Card @ Harvey Norman/Domayne/Joyce Mayne (New/Port)


Update 12/12:

$400 EFTPOS card for s9, s9+, Pixel, Pixel XL
$200 EFTPOS Card for anything else

Must be a new number to Optus or a Prepaid customer switching
Virgin/All MVNO included this time
Current Sim-only (postpaid) or upgrading customers excluded
Can be used with the current "10% off the Rateplan" port in offer
Pixel also includes the Bonus Google Hub
(10% off on ports only)
(EFTPOS cards are on new customers and/or ports)

Offer is also available at Joyce Mayne & Domayne.

Mod Note: The OP of this post is directly employed by Harvey Norman and is penalised for sockpuppeting, however the deal will remain published as it has a large number of votes and discussion.

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      • Thanks

      • I’m in the store now and they saying they can’t stack that plan

        • They 100% can.

          • @farque: They insisting they can’t

            • @cloudstrife: Obviously your store is a little special. Do you have another nearby or a domayne or joyce mayne?

              • @farque: Nope, I made them call Optus and check. Doesn’t stack!

                • @cloudstrife: Sorry maybe wires crossed.

                  $400 stacks with the 15% off the $125, just realised you might be talking about 10% port in offer?

                  • +1

                    @farque: Yes sounds like he was referring to 10% off the $106 (15% off $125), so assume this is not possible.

                    • @hweita: yeah they dont stack, no.

        • Prolly like last deal. Some store willing to do it some don't.

          • @asianbargain: It literally is funded by the companies not Harveys so costs them nothing, just poor education from their manager etc…

    • If you spread the $400 over the 24months, it works out to be $86/mth for the Note9.
      If you value the Note9 at $1500, you're paying $23.46/mth for a $200gb plan. Seems decent (and tempting)

      • +1

        Except note 9 doesnt qualify for the EFT card…

        • Damn. That's annoying. They both have the same RRP too (as S9+)

    • Why would anyone spend $125 ???

      • $125 with 15% off comes to $106.25 which gets you 200GB. For the gigs I guess.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for this deal.

    If I was on Optus 2 years ago and have been on Telstra since, does this still apply since this was an original Telstra number?


    • If you're now coming from a carrier to Optus it meets the criteria

      • Thank you

  • Hi,

    Great deal!

    I'm currently on Virgin (with 4 months until the end of the contract) and note Optus is offering to waive the cancellation fees under a "special deal" offered to Virgin customers.

    Will HN be able to waive these cancellations fees also since the carrier is Optus?


    • Worth asking optus on chat?

    • I just had a live chat with Optus and customer service said I need to check with Harvey Norman as HN will have a different offer.
      I'm really eager to know if HN can waive it too.

  • The pixel price will fall quickly

  • OK. I haven't seen pixel 3 before and just look at it, man that phone is ugly. The notch and the material around the phone look cheap.

    • I think the original HTC team is making google phone now, after HTC stock price crashed, they sold the team to google. HTC's old phones cant catch up on the look design

  • Can you do this online? Is the phone given on the day if in store?

    • I think in store and yes they will give u the phone once u sign up.

    • In HN/DM/JM stores only, if stock is available you will leave with it.

  • I clicked the link but found nothing.

  • So it seems a few retailers are offering the $200 eftpos deal for Samsung S9.

    I want the S9+, found some on eBay selling the 128GB for $960 mark, shipping from Sydney. This is cheaper than with cash back from Harvey Norman.

    What's the difference in buying one from Harvey Norman, or one from eBay?

    • +2

      Maybe just hold off for a few more months until the S10 comes out.

      I am on a S7 still and waiting to get the S10 Plus. This is going to be a pretty big release. 5 cameras, new display technology, 5G capability (good if you're a city slicker), fingerprint sensor in display, new 5 nm Exynos chip, bigger battery.

      The next Samsung unpacked event is in late February.

  • +2

    Amazing deal - got 100gb data, Pixel 3 for $76.

    If you Port in it is an EXTRA 10 percent off. Wow.

    • Plus the EFTPOS card!

      Seems like a decent deal to me. The iPhone SE I’m running has been a bit of a dog lately so I’m very tempted to jump from Telstra to take Optus up on this.

  • I signed up 2 weeks ago on the 3xl, any chance of getting it somehow?

  • any idea where to check the available plan and the handset fees for the phones mentioned … just want to compare if its worth to break telstra byo plan to this.


    • any s9 s9+ or pixels on optus site

      • So i can base on Optus site for those 4 phones any sizes … and less 10% off, and getting $400 EFTPOS Card?

        • 10% off the rateplan (excludes handset) and yep. All the exact same plans at HN

  • How long is the deal on for?

    • 24/12

  • Can I port in to the current SIM only 30gb/$31.50 plan and get a further 10% off? If so, best SIM only plan I’ve seen in a while!

  • 10% off port in only applicable to handset plans (not ipad/table or 125/15% off plans)

  • Just went in to a Harvey Norman store. They said the 10% off does not apply to the $69 plan, as it's already a special deal. Also, it's only for ported numbers not new numbers.

    • It is 100% applicable on the $69 plan if you're porting in. Get them to ask their franchisee.

      • It was the Taylors Lakes store in Victoria. Do I ask for the manager?

      • How come i dont see any $69 plan … i can see $65 plan $85 $100 and $125

  • Pretty sure you can also get 12 months Netflix on top of this.

    • +1

      Yep on Samsung family - you MUST request it in store at the time.

      • OP should add it to the description as it sweetens the deal. Someone in store told me about it today.

        • netflix for 12 months?

          • @bluebluebird: Pretty sure that's what I heard in store a few hours ago.

            • +1

              @Tuftsdude: Takes care of the subscription fee for 12 months yeah.


              • @farque: Honestly still quite a bit though when comparing to the JB Telstra offer I just signed up to, $55 p.m, 80GB data, calls & texts and a P20 Pro dual sim, to own.

                • @Tuftsdude: Have you got a link for that one? Sounds pretty good and I didn't know of any carriers allowing dual sims on contracts. Usually single sim variant of the same device (E.G. Note 9)

  • So this is buy new phone through HN + Optus sim only plan and get $400 EFTPOS bonus? (Instead of $200 that is currently advertised on HN website on Galaxy S9)

    I assume it does not work for an Optus customer recontracting?

  • Do we get a tax invoice if we choose the 'own the phone' plan?
    What would be the value of the phone? (i.e. what harvey norman advertises)?

    • +1

      They will give you a tax invoice

      Price of the phone will show $0, and then also the plan you got the phone on

      • Guess we can't use it to claim TRS on the phone then? :/

  • OP, would a prepaid number from amaysim, active but out of credit, get the 10% port in discount? Cheers. (amaysim uses optus netowrk afik)

    • Yes. Wait till tomorrow though.

  • So for Pixel

    $84 ($69+15) with 100gb

    Portin 10% off the $69 plan = $62.1 + 15 = $77.10
    over 24mths $1850.40

    -$400 (EFTPOS CARD)
    -$200 (Google Hub)
    -$1199 (Handset)

    =$51 for the entire plan over 24 months ($2.12 per month)

    • That's LEASING isn't it?

      • No, owning the phone

    • Sorry is that the Pixel 3?

      • +1

        Yeah my bad Pixel 3

        • What's the 3XL price?

          • +1

            @poxy001: All the same pricing as optus less 10% of the rateplan if you're porting in

        • Thanks mate, went into my local store today and picked up a Pixel 3 on the $69 + $15 plan with Google Home Hub and $400 EFTPOS card. Two caveats that I'm pretty disappointed about however think might have just been my store not being overly sure about things

          1: They told me the 10% off was not available for that rate plan
          2: They told me I couldn't port my number across from Amaysim prepaid as it was in my partners name (she was there with me at the time)

          Having previously worked for Optus, Telstra and Virgin I've never had any trouble porting prepaids from someone elses name as long as their DOB was correct on the account, has been a few years since then though so it might have changed. A little miffed about the 10% off if others have got it, will wait and see…

          Stoked otherwise, thanks for the details of the deal!

    • Where? I can't see it on the optus website.

      Edit: nevermind I see it now.

    • I spoke to my HN store. They said nothing about the Google Hub.

      I bought it the same day you mentioned hub was included.. :(

      • hey mate,

        it's definitely both ($400 gift card and google hub) in addition to the 10% port.

        I got it just last night.

        • +1

          SUCCESS!! got the google hub free today even though i did the deal on Tuesday 11/12.

          After 2 calls they said its not a deal together but i called another store who said they could do it no problem. So i called original store again and said i am going to cancel my optus deal as the phone is still in box and buy from other store… they asked manager and all good :)

          Very happy. Nice of the store to do that.

          Edit: thanks to all the ozbarginers for the help :)

  • +1

    The Netflix voucher is for 167.88 dollars too if you choose a phone that has the Netflix deal

  • For those who got a Pixel 3 before 12/12 (when the Google Hub promo kicked in), please share your experiences in trying to get the Google Home Hub afterwards from the Harvey Norman store.

    Personally I will be back in store this Saturday to see if they can retrospectively provide one. In Sydney NSW.

    • I rang the store I got the phone from, they said they can't backdate it because it's provided by Optus. Rang Optus, the reps ain't even aware of the promotion. Hope someone else get better luck.

      • My advice is at the point of sales ask them that if there are any upcoming promotions. And if they say they aren't aware of any ask that if one pops up in the next few weeks what options there are to take advantage of it.

      • Thanks for the update Miel, I thought the $400 eftpos and the Google Home Hub were provided by HN rather than from Optus… but I guess some stores probably wouldn't bother as it's of no benefit to them

        @ proxy001: True but it's rare that when you see a pretty good deal already, and then the retailer throws additional benefits on top after less than a week… and you also have this in mind when you signup

        • Thanks OP, best pixel deal so far couldnt wait for Telstra fam/friends any longer.

          I did pixel 3 XL 100gb plan yesterday.

          Where did you guys find out about the included google hub?

          Super annoying to miss out by 1 day :(

          Edit: spoke to my HN and they said its $400 gift card or google hub. Cant get both.

          • +1

            @D1Vad: Mate.. I just got off the phone with HN and they include both $400 gift card and the Google Home hub with the 10% porting discount for sure.

            Maybe check with an other HN

            • @aspirepranesh: Not sure what i can do now… Already jumped in 11/12 :(

              • +1

                @D1Vad: SUCCESS!! got the google hub free today even though i did the deal on Tuesday 11/12.

                After 2 calls they said its not a deal together but i called another store who said they could do it no problem. So i called original store again and said i am going to cancel my optus deal as the phone is still in box and buy from other store… they asked manager and all good :)

                Very happy. Nice of the store to do that.

                Thanks to all the ozbarginers for the help :)

                • @D1Vad: That's great, did they have to change your receipt or anything to give you the Google Home Hub? And may I ask which store was this?

                  • @hweita: They printed my invoice and at the checkout they asked the person to add the "google hub" to the same invoice. They added it for $0 and i got another receipt for that.

                    I'll pm you the store location.

                    • @D1Vad: Thanks for the info.

                      My HN insisted they couldn't give me the Home Hub as the deal was only made known to staff on Monday… I signed on on Saturday so too bad.

                • +1

                  @D1Vad: awesome! great stuff mate. Happy days.

  • +1

    Is there any iPad/tablet deal?

  • Anyone have any advice about terminating a Telstra $114 lease plan with a $500 termination fee? Sounds like the $400 bonus and cheaper contract free would make it well worth it?

    Hope I'm not missing something?

    • +1

      There are no handset termination fees on your lease contract?

      The Sep-18 Telstra Lease contract states:

      If you cancel or we terminate your DLC for your breach within the first 12 months, you must pay a fee based on the device’s recommended retail price which decreases by 3% each month up until the month in which you terminate (or part thereof). You will retain the leased handset and title will pass to you. If you cancel or we terminate for your breach from month 13 and you want to (a) return your handset, a fee of $99 will apply for good working order handsets or up to $499 for damaged handsets or (b) retain your handset and have title pass to you, you must pay the fair market value for your handset (to be advised at the time). All charges are in addition to any Early Termination Charges for your Plan and accessories.

      I guess if you only have a $500 termination fee (if that is all) means you are coming to the end of the lease? 24 months is another long commitment but yes this deal is pretty good

  • Hi OP,
    The 'Go to Deal' link just takes me to the Harvey Norman home page. Where can I see the phone options/deals?

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