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Seagate 10TB Backup Plus Desk Hub $195.20 Delivered @ Amazon AU


States 3 left in stock but with more on the way.

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  • $413 now.

    It'd be one of those archive type disks wouldn't it? The ones that are slow at seeking?

  • I'm pretty sure they're archive drives which fine for writing data the first time and reading the data off it again but are atrociously slow for rewriting.

    • Once upon a time. Smaller drivers are generally Barracuda, and the 10TB is a Barracuda Pro and it uses much less power than the 8TB(twice that of 4TB), a little more than the 4TB.

  • If one Amazon seller runs out of stock they redirect you to another seller, don't they? The link is taking me to one that is $416.01 + $23.13 delivery.

  • Was this the cheapest price ever for a 10tb?

  • Well for a 10tb possibly but not for per tb. It’s been at $20/tb in the past from sea gate. I’d go with wd for high storage though unless the data that could be changed through smr isn’t as imposant (eg PhD material).

    • Barracuda Pro's do not use SMR.

      • Oh cool. And the ironwolf?

        Edit: I just researched that apparently with the barracudas they do ridiculous multi tier solutions (MCT) using a bit of NAND, PMR, and SMR all mixed together, it'll use the fast NAND to write it orginally and then in downtown transfer it over to the slower SMR. Can you believe that?
        they use a recording method called "TGMR" - which the ironwolfs also use…
        Basically, to get around SMR you gotta use Turboplotter 9000 and set a temporary folder (SSD path) on your C: drive (no matter if it is a SSD or a regular HDD).

  • suibale for a media server?

    Also how do you guys find these deals on alazon? Do you sign up for alerts from CAMEL?

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