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Wacaco Ground Minipresso GR Dark Grey $49.99 (RRP$69) @ Anaconda


Good price I thought! Usually $70 - Requires free Club Membership

The Wacaco Minipresso GR is the perfect portable handheld espresso machine. Compact, versatile and lightweight, this machine can be used with a variety of ground coffee beans. Grinding your own beans will give you more control over your coffee preparation, resulting in a quality espresso shot that will please everyone. The Minipresso GR is your best choice to enjoy 50 ml of authentic espresso, no matter where you are!

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    Not to be konfuessed with the NANOPRESSO.

    • There is literally zero reason to buy a minipresso now that the nanopresso exists.

      • why? is it better?

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          The nano is smaller and higher pressure capability to extract a better shot. It's actually great. If you get the nano, also consider the barista kit if you like a double shot.

          • @fookos: What's the batista kit?

            • @tunzafun001: Larger basket and water tank for double shot, and stores a few baskets with lids inside, so that you can preprepare the grinds for a few shots ahead of time.

              • @caprimulgus: I always felt the water tank was too small and forever burning myself trying to max fill. I need this…now where to get one at a decent price.

            • +1

              @tunzafun001: Free with one Mexican revolution

        • Yes. Updated and improved model, easier to pump and handles higher pressure. The Nanopresso can also be used without the pressurised basket (not sure if Minipresso can be used unpressurised, at least not officially).

        • Thanks guys, now just need to wait for a good deal for the nano… :)

        • i have both. but i prefer this one over nano. for some reason i think this one produce a better "espresso" like liquid.but it is just my personal feeling.

  • Also had the NS model for nespresso capsules same price

    • Not its not, Thats just for the kit. Minipresso is sold seperately.

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        Right you are however eBay is also cheaper
        $41.99 delivered

        • Unbranded and only one available

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            @sdaveo: Wow I am amazed the can use the term 'Minipresso' like that with an identcal looking device. I actually didn't notice the 'off brand' - good pick up.
            OK third time's a charm

            • @King Tightarse: Seller based in Malaysia so probably not AU stock.

              • @Clear: item location: Sydney,NSW, Australia

                • +3

                  @King Tightarse: You could put the item location as Iraq if you wanted to. Check the seller profile - they can't lie about their location there.

                  I'm very slowly teaching everyone that trick.

                  • @Clear: Australia
                    Standard Postage (Standard delivery)
                    Estimated between Tue. 11 Dec. and Tue. 18 Dec.
                    …so probably local stock, as far as you can say on eBay

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                      @King Tightarse: Check the profile. What I'm saying is that on a listing sellers can choose any location they want for where it ships from. It's a very common tactic overseas sellers use to trick people into thinking they're a local seller.

                      • @Clear: Yes, I think people realise that.
                        The seller makes a point of saying 'AU seller' and 'AU postage' in the pictures so I guess they have an agent or warehouse here.
                        Either way, delivery in week is pretty good.

                        • +1

                          @King Tightarse: Many Chinese sellers do that and then use Auspost China to make it seem like it's coming from an AU warehouse when it's not. Either way there is only one way to find out…

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    I have one of these and the nano - don’t buy this, get the nano. The nano is so much better imo

    • I use my nano every day instead of a machine, makes a great drop.

      • Am thinking of swapping to nano from pods as as a more eco friendly home option. How do you find the time in prepping, cleaning etc for everyday use?

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          Well currently every time I make a coffee I actually pull two shots through it, so it takes some time but is quick with some practice. So yeah, it is longer than pod coffee, but so much better tasting.

          I actually came from Sealpods (reusable stainless steel nespresso pods) before I moved to the nano as a way to use the coffee I liked plus the bonus of being more eco friendly. To be honest though, the cost involved in getting a few stainless steel pods (since I always used 2 at a time, plus you have to buy the stickers that go on the top to seal the pod, so spend a bit on that solution, more than the nano cost) and filling them up every time I wanted a coffee was probably just as time consuming as the nano. Can say I get a much better coffee out of the nano though.

          I am hoping for the barista kit and hand grinder for xmas, so if they come through I am thinking I am going to start really getting A+++ home/portable coffee which will be awesome!

          • @serpserpserp: Good move. Pair it with a porlex mini hand grinder and you'll have fresh espresso with you wherever you happen to be :)

            And the barista kit is great.

  • Anyone find good prices for the Nanopresso?

    • +3


      This place is consistently cheap and would be where I would have bought my nanopresso from if I didn't get it as a gift.

      • Thanks, great prices for bundles, will wait until back in stock

  • This is making me feel better about buying the nano and barista kit about 15 mins ago. Opened this thread in a panic thinking there might have been a better deal :)

  • Thanks, nearly bought the minipresso until I read about the nano

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