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Store Opening Offer: Free Stainless Steel Straw (Value $4.95) with $50 Mininum Spending @ Live Life Green


This is my wife's new online eco-store based in Hervey Bay (posting Australia wide)

To celebrate opening this week she's offering a free stainless steel straw for orders over $50.

How To Redeem

  • when your order cart is over $50 add the item labeled "FREE STRAW" to your cart
  • enter the coupon code to take the value off the total

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  • I get these straws for 20c from eBay

    • -1 vote

      We are hoping to offer a better deal in the near future. For some that already spend on eco products, then a free straw is still free…

  • +11 votes

    There is nothing free here. Neg.
    CCC deal. Cotton candy con.
    Maximum 0.4% discount, not a bargain IMO.

  • This is not a deal

  • Dear OP,
    If you honestly want to support your wife’s new business, then delete this post and post a real deal!

  • Lol. Spend $50 for a free straw.

  • We like to see prices. Bargains have prices. ® © ™

    • -1 vote

      i don't understand… it's free.

      • +1 vote

        You want your fellow OzBargain Members to spend $50 without disclosing any prices in your description. Your 'edit' button is between 'view' and 'revisions'.

  • Hi OP. Sorry to see your nice attempt to support your wife’s new business get slammed by relative strangers. Please don’t get discouraged by these comments and all the best with her foray into the online side of her business.

    • +7 votes

      How is the OP being "slammed" ? OzBargain is for deals, not advertising. This post offers no explanation of the store or what products are offered and whether any bargains can be found. They simply want you to spend $50 for a straw.

    • how much did you spend on this site danielh? I’m just curious to see how many free straws you have scored! I’m sure if you came across this “bargain” you would never be posting it here. Just have a look at your own posted deals and you will see the difference.


      The feedback is encouraging enough. Appreciate your support

  • Less than 50c each when buying 100 on eBay so would be cheaper in bulk from AliBaba
    $0.50c with a $50 minimum = 1% "gift"

  • Shop title says "100% cruelty free" yet immediately stumbled upon products with goat's milk and honey.

    • Thanks thevofa. Straight from choosecrueltyfree.org who is the organisation responsible for cruelty free certification -
      "Why are some animal ingredients permitted under your accreditation scheme?

      We believe in providing information and letting the individual consumer make up their mind. CCF is here to help Australian consumers find cosmetic, toiletry and household cleaning products that align with their personal ethics.

      More than 80% of Australians believe that animal-testing of these products is cruel and unnecessary, however, the majority of those people probably consume meat and other animal products.

      Since 1992, the prime focus of our work is in educating consumers and companies about the inherent cruelty of animal-testing of cosmetics, toiletries and household cleaning products.

      By keeping the CCF List friendly to the ‘general’ consumer we reach thousands more people and change many hearts and minds along the way."

      Cruelty free refers to whether or not a product or its ingredients has been tested on animals, not whether or not a product is vegan. And in fact not all vegan products are free of animal testing. It certainly pays to email the manufacturer to verify this.

      We understand that some are passionate about eliminate all forms of animal products from their life, so we have a vegan specific collection.

      • More than 80% of Australians believe that animal-testing of these products is cruel and unnecessary, however, the majority of those people probably consume meat and other animal products.

        Pandering to such illogicality may be populist but is highly nonsensical.

        • Maybe. They're not our words, that's directly from the choosecrueltyfree website, which is the organisation responsible for cruelty free accreditation. None of our products or ingredients are tested on animals - so we're within our rights stating we're cruelty free according to industry standard. We realise that not everyone shares this same opinion.

  • Wait, so I have to spend $50 to get a "$4.95" straw? Nah.
    This is OzBargain m8.

  • +1 vote

    Cheaper elsewhere:-

    $49.95 + $6.95 Shipping = $56.90
    $20.88 + $0.36 Shipping = $21.24 + GST = $23.37


      Hi PJC, these aren't the same brand…

    • -1 vote

      Thanks for the tip PJC. I'm cautious about stocking a product that originates in Europe from a Chinese site, there are a lot of fakes out there, not just amber but generally. Will definitely look into them though and see if they check out.


    Hi all,

    Great to see so many take the time to type some feedback. Thanks :)

    We understand that our products may not suit everyone. If you aren't already choosing to purchase more ethical/earth-friendly choices then we may not be the bargain you are looking for.

    I've taken everyone's thoughts back to my wife and we're already working on things.

    I'll do my best to reply to everyone asap