expired $10 off Xiaomi USB-C PD 45W/65W Charger $27/$39 w/ Free USB-C Cable (Worth $9.99/$16.99) + Post (Free $49+/Prime) @ MMel Amazon


Special sale of these quality chargers at the lowest price ever!

They can be used as a backup USB PD fast charger for newer MacBooks, other USB-C notebooks, 2018 iPad Pro, Nintendo Switch, USB-PD Powerbanks and USB-C phones when travelling overseas or if you've got a Xiaomi powerboard handy that can take the straight US 2 pin plugs.

Get $5.99 off with Code "MEPEEDEE", stackable with the current tiered flat $ off promotion on selected items to get $4 off, bringing them down to $27 and $39 respectively.

Price comparison: Aliexpress price $29/$36 + Shipping + GST, Joybuy price $30/$38.89 + GST.

Xiaomi 45W USB-C PD Charger CDQ02ZM (w/ Xiaomi AL301 C-C cable (worth $16.99)) - $26.99

Review - hardwarezone.com.sg
Teardown Review - lygte-info.dk

Xiaomi 65W USB-C PD Charger CDQ07ZM (w/ Xiaomi AL350 C-C cable (worth $9.99)) - $38.99

Teardown Review by Chongdiantou.com (a.k.a. ChargerLab)

Brand Xiaomi
Manufacturer Zmi Corporation
Interface USB-C (QC3.0 & PD2.0)
Input 100-240V 50/60Hz
Output 5VšŒ‚3A, 9VšŒ‚3A, 12VšŒ‚3A, 15VšŒ‚3A, 20VšŒ‚2.25A/3.25A max 45W/65W
Dimension 60 x 57 x 29mm

Here are some good options of USB-C to USB-C cables suitable for high power fast charging and other applications, grab one of them, and there will be an additional 10% off the Xiaomi chargers:

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  • +11 votes

    Aregh.. might give this a miss. (Non Au plug)

    Better off getting Blitzwolf


    Good for travel to Japan/China/US


    Seems odd that you'd bundle the higher potential cable with the lower powered charger…

    • +1 vote

      I'd bundle with the full feature AENZR cable just to be future-proof, you know maybe one day I can get the 2019 Surface Pro/Laptop with USB-C port and connect it to a 4K USB-C monitor

  • +1 vote

    Hi Rep,
    Just curious: are you allowed to sell this in OZ without insulation?


      Hi Bappy

      It is being sold as an international product for compatible international devices/sockets. Insulated pins are not required, similar to when you buy a travel adapter from Officeworks with straight pins for travelling to the US.

      It is not an AC adapter for Australian standard as it is not designed for, nor intended to be used, and would not fit with an Australian AC power socket. Any attempt to pry the straight pins into 120Ā° angled and plug in an AC power socket is recommended against, as that might actually pose an electrical hazard.

      • +8 votes

        Just for clarity, the item you are selling is a declared article.

        Declared articles include … Power Supplies (Battery chargers)

        Declared articles require RCM approval. It's up to you to run the risk of not being reported.

        Just remember the fines are per item sold and add up fairly quickly. Last year a few physical shops were done, > $300k fines in each instance.

        https://www.sa.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0019/154405/USB... <- specifically addresses the product type you are selling.
        <- more generic, explains what is a declared article and what isn't.

        First article was from 2014 when someone died after using a cheap chinese phone charger:

        "Electrical safety regulators have been made aware of an increase in the supply of non-compliant USB chargers, travel
        adaptors and power supplies following a recent fatality."

        Fatalities aren't fun for anyone involved; I am not trying to be a doomsayer or anything like that, but people dying from something preventable is always a serious matter. Being on the line for manslaughter is not much fun either.

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