This was posted 3 years 5 months 6 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Optus $10 off Per Month for 2nd New Mobile Service (Existing Customer Only)


Chat with Optus and they said if you sign up to any mobile service as a second service, then you get a $10 off per month.
This cannot be combined with student discount.

Some pretty good deal to own the phone:
1. iPhone XS: from $65 per month.
2. iPhone XS Max: $85 per month
3. Pixel 3 XL: from $75 per month.
4. Huawei Mate 20 Pro: from $74 per month.
5. Note 9: $85 per month.

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  • Wonder if this would work if my husband cancelled his phone contract (he's out of the 24 months) and I added a new phone to mine? We've never joined our accounts before…..hmm.

    • Sorry I didn't ask, but I think only discounted when both is active

    • Should work. I did this to combine our data and to apply my student discount. However, I think both services are under my name now.

    • Will give this a go in the next few days when I can find the time to visit an optus shop :)

    • If he’s happy to give up his number and start with a new one

      • I would have thought he could have kept it still…just setting up a new account under mine and bringing his number across but you might be right since it's Optus to Optus rather than porting from another carrier. Probably some Ts and Cs somewhere……I'll still try.

  • would it stack with the 10% off plan cost from Harvey Norman?

    • I didn't ask, is that still active?

      • Yes. The 10% discount is still available via HN.

        • +1

          Should try, that would be very good deal

    • Is the HN deal already expired ?

    • +1

      Yes you can stack it. I did sign up for 2nd service along with the 10% off plan at HN.

      • I’m about to go to HN. Can you please provide any evidence that you were able to grab the deal?

    • I think I got the deal of the year.. but others havent been able to do it now apparently. I got the Pixel 3XL on the $125pm plan at $81.25pm. $125-15% (Optus promo) - 10% (Harvey Norman) & - 10% (Student Discount).

      • How did you manage to get it?

        • Just asked. Seems like you can't get the student discount applied with the HN discount anymore though.

  • Is there a code to use or will the $10 be taken out automatically?

  • i thought this is always the standard offer ?

    also same -$10 if you lump mobile + nbn on same bill

    • Not anymore, that bundle is no longer applied.

  • +1

    XS: $65/month to lease not own, own starts at $92. So starts at $82/month to own

    I assume same with the others too

    • Darn that stupid default lease offer. Who choose lease anyway.

  • It's great if it can stack with HN 10% off & GC offer.
    Otherwise why not going to HN, same as 10%, but you will get $200/$400 GC.

    • Can stack with the HN GC offer, not the 10% port tho.

    • I thought HN deal was expired on 19/12??

    • Hn deal is only selected plans, not all phones.

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    this is just a standard ongoing offer since a few months ago, however i think they have stopped advertising it since the launches of new iPad. there are quite a few ppl from here already got onto that offer a while ago from the person i know who works at Optus, if you ever searching for a bargain, send me a pm and i will introduce him to you, never hurt by asking a question that will potentially lead to more savings.

  • Does this include data pool?

    • Yes

  • I was able to do this two months ago when I signed up two numbers under the same account
    Data pooling included which is great
    This was for byo 12 month plan.

  • Does this apply to tablet plans?

    • I asked, but unfortunately no…

  • I asked Optus yesterday as I was going to get the Harvey Deal on a s9+ and
    They said it was only for the previous tablet deal, when adding to an existing account.

  • I can confirm that you can add up to 5 additional mobile services to your existing Optus account and each receives $10 discount.

    Only catch is the additional services need to be new connections to Optus network; ie either new numbers or porting from another provider.

    Confirmed with rep at Optus store yesterday.

    So basically, the main account can take advantage of the current online offer 80GB/$41.25mth & then add up to 5 additional services 3GB/$15 (after $10 discount) and data pools anyway so potentially end up with up to 95GB shared/$116.25mth.

    I think that's an awesome deal!

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