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$10 Credit to Your Beem It Account (New Accounts Only) on Beem It App


My buddy got me to join for the referral bonus and also let me know about this code - BEEMME10, not sure what the limits are but it worked for me, enjoy!

This offer also combines with introductory referral bonuses.

Use the RANDOM link below to obtain a referral code. To enter your own referral code into the system, click EDIT.

See freakitude's comment with more instructions:

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    Both codes confirmed working for instant $15 after signup.

    Step 1 : Download App
    * Download Beem it app from Playstore or Appstore

    Step 2: Register

    • You'll need to select a username, password and need to verify your email.

    Step 3: Activate Account
    * Add mobile number and a valid debit/credit card.
    * Verify mobile by entering code received.
    * Verify card ownership by confirming 2 small amounts debited from your account.

    Your account is now all set.

    Step 4: Redeem

    You can redeem both codes after signup, To redeem login to the app, click the human icon in top right corner, then Select Redeem Code.

    • First redeem referral code which you can get from Random referral links below the deal description text. You will receive $5.
    • Then Redeem the code given in the deal which is "BEEMME10". You will receive $10.
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      Credit cards aren't supported yet, btw.

      • +2

        It likely won't be, ever. Or Free Cash Advances & Free Points.

        • I assume it'd be processed as a cash advanced, ie fee and no points.

      • Wonder if Visa gift cards work?

        • Tried, doesn't work. Won't work with any prepaid cards.

    • +3

      Redeemed in other order, still worked. Doesn't matter what order you redeem codes in.

    • Deal post of the year?
      Can we make the call for 2018?

    • Twillis on 31/12/2018 - 11:13 Comment unpublished. (Referral links in comments are not allowed)
  • +3

    Does the code stack with referral?

    • +1

      Wondering this as well. Usually codes don't stack with referrals eg. Uber, Deliveroo.

    • +12

      Yes. Stacked for me.

    • +3

      Stacked fine for me. Easy $15 while eating lunch

  • +2

    Existing user, Tried it, doesn't work.

  • Any other existing users start to get random people begging for money on Beem It? I ended up deleting the app due to it.

    • Nope. Do you have a common name/username?

  • Thanks, worked for me but the random promo code link didn't, had to go searching for a code elsewhere. It did stack.

  • +7

    It doesn't credit your beem account. It literally sends $10 to your bank account, instantly! Free cash.

    • +9

      that’s how beem works…. there is no such thing as credit in your beem account it isn’t a wallet

  • +4

    Scotty will love this

  • +2

    Don't think it's targetted, just new users?

    Free $15 stacked with ref code lol

  • I have updated the referral code system. If you have a referral code that you want to put into the pool, click the "EDIT" link next to the icon of a pencil in the referral code box, input the coupon code and then save it.

    To retrieve a random code, click "RANDOM".

    • Thanks

      Maybe also update OP to confirm it does stack with referral bonus

    • Thanks mate. Works now

    • +2

      How do I show my appreciation without up vote option?

    • +2

      While you're at it, could you replace the word Targeted with New Users?

      • Fixed title.

  • +6

    Amazing post! Thanks OP. Just got $15 for free within 5 mins, after applying a random referral code and BEEMME10. The money gets transferred to your bank account instantly.

  • First time user. Got $15 on total. Thanks OP.

  • Really easy 15 dollars thanks

  • Is your own referral code shown in the app somewhere else, or only on the screen after you've used some else's referral code (I didn't click the icon to get my code then, stupidly).

    • +3

      It's in the app, just click the profile icon in the top right corner then contacts, then invite :)

      • +1


  • +3

    Thanks got my $15 bucks. I hope it gets popular and used. The split functionality will be useful for those who have friends who always never pay their full share :)

  • Opened a new account and verified
    Tried to redeem code and getting this error message
    ''The user you are trying to pay is not set up to receive payments right now''
    Any help ?

    • Is this the randomised code? Get a feeling maybe that person hasn't finished setting up the bank acc yet.

    • just click Random again and you'll get a different code.

    • Had the same issue with a westpac debit account

    • Were you able to solve this problem avn365? It is occurring at the stage where they attempt to send you the micropayments. This was not an issue with the referral code for me.

  • Thanks OP worked like a charm. Easiest $15 ever.

  • +1

    Did mine then referred my partner

  • Awesome, thanks for the $15 OP!

  • +4

    Good find, thank you! Instally got $15 on my bank account!

    Maybe should make it clearer to people to complete the account registration first before they can redeem the codes.

  • +1

    Yes! Got $15 for me. Trying to find friend to get more.

  • +2

    WOW free $15 into your account instantly! How is this not ozbargained yet? :)

    • +1

      When I saw the time of this post, I was like s***, it's already going to be OzBargained. But jaw-drop it's still working!

      Thanks OP - easiest $30 my hubby and I have made!

      • +1

        Doing it wrong. You can actually make $40 with 2 accounts.

        • +5

          True. But I thought I'd share the OzBargain love and use the referral link to give a fellow OzBargainer a $5 Chrissy present (or 2 in this case).

        • I stuffed up, I added contact before redeeming code. 😩

  • Hell yes. Stacked codes give me life!! Thanks OP!

  • Thanks for the Xmas present chrysilis, you're awesome! 🤟

  • +1

    works great - verify add bank account, confirm two small instant deposits and then receive $10 with code in this post and $5 with a referal so instant $15 in your account

  • Cheers, now I’ve shared my code so I’ll get money from my mates!

  • +1

    Thanks OP! Easy $15.

  • +2

    Yaaaasss qweeeen, easy fifteen!

  • Cheer$ OP

  • Fine print down the bottom shows this has something to do with the Commonwealth Bank. Easy money but I loath this company.

    • +3

      imagine hating a bank so much you wont even take their free money for 2 minutes of your time lol

      • Actually, you're giving them your information so it's not really "free" but you can think it is ;)

        • +1

          I like to tell myself that my credit card flipping strategy gives all of the banks a slice of my information, but none of them anything like the whole picture :D Westpac, NAB and CBA all have my personal details already but none have a great view of my spending habits (or rather, my wife's spending habits).

    • You can request to delete your account via email support after you steal the dosh lol

    • It's a collaboration between Westpac, NAB and CBA.

    • -1

      I loath this company


  • +2

    If only you could see my face right now :)

  • Do I add the referral code after opening account?

    • Yes, input both the above code and a referral code.

  • Easy $15. Thanks OP.

  • +6

    $35 between me and the wife. Straight into our accounts. Lol this is so funny. Westpac is gonna be pissed! I love you ozbargain.

    • Mate think you are doing it wrong. The wife and I got 40 not to mention another dollar with verification amounts.

      • How do we get $40 instead of $35?

        • refer each other (you can create the accounts and send a referral before actually putting in a referral code) .. if that makes sense

          • @SmiTTy: I stuffed up, I added contact before redeeming code

  • Instant $15. Damn!!

  • +2

    $70 between myself and wife LOL not a bad sat afternoon on ozbargain you tightasses! MUCH LOVE! Merry Christmas!

    • How can you get $70 if you do 15$ each ? You creating multiple accounts?

      • +1

        Oh snap, why didn't I think of that?

      • Max is $50 Each :)

        • How do you create multiple accounts? Do u not need a different phone number?

  • Entered OP code and random referral code. Cheers OP!

  • Easiest $15 ever! Great for an early Xmas present ;) Cheers!

  • middle name is not allowed to be empty?


    I don't have middle name and cannot enter empty, so how can I continue?

    • I have a middle name and never use it, lets trade places

    • I didn't need to use a middle name.

  • +3

    Wow $35 between the wife and I!

  • I love free money

  • -3

    Pain in the ass to sign up. The app (iOS) timed out or crashed several times after downloading while on the main screen. I took it off WiFi and that seemed to help that issue. I was able to verify my email, but cannot verify ID because I get a '"inauth_transaction_id" is not allowed to be empty' error when I try to verify with driver's license or medicare card. 🤔

    • +1

      yea because no doubt people are thrashing it lol

    • Working now - account is verified. I guess it was just because the system was getting slammed. :)

    • We’re you able to solve this?
      I’m getting the same error.

  • +12

    For anyone who wants to know the limits of this so far I've figured out.

    1. You can't use the same debit card on multiple accounts.
    2. You can make multiple accounts. I was able to do this by verifying one account via Passport, and one account via Drivers License. I left out the middle name in one just incase it matches the name to check for duplicate accounts. The address was the same for both.
    3. Drivers license can be expired as it doesn't ask for the expiry date.
    4. You can refer two of the same accounts with each other, so you both get another $10 total ($5+$5).

    Would love to hear the other tips/tricks/hacks people have figured out to stick it to the banks :P

    • spot on there!

    • +1

      Be careful.

    • Would you need 2 different phone numbers + emails too?

      • +1

        Not sure. If using Gmail you can do something like [email protected]m for it to register as a different email address.
        I'm pretty positive you would need multiple phone numbers but that is not confirmed.

      • +2

        Yes, need multiple phone numbers for this to work.

      • Would like to know the answer to this.

      • Yes you do. I tried a disposable sms and that didn't work.

    • Just wanna check that I understand #4 correctly. Does it mean that account A can use the referral code of account B while account B uses the referral code of account A?

      • Yes. Use yours to create one for the wife

  • Yay got a referal bonus too.

  • +2

    I got 2 referrals already, awesome.

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