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[NSW] $20 Woolworths Bag of Groceries "Worth $150" @ The Domain, Sydney


If you are going to Carols in The Domain tonight or are nearby, drop by and pay $20 for a full bag of grocery goodies, with all proceeds going to the Salvos.

Note link says worth $100, but the latest is $150.

Bet Hospital Road, Art Gallery Road, And Mrs Macquarie's Road
The Domain NSW 2000

Location of the Event

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    It's not really worth $150 as most of the items are sample size, but do buy it as its for a good cause, and you get over $20 in value on usual grocery items.


      Agree, that's why I put it in quotes. Also, the food products are mostly processed foods with some whole grains included. And yes, it's going to a good cause.

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        with some whole grains included

        That doesn't make it healthy.

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          Haha. People don't realise that whole grain foods can be as bad as refined or worse for you. Good evidence that brown rice is loaded with arsenic and get less nutrition than partially refined white rice.

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            @Hunterex: Is this your opinion or is there scientific research backing this?

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              @ihbh: Brown has more nutrition then white. It does have more arsenic due to the outer shell absorbing it better. The studies just suggest a balanced diet. They also just show eating rice increases the amount of arsenic in your body and recommend only consuming a few times a week, not everyday. But the wording makes it look like their unsure and don't want to say anything to negative so I wouldn't worry about it.


                @deniz: If you want nutrition, don't look to the government, look to the past traditions and see what they did to survive. You'll see if they ever ate grains, they would ferment them and/or prepared them properly (often in back breaking effort) to make grains digestible. And they couldn't get by just on grains, ever. Not without their health falling apart. Because it's difficult to get good nutrition besides simple carbs out of these grains.

                Brown rice has more nutrients, not more nutrition. Almost always when it comes to grains, the method of preparing it drastically affects nutritional quality. I'm not surprised I was downvoted that much. People are brainwashed by the media and government to believe eating wholegrain bread is healthy. Eating wholegrain cereal is healthy. Eating brown rice versus white rice is healthy. How about getting your nutrition by just eating more vegetables instead of lying to yourselves that grains will give it to ya without you putting any effort into preparing it properly.

                Hell even the methods you prepare a lot of veges will drastically affect it's nutrition. People think veges are just good for you. Nope. What's good for you is eating like your ancestors. Preparing your food like your ancestors. Realising your health comes from bacteria/fungus/parasites and everything else going on in your colon. Some people just don't have parts of their microbiome that deals with certain foods.

                Sorry for all the rambling. I wouldn't say something seemly controversial like "whole grain foods can be as bad as refined or worse for you" for no reason. It sucks, but it's true. Also I said CAN be worse, not is. I do believe wholemeal bread is better than white, IF you prepare it properly. Sourdough, long fermentation, the right blend of flours, sourced from healthy fields, actually organic, not sprayed and killed with pesticide for quicker harvests, not stored in silos for too long (mouldy wheat berries), transported properly (again mould), etc. Can give you reasonably health-ish bread, comparatively. How difficult is it to get this bread? Almost impossible in our society because we don't give that much of a shit. And I don't blame em.


                  @Hunterex: So…. That's a 'no' on scientific research then.

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                    @Danmc181: Look it up yourself. I ain't holding your hand.

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                      I ain't holding your hand.

                      But you're happy to sprout crap?


                  @Hunterex: Maybe when you try to be controversial explain yourself with a bit more detail. Especially when you're comparing apples with oranges or stating extremes.

                  E.g. organic A can be more healthy than non-organic B.

                  to make grains digestible

                  doesn't have to be all digestible - you're feeding the good bacteria in your gut.

                  And they couldn't get by just on grains, ever. Not without their health falling apart

                  Doh. That's kind of stating the obvious. Similarly you couldn't get by eating just apples.

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                    @ihbh: IDK why your downvoted but I agree. Should've explained it more. I just don't like people getting tricked into thinking their doing the healthy thing when the real healthy choice is around the corner. Really we should be talking about vegetables and relegate grains to animals that do digest them well. If you do eat them, stop thinking white bread is worse and brown bread is healthy. They're both okay as long as it's small amounts accompanied by lots of veges and meat/organs. Eat what you want as long as you exercise and eat enough veges. That's all I'm getting at.

                    doesn't have to be all digestible - you're feeding the good bacteria in your gut.

                    Resistant starches and fructo-oligosaccharides are what's important for feeding the microbiome. Not fiber or wholegrains. Wheat has some FOS but it's fiber doesn't help (hence my point about wholegrains). They're what help maintain butyrate making microbes, which is what drives a lot of the health promoting effects of "fiber." Which is why getting fiber from vegetables is so much healthier than grains. They comes with more of the components that actually help out.


                    If I'm talking "crap" then I'm done. Wish you the best.


    Any specifics?