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Sony OLED KD55A8F $1999, OLED KD65A8F $2999 @ Sony (Boxing Day Sale)


Just got targeted email with unique code email , the sales ends 8am boxing day.

Mod: Have a spare code or need a code? Check or post in Freebies & Wanted classifieds.

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2018

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  • I'd love to use it if you aren't going to?

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      Did you get a code?

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        Yeah somebody way below me was nice enough to send me one :)

  • Damn, anyone got a code for this one? Missed the previous deal :(

    • Did you get a code?

  • Anybody have a code i can please use?

  • Can anyone PM a code please 👍

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      did you get a code?

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        Not yet, do you have one please? Thanks 😊

  • If anyone has the code but not going to use it can it be shared please

  • oh…not again!

  • Checks classifieds for code, im sure there will be some soon….

  • If anyone has a spare code and would like to give it please pm me been wanting a new TV for a while still on my trusty hd Samsung 49"

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    Please spare a code for this poor toad. Merry Christmas!!

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      Rtings reviews this TV as being very similar quality to Panasonic and LG and even better for some things.


      • The review says that the LG is better at the bottom so I'm not sure what you mean. Any review that compares the 3 TVs puts Sony last. So I have no idea why it's always more expensive. Probably because we have people who instinctively think Sony make better Tech despite them being pretty poor at most things for years.

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          Far worse - garbage, you're a bit hysterical over a TV arent you? Try reading reviews by proper reviewers like rtings and hdtvtest.
          Panasonic for the most accurate colour, LG for the best value and HDR experience and Sony for the best upscaling, post-processing and motion processing. They all have things they are good at, fanboys are boring.

          • @Dontreadthis: Sony best sound apparently.

            • @locknuts: Yeh good point, the sound is so bad in modern flat screens that no one thinks about it at all anymore, but the AF8 uses the acoustic surface panel and two woofers in the rear. Apparently its as good as a modest soundbar without a subwoofer.

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      I jumped on the ebgames deal recently. My impressions as a normal user are

      1. Messy and Laggy Android TVOS. It just feels like a 2GB android tablet or a cheap tv box. So, slow.
      2. Text on a Video are very serrated and ugly. Not smooth edged at all.

      Other than the two above, everything else is great.

      I ran as many LG and Panasonic 4K demos on this TV. They look fantastic. There are several modes you can select from and those 4K demo videos on Vivid mode was mesmerising. I can’t get enough.

      I have uhd51 at home, and planet earth on that vs this tv was completely not comparable. AF8 wins by a big margin.

      I tried superman vs batman on this TV in home cinema mode. I watched the whole movie again just because of this TV. You get two 4k movies free with this TV as well. ( redeemable on google play)

      I watched a lorax movie on Animation mode. It was not 4K, but still beautiful.

      The $1000 extra is for the built in soundbar. If you go to TGG, they have a C8 with an attched sound bar for $3995, which is going to be on Sale for $3495 on boxing day. Sony will also be $3495 as per the sales rep.

      So, if you don’t play online games, don’t care about text and don’t have money for a sound bar, then you can buy this for ($250 + soundbar price) cheaper than C8 and FZ950. For me it is $650 savings and a good deal.

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        I recently got the Sony x90f (unfortunately can't get an oled as i use it as a pc screen), but

        RE: 1. Yes the menus are very slow. I think all the tv's are using Android 7? But you can venture into settings and delete a whole bunch of unused programs and sony specific apps. Enable dev access (click on android version 7-8 times) and edited a few options in there too. All of which make things a little more snappy.

        I'm sure you can youtube this if required?

        RE: 2. Check out the calibration setting on rtings. I think it helps?

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    The issue with Panasonic is that it doesn't support dolby vision and Sony is much better for watching sports than LG and Panasonic.

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      Plus isn't the Sony better for gaming as well?

      the downside is the chipset in it is a bit slow for Android TV, but that can be fixed with the NVIDIA Shields we all bought recently!

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        Nope the LG is better.

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          Not sure why you're getting downvoted but it's true, the LGs have significantly lower input lag.

          (~21ms in Game Mode across the board for both the LG C7+C8, vs 30-48ms in Game Mode for the Sony depending on input res / HDR).

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    I have a code, first to PM me gets it

    Edit: And gone

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    I got a code but I'm happy with the Sony I got from Amazon much cheaper although not as good.

    • Ca I please have?

    • May I have this please? Been looking at getting one of these for the parents.

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          What's to say they won't appreciate it?

    • Which one did you get?

  • I'd love a code if someone isn't going to be using it!

    • Hey mate, can u send it to me pls. TIA.

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        Just realised u didn't hav a code… no worries.

  • A code would be greatly appreciated!

  • Hi merry Christmas - can someone please send me a code please. My email is [email protected]
    I have been waiting on this deal for so long.. thanks in advance.

  • These seem too cheap! This or LG C8??! Decisions!

    • I keep tossing up between this (if available at this price point), the Panasonic fz950 and the LG C8. Decisions are hard

    • I really wanted a Sony and got a C8 instead, due to the price. I love it. Menu bar has less options than Somy but is snappy, the seperate Netflix and Amazon buttons load them uo incredbily fast compared to using either Xbox One X or PS4 Pro. Being able to control the PS4 Pro with the remote makes for such a smooth experience. Its Game Mode is incredibly snappy and it supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

      Now I'm not sure how the Sony compares as I don't own it, but at no point have I thought that I wish I got the Sony. Got to turn of that TruMotion shit off though.

  • Hello can someone spare me a code. Pls PM me. Thanks

  • I've got two codes.

    • Can I please have one?

      • Sorry. You're too new and I couldn't pm you. So I gave it to the guy below.

    • I'd like one if available?

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      Given away

  • First to reply to this gets code. Simplez.

  • Code game again?

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    alright guys and gals,

    i'm gonna make this real fair, and be lazy, below are my codes first one to use it, gets it. sorry if formatting is shit currently on holidays


    *ps i singed up ages ago with separate emails that is why i have 2 codes.

  • Been hanging out for a good deal on this TV.. If anyone has a spare code, that would be awesome!

  • I got a code. First come first serve guys.

    • Can I have the code thx

      • Sorry mate. Already gave it to someone who pm'd me

    • Code gone

  • Thank you to gr8mind, whose code I used on Friday.




  • You can get a code by signing up to their mailing list and set your preferences to be contacted about everything. Mine came 1 hour after i did it.

  • Would love a code, please. My lil bro is in the market for a new TV, but he hates webos for some reason and therefore he's not keen on the lgc8 and insists on Android TV.

  • I received the deal through email and 65" inch tv has been purchased. I was at JB hifi earlier today trying to get x900f to be reduced to 2300 and they wouldn't budge and now it turned out even better getting stunning tv for $3,000.

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    Those of you after a code, subscribe to their mailing list. I just signed up and was sent a code 30 mins later.

  • I have a spare code. PM me if you want it.

  • I subscribe to their mailing list, but I never received it. :( Any one have a spare code for me? Thanks

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    Don't buy codes from the scalpers.



  • I have a code. First PM gets it

  • Code here:

  • Fml just got a x900f :( ahhhhh

    • I’m passing on this deal (got a code) cause I’d rather the x9f

      • Do you still have the code you could forward maaate.

        • I posted mine just below this thread @ 20:11

          No one replied but I’d be surprised if it’s available. Give it a go I guess?

  • MYSONY-9QN7-W453-XR33-L5SVW, Enjoy!!


    • You made my day and Christmas..!!!
      Thank you for the code

  • I have a code if anyone wants one PM if you want it


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    Am overseas so I cannot pm. Code is:


    To try to avoid a hit and run, please reply saying you have used the code.

    To try to make sure people actually read that, the code above is missing two digits. Add CL to the end of it.

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      Thank you so much mate, redeemed it, =)

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        Thanks for replying! I feel like Santa!

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          Merry Christmas for tomorrow and thank you for making a special one for my family.




    I have bought a 65" version from EB Games sale. I am really impressed with picture quality, but as reviews say Android TV is slow. I use it with Apple TV instead, but you can get a proper Android box if you are an Android fan.

  • Got a code. Can't post on Freebies as I am not registered long enough. First one to PM me get it.

    • Didn't notice people posting it out. Here's my code:


      Reply once you've used it.


      • I'll take this please. Hopefully no one else does too :)

      • Thanks, I've used it.

  • If somebody would be kind enough to pm me a code it would be much appreciated thank you and Merry Christmas to all the ozbargainers