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Jamo S807 5.1 Channel Atmos Speaker $995 (Was $2499), Yamaha RX-V385 5.1 AV Receiver & Speaker $795 (Was $2396) @ Harvey Norman


Picked these ones from Pricehipster and looks like good deal by looking at huge pricedrop :-)
RRP seems to be inflated as mentioned by few mates but still feels like good deal as I didn't find any cheaper options from other stores.

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2018

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    That Yami amp and speaker pack isn't worth more than $999 on any other day of the week so you're not saving a lot there no matter what bs rrp they want to label it with.

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      Yeah for sure, inflated prices. Something like a Yamaha A860 is more like $2395 definitely not a crappy V385.

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        Inflated prices for sure but to call the yamaha amp crappy is flat out nonsense. Its base model but very good for what it is and price it can be bought elsewhere.

        • -2

          In the price range, I'd probably recommend a Sony or Pioneer for those on a tight budget. But yeah, by my standards I'll keep the V385 in the "crappy" pile, maybe because I've moved on to seperate power amps and enough channels for Atmos.

          Edit: I see the package includes speakers, for the price it's not a bad deal, better than Lg/Samsung/Sony style setups.

          • +3

            @reactor-au: A little elitist reasoning to call crappy. 5.1 is fine for most especially with decent speakers. You need the right sized room, proper overheads etc for atmos to be worth it. Yamaha over Pioneer every day of the week. At least thats my experience going from one to the other. Ill conceed Sony are back in the game these days and a good option if can snag a special.

            • -3

              @Xizor: Sure, but in the audiophile world a lot is based off what you are used to, basically we all measure something by a different measuring stick.

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                @reactor-au: Thought I was over at whirlpool for a second…

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    The jamo pack looks good. Anyone got it and can comment? I still have two HN amex offers so could get $100 off its price

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      These speakers are kick ass..really good speakers for the price..I have been using then for many years and very happy with them.. excellent build quality n they can be very loud if that's your thing

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      I’ve got the non-Atmos version - awesome sound.

      Just boxed mine back up after 3 years of collecting dust as the wife does not like “awesome sound”.

      • +4

        Condolences, unfortunately speakers often rate lowly on the Wife Approval Factor.

        • I wanted to upgrade my speakers but am in the same dilemma. Also just lost my home office for a nursery. :(

      • +1

        Women are happy listening to music through their phone speakers. And they think they deserve respect, just saying.

      • Maybe the wrong thing went back in the box … I've got Cambridge Audio amp etc (garaged), 2 sets of B&W's (garaged), JBL's (garaged),and some powered monitors (still surviving the living room).

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      I have the Jamo s6 5.1 system and love it; got them for a similar price to this but they were floor stock from HN. Can't compare to anything as it's my first 5.1. I love movies and crank it for action films, sounds awesome. I've never turned the sub up more than 20% for fear of cracking the tiles it sits on.

      I made my own speaker cables, Jesus the hole I went down choosing cable thickness and banana plugs. RIP my spare time.

      Run them through a mid range Yamaha avr. Had this set up for about 4 years, no plans to upgrade.

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    Those Jamo's are Atmos-Ready….the atmos speakers are sold separately (and not at HN, separately)

    EDIT: They are here, https://www.digitalcinema.com.au/jamo-s-8-atm-dolby-atmos-he...

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      That's some serious misleading advertising….

      I saw 5.1 on the title and atmos and was wondering wtf…

    • +2

      So "Atmos ready"… meaning they're regular 5.1 speakers and you can place the actual Atmos speakers on top of the towers… just like any other tower speaker?

      • +1

        They have interconnects so no extra cables;


        "Slot the feet of a pair of S 8 ATM speakers into the holes on the top of the cabinet, however, and that top pair of inputs connect directly to the height channels on your AV receiver, sending the signal through the S 807s and leaving the Atmos speakers clean of any terminals of their own."

        • Okay I took a look at the manual(page 10), and the interconnects are marginally better than nothing. It just means no cables coming out of the top Atmos speakers, but you'd still have to pull an extra set of cables for the Atmos line. It just goes into the tower instead of the Atmos speakers.

          Not knocking the deal, still great value for a nice set of 5.1s. Just don't think the marketing is clear on what "Atmos ready" actually means.

  • Those monsters look like those ridiculously overpriced and overcompensating Sony Mutaki systems..

    • +4

      Looks can be deceiving. They are generally a solid brand.

  • Super interested in the Jamos - anyone got any knowledge / experience with these?

    • +1

      if your question isn't answered, worth going over to stereo.net

    • See my comment above.

    • I've had a set of the Jamos for about 2 years now, I paid close to full price, $2k, they are awesome and a bargain at this price.

      Jamo are a pretty respected brand by many in the industry and in Europe.

      • +2


        I bit the bullet last night and bought them. Figured best get in early to avoid disappointment selling out etc

        Reviews seemed positive and especially so for the price (which would have been RRP, so at this price even better)

  • +1

    I'm contemplating purchasing the Yamaha pack.

    Can anyone comment on them or recommend something else? I have nothing at home apart from the TV speakers.

    • Depending on your room sizes. The yamy pack is definitely better than your TV speakers. You need something bigger to move enough air to your ear to make it sounds big. I would spent $1500 to $2000 so you don't need upgrading for many years.

    • +8

      If you have nothing else in the house apart from TV speakers, I recommend a lounge or bed before these speakers.

      • +1

        Getting a lounge? Potentially wrecking the acoustics in your lounge room? Crazy talk.

    • I had/have an old 5.1 Yamaha system. They were fairly entry level home theatre at the time, priced around $1500 (purchased 2011/2012).

      Entry level stuff is still so far beyond the level that would be regular TV speakers or even a sound bar. If you play Blu-rays it'll be worth while, if you just watch TV, maybe not.

      • Not sure about Blue-Ray quality, just normal Netflix I suppose.

        I'm not very big on audio quality but the Aldi soundbar that I have it's giving me the shits. I need to change this. The room's not very big either.

        Maybe I should wait until moving to another home, hopefully sometime next year or so.

        • Any decent 5.1 will be a stepup from TV speakers or sound bar.

          Streaming quality sound (for movies) is still quite good. You'll definitely notice a big difference going to an entry level system, but probably not worth investing in anything much better.

          A lot of people don't think much when it comes to audio, but if you start watching movies with a proper setup (albeit entry level) you won't look back. It adds a whole nother dimension to movies.

    • the Jamo's look alight for the money, but that Yamaha package is poop. You could get the Jamo's and used amp for another $200 that will be much better, or a similar yammy for $50..

      • Would that then be the best bang for buck in this price range? Price was a huge factor for me ordering the Yamaha package. I've paid a deposit and they're ordering stock in, but can change if needed.
        You've got me thinking more long-term and if the $400 extra spent now would be the path to take. But it is also $400 which is a fair bit.

        This would be my first speaker/amp purchase so no really sure what to do. Do you think the Yamaha package would disappoint?

  • +3

    5.1 and atmos in the same title just doesnt sound right

    • +1

      I see what you did there

    • Guess whoever downvoted doesnt understand how atmos works, it needs to be 5.1.2 or 5.1.4

      • +4

        • +1

          Go you're drunk

  • No covers on the speakers?

    • +1

      I believe they have based on reviews just didn't show up in the images

      • +1

        They come with covers

  • Wish HN had the white S807 package, but seriously tempting at that price.

  • Anyone know if these klipsch are worth the extra cash over the jamo?

    • +1

      Without a doubt the klipsch are on a different level of quality

    • The Klipsch are excellent.

      I got the R28F 5.1 pack for $1695 (clearance stock) and a Yamaha RX-V685b receiver for $849 last week from HN O'Connor.

      Just over $2500 for some seriously good sound.

      Can upload receipt if needed.

      • They're virtually identical right? I'm not an audio freak so excuse the noobness..
        Yeah if you could send copy of the receipt please or just give me their item code for the speaker set so I can call around Sydney and see if any local HN have stock

        • +1

          The item code is R28PACK51

          The description is Klipsch R-28 5.1 pack derni excl

          The RRP was $3700 from memory

          The speakers are:

          R-28F x 2
          R-25C x 1
          R-14S x 2
          R-10SW x 1

          • +1

            @BigSim: Thanks heaps mate, managed to find a set locally and have it price matched. Pretty damn good price. Unfortunately they'll be sitting in the box for quite a few months until the house is built.

            Just wondering how does the sub sound? Is it too small being a 10"?

            • @NixMo1: Thats awesome mate. I dont think you will find better speakers at that price ;)

              The sub is great and I find it has plenty of power.
              I'm using it in a 7m x 5m room.

              We probably should post up the bargain!

    • Tried the jamo and don't like the centre speaker - lack of clarity. So ended up with the klipsch for double the price.

  • +1

    Bought just the Yamaha RX-V385 Receiver 4 days ago from Harvey Norman. Priced matched with Selby. $377. I would buy this separately and look at purchasing your own speakers to suit.

    Great Receiver, real happy with the quality, sound and price. It's probably the best your getting for that price.

    • sadly Yamaha RX-V385 5.1 AV Receiver is list $325 tonight

  • Waiting for a decent avr to be on special

  • +1

    always amazes me the people calling these $900 amps/speakers "crappy"

    that sir is hyperbole!

    • Completely agree, or say that they are no better than the TV speaker..

  • That tell you Jamo had inflated their RRP by 2.5x :)

    • Don't think so, even at RRP they were positively reviewed and reported on.

    • Reviews at RRP are still saying they are good speakers and good value.

  • It is a good deal for the Jamo if is not price error. It is not in their catalogue of super deals so I am not very confident with this, hope the order will not be cancelled.

  • Thanks op picking up mine now.

  • Can confirm that it's not a price error. Local HN store (Westfield gardens city) has it in stock and has the Jamo speakers advertised for 995$.

  • Can be stacked with Amex cash back $50 off $350 too.

  • https://www.harveynorman.com.au/yamaha-rxv385b-5-1-channel-r...

    $325 tonight + free C&C + eligible to 24 month interest free

    • For those considering this receiver to pair with thee Jamo's - keep in mind it doesn't support Dolby Atmos. So if you plan on buying the Atmos speaker addons at some point, I'd recommend spending the extra few hundred dollars on a Atmos compatible receiver.

  • +2

    Picked up a set of Jamo S807 5.1's from Harvey Norman Aspley (QLD) today on 24 months interest free deal. They had a few in stock. Have replaced my 12 year old JBL Balboa speakers , im running these on a Sony STR-DN1080 receiver and I must say these speakers do sound very nice. Big thanks for posting up the deal OP. These are well worth the $$$ ! cheers.

    • +1

      I am using dn1080 as well.

      Make sure to set speaker size to small and crossover freuqency to 80 to get best results

      • Thanks. I just ran the auto setup mic last night and accepted the default settings. Didn't have too much time to fiddle with the settings. I'll check it out tonight. Cheers

  • +1

    My parents just pick up the last set in Fountain Gate (VIC). Sales guy said he sold all four available in the last two days and they are now out. GIven the reviews and price point, this is an amazing deal….Thanks OP!!

  • I picked up this Jamo S807 5.1 deal today and got them to separately order in the S 8 ATM Dolby Atmos Elevation Speakers quite cheap, Also got the Yamaha receiver RX-V685.
    My first system, looking forward!

    • What did u get the extra atmos speakers for if you don’t mind me asking ?

  • anyone have hands-on experience with the above mentioned https://www.eastwoodhifi.com.au/yamaha-ns-555-speaker-packag... and the Jamo package from this deal? Have been thinking of getting the Yamaha set for awhile, but am wondering now about Jamo set instead. Thoughts?

    • I can only find the subwoofer for the Yamaha is more powerful, almost double, and highly regarded.

    • I almost got this but delivery was going to be $119 to Melbourne… I totally understand the cost but it was a deal breaker for me

  • +1

    Thanks for the post. I Got the Yamaha ns-51 speakers package for $470 today in Harvey Norman. Paired them with onkyo nr636 and boom very happy with the sound.

    • how can you just get the speakers set ?

      • I just asked and they said ok. Deduced receiver value from a promo price. 795-325=$470

        • hey @aleksandar1006, I'd love to do the same, any chance you could post the receipt?

  • +1

    I had been waiting on the pioneer Andrew Jones set to drop to $1k for a while but decided to pull the trigger on the Jamo instead. It's so hard to do a head to head comparison that I'll never know. The Jamo set is just much nicer looking to go with my missus's scando design choices otherwise and they are a much more recent model with a higher starting price so I add least feel like I got a good deal even if they might not sound as good…

    • Bought a pair of Andrew bookshelves years ago, and waiting too long for a good deal to make a set too!! The bookshelves sound ok, but lack of bass of course.
      Maybe I'll going to see how big and sound of those package

  • +3

    The Yamaha pack is also available via Domayne online There is a current Amex offer of spend $750, get $150 back at Domayne… this would make the Yamaha package $645!

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