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Sony Bravia KD55X7000F 55 Inch 4K Ultra HDR TV $786 Delivered @ Amazon AU

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Not sure if repost of the deal earlier (price just changed to lowest ever)
This is even cheaper than the black friday deal.
Difference between this and the x75F/x7500f is lack of android (buy a roku or chromecast with the money you save instead)

Free Delivery for Amazon Prime members.
Combine with Shopback 10% cashback (max $50)

Also on sale:
Sony 49" X70F LED 4K Ultra HDR Smart TV - 729

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2018

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  • +7

    Holy moly i was about to buy this morning lucky i didnt thanks for the post

    • +6

      I learned from OZ bargain that if you want to buy something
      search up on OZ bargain and find the lowest price it's ever been
      and if the current lowest price deviates too much then just wait until it doesn't

  • Might pick this up for the PS4 Pro, been waiting on a decent 4k TV to get the full experience out of Red Dead, sucks that it's upscaled on the PS4 but good enough.

  • +18

    pulled the trigger, don't even need a new TV…. but here we are.

    • +6

      You sir, are a true OzBargainer! Hats off to you.

      • +1

        OzBargain Ranking +1

    • +1

      Should have bought 2 or more to gain OZbargain EXP for the next level.

  • +2

    Be warned with this TV. I bought the 55" and it's very good however had to return it twice due to light bleeding and damage on the edges of the panels. If you take a look at reviews on the 65" you'll notice reports of it.

    • So is the third one ok now? How painful is the return shipping? I just bought 1 im worried about the hassle now

      • The third one is perfectly fine. Amazon did a prpodict recall and got in touch with Sony to investigate but it should be fine now. The return was a bit annoying though, had to organise a courier and pay for it and turn get Amazon to refund it.

        • Ahhh ok thanks heaps man

  • Stupid question but can this play Netflix (Is it a smart TV)

    • +2

      Yep it can, it's a Smart TV and it had the Netflix button on the remote.

      • Thanks! Was about to buy this one but saw the 50 refresh rate, currently investigating the rate for X70F and hoping it’s 100 mhz

        … I guess the question I need assistance in is whether or not this TV is going to be okay on Netflix and PS4… what refresh rate on the TV would I need for both of those, is 50 mhz okay?

        • -2

          55X750F - 995@JB HiFi ; 985@BLee today

        • regular PS4 plays at 30fps. i think the pro version can do 60fps only for some games (and most of the time it's 30fps). the next gen of playstations might be able to utilise the higher refresh rates

          • @newox: So the refresh rate of 50 won’t be an issue playing PS4 or Netflix?

          • -5

            @newox: In Australia the PS4 will work at 25 frames per second (not 30) or 50 fields per second (not 60) as our electricity is sent at 50hz (not 60 like it if in America) so things need to align to a 50hz cycle.

        • +1


          HDMI™ signal :4096x2160p(24,50,60Hz), 3840x2160p(24,25,30,50,60Hz), 1080p(30,50,60Hz), 1080/24p, 1080i(50,60Hz), 720p(30,50,60Hz), 720/24p, 576p, 576i 480p, 480i

          It will play PS4 4k at 60hz.

          I think the 50hz you are seeing is meant for local TV.

          • @Rauland: It’s just I keep hearing that 100 mhz is considered bare minimum for a decent viewing experience, that’s the only thing stopping me from pulling the trigger.

            But if you’re saying that Netflix or etc won’t really affect or run at that rate I’ll jump on this deal

            • +2

              @bossmode: The refresh rate of 100hz is "fake" in that anything over 50 is made up.

              Broadcast TV in Australia (PAL) is filmed/sent to your TV at 25 frames per second.

              To operate on our power the content is displayed at 50 interlaced fields per second (50hz)

              So a tv with a refresh rate of 100hz is in simple terms upscaling or making up its own extra frames to go above what is being broadcast.

              You aren't missing out on content by only having a 50hz screen.

            • @bossmode: @bossmode I'd be upgrading from an 8-year-old 200hz TV, do you think I'd notice the difference in clarity? I mostly use it for gaming and Netflix.

              • @Beefgrinder: Yes, the quality will be so much better than using 200Hz and probably less laggy

                • +1

                  @mikk: Sorry to sound dumb, but you're saying a modern 50hz TV will outperform an older 200hz one?

                  Thanks for getting back to me so quickly BTW!

  • +1

    Love your avatar op :).

  • -2

    This tv has a number of crap reviews stay clear

    • +2

      And that number is two on amazon.

    • +3

      FYI Anything sold online has a number of crap reviews

      • +1

        Mostly written by those too incompetent to use the product correctly…

    • +8

      don't worry most of them are whinging soccer mums writing those crap reviews

  • Thanks OP I just bought one too abeit in a rush hopefully the quality isn't bad

    • this is one of the best for the money you are paying today

    • +1

      No nationality is perfect, to not buy a product because some Japanese people eat whales is ridiculous.

      Some Chinese companies have put lead in their baby formula, are you going to not buy anything made in China?

      Not buying something from a Japanese brand isn't going to stop whaling. Whilst I don't condone whaling myself, at the end of the day killing any animal for meat is no different.

    • Don’t they eat dogs in Korea?

    • This product is made in Malaysia

  • Does the 55X700F have Edge LED or Direct LED? Some pages on the internet show it as direct led while others how it as edge….

    • +1

      Direct LED

      • Thank you @faye and @newox. bought one.

    • The smaller models are edge lit. The 55inch however, is Direct LED

  • This or 8500?

    • They are $400 apart, so this unless you are too fussed on Android.

    • +12

      Still 2018 btw

    • +2

      LCD generally still has better brightness, colour accuracy/reproduction and is less prone to damage from burn in.

    • +1

      Name an OLED at this price then mate.

  • +3

    Wish Amazon au stocked the 9000F model

  • Perfect TV for the bedroom. Thanks!

  • +6

    What a time to be alive… 55 inch sonys for $800!

    • I bought a Samsung 55 inch for $750 6yrs ago.. not a smart tv thou

      • 4K?

        • nah 1080p

          • @knackers: I think i got the same one as you haha, from dick smith?

  • +1

    I'm having trouble finding too much in the way of reviews for this particular model.

    Struggling to make a decision for a new tv with boxing day sales. It's for the bedroom but I keep going from like a $500 Kogan to "maybe I should get an OLED" LOL!

    For anyone who knows their stuff and is happy to help out - how does this tv at this price compare to other TVs at the same price? Is this a steal? It's mainly for watching Netflix and the odd movie and occasionally playing some X1X, will usually play on our main TV - a 65 inch series 7 Hisense.

    Thanks in advance!!!

    • +1

      Heard a lot of people upgrade from kogan to a "real" brand - has put me off considering them.

  • Does anyone think I can price match this with JB ?

    • I doubt that… JB HiFi will push it away stating they don't price match on online seller deals unless it is an online store page of a B&M store.

      • How about Bing Lee?

      • they also operate JB HiFi online store, so no reason to bugger away price matches from local online sites

      • Jb do pricematch Amazon…

        • I tried price matching this at JB. The one that JB have for $995 is another model. This one is apparently a year old. But they were happy to price match on the looks of it. I was also looking for a sound bar, the Bose 500. In Amazon it was 580 but JB hifi was selling it for 799. They didn't price match that one. Just dusted it off saying they don't do it for BOSE products.

          • @ModBot: did u get it price matched?

          • +1

            @ModBot: Great if you can provide the receipt. Want to get it from JB as well.

            • @ktks: Sorry guys, I thought I had mentioned I didn't succeed with the price match for the Tv. They were not also reducing the price. I also got a sound bar ( a Sony one is on sale for $396). On bundling both with delivery it comes to $1430 which he reduced to $1330.

              • @ModBot: "But they were happy to price match on the looks of it." ….

  • X7500 is also 100hz not 50hz

  • Thanks brought 2. Was looking at getting Hisense 55/65 p7 for $912/$1380 delivered but this price and being a Sony was too good to pass

    • 200+ delivery?

      • It was 10% off the list price and click and collect.

  • Bought one. Thanks OP

  • +1

    Thamks, bought 10.

    • -1

      Broden much

    • -1

      Didnt know broden has alt accounts.

  • +1

    Thanks, just bought one, but I forgot the cashback :-(

    • Cancel and then buy it again through cashback.

      • How can U cancel?

        • Go into "My Orders" and select it from there.
          You may not be able to cancel after a certain amount of time has elapsed.

          P.S. I'm pretty clueless on Amazon - Can someone else explain for ausbob71?

  • I am currently overseas but I really wanted to buy this.. Does anyone know if Aus post will leave a pickup card and deliver large items such as this tv to a local post office?

    • They give you option to pickup from one of their locations if no one home. That is what I got in my email after ordering.

    • If no one is home, they will leave a delivery note which will specify the pick up point.
      So i guess you will only find out when the item is delivered.

  • I can only see $895. Not sure why.

  • How does this stack up against the Samsung NU8000 for $1200

  • +1

    Damn it. Expired.

  • +1

    Looks like it's back on?

  • +1

    Back in stock for people that missed out

  • -1

    Would it be worth cancelling the 55P7 I bought for this TV?

    • Same question. But as far as I have researched, Sony wins the battle.

  • Back on! Nabbed one this time.

  • Bought. Thank you

  • Just bought one since i was looking for a tv, no idea how this will turn out.

    Was eager to pull the trigger on a Hisense P7 55" but price wise this seems a good buy.

    • Me too.
      Had the 55P7 lined up ready to go… then swapped to this one at the last minute.
      $786 just too tempting.

      Fingers Crossed ay?

      • Definitely,

        Fingers crossed. Didn’t even look at the specs just pulled the trigger.

        It’s for a bedroom so I guess it’s suitable. If i was buying for a large living room/studio perhaps not.

        I’ll be using this for youtube/ps4/Netflix, should be fine,

        Let’s just hope the thing comes in one piece haha.

        • Same. Figured a good size for the bedroom.

  • I have 5 yrs old Samsung. Is it easy to move from Samsung tv ecosystem to Sony?

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