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15% off All Nespresso Pods @ Nespresso


15% off til Dec 30

Good time to stock up if you’re a Nespresso household. not much else to say….

Also stacks with 130 get 20 free deals (might be targeted)

Eg I get 130 of my chosen flavours plus 20 free flavours for $83 delivered.

T&C: Offer excludes the Explorations 2018 Gift Set. Offer can be redeemed multiple times in separate transactions. Available to be redeemed in conjunction with other coffee credit and complimentary capsule offers.

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    Has anyone tried the Vertuo pods from Nespresso? wondering why they are nearly $1 a pod.

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      Vertuo pods are the new format from Nespresso. As far as I know there are no alternative brands available in this format so Nespresso can charge what they want for them!

      For the normal Nespresso pods, there are many compatible pods from other brands available either in supermarkets or online. I like the L'Or brand pods which are often on special in Coles or Woolies for $4.50 for a box of ten pods.


      If you go the long black pods they are considerably larger pods wuth more coffee

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        That's good actually.

        Don't mind paying $1 a pod, much better pricing than $5 from the shops.

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        Vertuo is a disc-shaped pod, that can store 1-3 capsules worth of coffee.

        sizes are 'espresso', 'lungo' (double) and 'long coffee' at 40ml/110ml/350-400ml for a disc capsule. they also have barcodes on the outer ring, which automates the process, and controls temperature & times. i believe the regular/long is 14g of coffee up to 17g

        It also has a different 'press' process which is slightly slower, and louder than the regular pod machines.

        if you're buying the vertuo for espresso 40ml capsules … it's probably a waste, but the taste is going to be different as it doesn't use the same 19 bar pump, it has a different flavor due to the centrifuge and slower pump system.

        If you make cups of coffee instead of espresso or 'lungo' double shots, the disc capsules are cheaper than using 2 or 3 pods, even the Lor Espresso 40c pods and don't taste like tepid hot water.

        On a regular nespresso machine, if you're using 3 capsules a day to fill a travel mug, the vertuo is cheaper.

        If you have a decent coffee source, you don't need pods, just a cheap press, grinder unit and tons of free time or money to automate the process in a single machine that grinds and froths, sic.

        If not, pods of the right size are quick & convenient and you pay for that.

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      they are designed for larger coffees. The orginal pods are more for expersso style shots where as the Vertuo pods you get get expresso style, but they also go right up to around 400 Ml whereas the orginals will max at around 150


      the vertuo pods have much more coffee in them hence cost.

      they use a centrifuge system and a bar code on the pod adjusts the speed to extract an espresso style shot or drip coffee style cup.

      i hate the normal nespresso pods but an tempted to buy the virtuo …..the large pods can do 250ml cups of coffee if you like large coffees or make iced coffees.

      the extra cost is worth it unless you do short blacks, which the normal pods and machine does fine at lower cost.


    Do you just get a random 20 sent to you?


      Yeah more info on this bit please- might be targeted. I'm still waiting on $20 credit offer on new machine.


      I’ve had the free 20 twice and I’m fairly sure both times it was ristretto and Roma or something like that. None of the weird flavours or exotics. Just two sleeves from the standard range.

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    Just got gifted a Vertuo machine for Christmas present. Looks like the pods are $1 EA.. lol


      Give it away. The vertuo pods taste like a$$ - so metallic. We had ours for a month and then re-sold it and went back to the old style pods. :p


        If they taste metallic, then you probably got a bad batch. Love my Vertuo.


          I've found that the larger cup Vertuo don't taste great when allow to run to the complete mug size 230ml etc. Best to reprogram or manually stop earlier otherwise yeah there can get to be a "metallic" taste.

          Stop running the coffee earlier by hitting the button - you'll notice the difference.

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      Yeah I must admit, I really haven't picked any of the subtle technical details yet. Not a big coffee connoisseur and just going off preference of personal taste really. But I have to confess, my friends tell me I am coffee heathen. They ordered me a cold drip coffee at Single-O cafe. And I asked for milk cause I thought it tasted like water from washing my coffee cup, but they swear its the best coffee ever…


    Are they offering this in-store or is it online only?


    very tempted to get the virtuo ….$199 and $80 cash back ….and it can make big coffees that even for $1 is cheaper than a cafe and you don’t need to get dressed to get one ….. and you can have normal or decaf handy rather than run 2 grinders at home one with normal and one for decaf.

    cheapest coffees are from a grinder at home, but the convenience and no mess of the virtuo are great for people that don’t want the mess of a grinder or are more into drinking coffee than spending time to develop the experience of making coffee.

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    The different flavored especially limited edition pods are worth to try. I like it more than any other instant and cafe coffee. People who hate this, need to try with milk other than aldi, coles and woolies brand.


      I find the single origins to be quite nice as espresso shots with a dash of milk. Quite different flavours and variety of roasts.

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    Does the discount apply instore as well?

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    The discount applies in store.

    There was also an additional sale at the Chaddy store yesterday for 1 free sleeve if you buy 8, or 2 free with 14.


    Can you click and collect? Or do they offer free postage. I’m having difficulty with the checkout process online via iOS.



    Sale seems to still be on. Expiry mentions 30th Dec or "while stocks last" so not clear when it expires.

    Got the bonus 2 x sleeves when I called this morning.

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