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AliExpress - 10% Double Cashback (Capped at $50) Was 5% @ Shopback


AliExpress are currently having a up to 50% sale for the new year.

Cashback capped at $50.

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$10 for referrer and $10 for referee with $20 referee purchase.

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  • Perfect. Looking to buy Nintendo 3ds accessories.
    I got blue but still fingertips magnet. Will get decal or sticker.
    Also, I hate that empty hole space for the cartridge (I run games from sdcard only). Need some dummy cartridge to plug into the slot.

  • FFS, why do I always see these the day after placing an order with them?!

    throws a chair out the window

    • Next time you're about to place an order, just wait a day first. ;)

      • yes lesson learnt here.. now i never buy anything without discount code/increase cashback.
        especially aliexpress, groupon…, and now maybe ebay too

      • I've about 10 items in my cart since yesterday ready to checkout now :)

    • now you can order a new chair with this discount :)

  • A damn sight better than CashRewards is currently sitting at just 4%.

    • +1 vote

      Cashrewards are now consistently faring worse or same as Shopback.

    • cashrewards basically completely screwed me on a transaction. i'm fairly disappointed - will be using shopback exclusively from now on. the cashback is the same or better usually anyway

      • I've found them both very reliable. I've received about $900 with CR and about $260 with SB.

        • Sure, that's mostly been my experience as well. However, I feel like I was hard done by on a recent transaction.

          • I went to book depository to purchase a single book. Seeing that it had a special 10% one off initial cashback, I went ahead and bought $220 worth of books, which would have entitled me to ~$22 cashback
          • As soon as I completed the order, I realised I purchased one book in error and asked for it to be cancelled, which they obliged.
          • Cash rewards later informed me that cancelling/changing one item on the order violates a 'special condition', thus disqualifying my entire $200 order of purchased items for cashback
          • They cited some 'special terms' - when I looked up all the terms I could find on the website, I couldn't see anything in relation to cancelling a single item disqualifying the entire purchase.
          • I've since responded to them asking them to show me this additional special term, as I couldn't find it anywhere. No response.

          tldr: cancelling one $20 item disqualified an entire $200 purchase from cashback. Was not informed prior, and still not on the website anywhere.

          As such, I feel very hard done by and disappointed. I will always be using shopback going forward.

          • @DaiShan: Yeah that's frustrating, but I suspect you'd face the same issue with SB in the same circumstances.

            Some retailers, aliexpress comes to mind, issue a tracking certificates for each item in the cart, thus Cancelling/refunding one item does not impact the other items.

            Other retailers bundle all the items (in the cart) into a single certificate. Change one thing and it all goes belly up.

            But as youve noted, your primary grevience is that this condition was not communicated by CR.

          • @DaiShan: Let's see what the cashback terms actually are for each site shall we? Which by the way are listed on each store page at both CR and SB ;)

            Cashrewards Guidelines: You may not be eligible for cashback if your order is not fully completed online or is later changed. You won’t earn Cashback if you cancel, change or return your order.

            Shopback Guidelines: Cashback is not qualified for Returns, exchanges & cancellations.

            So it doesn't matter which service you use as the end result would be the same. As per the terms you changed your order and therefore no cashback. Clear as day.

  • Do you have to pay in AUD for the cashback to work? What if I use a non Australian credit card? Must the item be shipped to Australia?

    For example, if I want to buy something using my American credit card, pay in USD and get it shipped to the US, will I still get a cashback?

    • You can pay in US. Shopback will simply convert it into AU and give you cashback based on the converted figure.

      I use my US bank account all the time for overseas purchases and the cashback is always converted.

  • Ok I'm addicted to AliExpress… What other insite stores do people recommend so I can spendspendspend? I too purchased yesterday (cycling bib shorts)

  • Good deal but only offsets the 10% GST.

    • Usually stacks with seller/AliExpress coupons if you're lucky enough to find them :)

  • Anything good to buy? Since, I don't see the stuff in my cart discounted :(

  • ok i give up. spent 30mins looking for something for my new nintendo 3ds xl.
    i want to cover the cartridge holes. its big and ugly and hollow.

    searched on aliexpress with keyword "dummy cartridge" "fake cart" etc etc.. couldn't find any. help? thanks

  • 100 days is a long time to wait for the Cashback

    • Shopback and other cashback programs can't hand it over straight away as they have to wait for the affiliate networks to pay them the commission first. That can take months as the seller (AliExpress) wants to ensure you receive your order and don't cancel for a refund to milk the system.

  • Does anybody know when this expires? I can only purchase it tomorrow

  • Does it track in the app?

  • Darn, was researching security cameras, about to buy when I realised it had passed 23:59. Topcashback.com are offering 6%. Hopefully SB repeat their 10% offer some time soon?

  • Not sure what happened but we only got a 5% discount at AliExpress and not the 10% that was offered. Anyone know why?

  • Does anyone else always get redirected to Aliexpress in Russian, even halfway through checkout? Happens all the damn time for me.