This was posted 3 years 21 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Lenovo Smart Display 8-Inch Smart Home System (+ Bonus Google Home Mini) $160.20 (Pickup) @ The Good Guys


THE Good Guys 10% off site wide brings the Lenovo Smart display to possibly the lowest price ever.
Both White and Grey available.

Somehow shows postage as $55.

Dont forget the 3.3% cash rewards.

Enjoy and a Happy New Year to all.

Thanks to Crazynic for the 10% off sitewide post

Make sure to add the google home mini that you want (charcoal or chalk) to your cart before you checkout!

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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  • Is this the same thing as the New Google Home Hub thingy??

    • +4

      Better sound and display with bigger screen.

    • +2

      Smart display uses Android of things OS, and Home Hub is based on a modified version of Google Cast.
      Forums have a lot of discussion regarding the fragmentation created by Google!!!!!

      • -1

        But is there a way to install APK files, have playstore etc?

        • +5

          Why? It’s not supposed to be a tablet. It’s for a completely different purpose.

    • +1

      Like what?

      Its just a Google Home with a screen

  • Is there a way around the 55 post?

    • Did it show $55 for you as well??
      I found it quite weird!!!!!!

  • Yeah. I would assume they are closed tomorrow so wouldnt be able to go in and ask.

  • Possible to install Kodi?

    • Certainly not, you can Chromecast to it though I believe…

  • I'm confused about what these are for. Just like the minis. They are seem like rather expensive paper weights.

    • +2

      these (smart displays / smart speakers/ assistance) are essentials when you're into a smart home setup. You can basically control most of the smart home products or electricals via voice command or via ifttt. of course you gotta have a good wifi and internet to start with.

      • +1

        I don't get how you have smart home products to begin with. Apart from LED light bulbs, what else can you smart home?

        • +3

          Aircon, indoor/outdoor security cameras, tv w/ Netflix, speakers.. just the things I have hooked up so far - working great and loving it.

  • This or the Google Home Hub (current price difference/bonus Home Mini excluded)?

    • +1

      I have the hub but this looks better and sounds better.
      Bigger screen and option of videocalls.

      Dollar to dollar this one wins!!!!

  • Bugger… got it on Friday.
    I would get another one…but I'm thinking Google Home Hub might be better for the bedroom

    • What makes Hub better??
      Lack of Camera in the bedroom!!!!!! :)

      • That's part of it!
        (Although, the Lenovo has a switch that puts a cover over the camera)

        So that main advantage is the Ambient Light & Colour Sensor.
        Better for sleeping.

  • better off adding a home mini in your cart and not use the code to get the mini for free

    • The in store may be the best option then.
      Looks like they are open tomorrow.

    • Mini is free don't need to add to cart.

      • I can confirm Google Home Mini does not need to add into cart before checkout. I just picked up my order (display only) and TGG gave me the free mini as part of the deal.

        • Could you please provide me with your order number which I can refer to the good guys customer service team. I am having troubles in claiming my google home mini :(

  • Good deal although the free google mini and 10% off don't stack once added to the cart. As cttiong says, better to opt for the free mini.

    • Just picked this up - shame I didn't use the 10% off, but at least the google mini was on the order docket.

  • 10 inch here:

    free Google Home Mini for both offers expires in 30 mins :P

    • thought they follow aest?!?

  • That is a good price. Got the JBL Link View though. The Lenovo has the better display and the JBL has the best sound hands down. HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!!

  • +2

    looks like pirce increased, deal party over :-(

  • Was it a pricing error?

    • It's currently 178 in HN etc so 10% off would have been $160.
      Will find out today when the shops open…

    • Don't think so - I picked mine up this morning.

    • it's been on sale everywhere, ended 31st midnight though, including the free G Home mini

    • Picked mine today.
      No pricing error.
      Mini was out of stock but got a receipt for it for pickup when in stock.
      $ 160 for the combo is a very good deal..

  • Looks like this is a better deal than the Home Hub in every way… Except for the ambient light sensor. Does anyone know whether it genuinely makes your photos look better on the display/is it really as good as some people say it is?

    • The display is miles ahead of the Home hub.
      Crystal clear. Setup was quick.
      Sound is much better too.

    • The display is brilliant… sound is pretty decent too.
      The 2 advantages of the home hub seem to be ambient light sensor & compact size (7" with speaker behind instead of on the left)
      So most reviews generally suggest this wins for the bedroom
      (Lenovo wins for the living room / kitchen / etc)

    • Except for the ambient light sensor. Does anyone know whether it genuinely makes your photos look better on the display/is it really as good as some people say it is?

      It depends on what kind of look you want. I have both this Smart Display and the Home Hub.

      IMHO the ambient and color sensor on the Home Hub is amazing. When in ambient mode, photos appear like they're actual printed photos in a photo frame. It's not a bright glaring white screen in the room, it just blends in to the room's lighting.

      I placed it in two different rooms with both 4000K and 3000K lights and the display does follow the color temperature.

      The Lenovo Smart Display is larger, but not having a color sensor means the color temperature of the display is always cool white and bright which stands out in a living room or bedroom. There is also a constantly flashing dim red presence sensor on the front of the display below the camera which may or may not annoy you.

      • +1

        I actually ended up going with the Home Hub, and the display looks absolutely fantastic. It really does look like a printed photograph from a distance. Very happy with my purchase.

  • Does any one have a screenshot of the bonus offer. I too bought this one on the 31st but forgot to add the google home mini to the cart. Now good guys is saying that there was no such promotion and want a screenshot as a proof to give out the freebie.

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