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Japan + Korea 4G Travel SIM Cards $10 off ($19.95 Delivered for 7 Day Japan Travel SIM Card) @ NorthSIM


Happy New Year guys!

We've received plenty of supportive messages over the Christmas and NY break for our SIM cards. So we're kicking of 2019 with the official release of a Japan AND Korea SIM card. If you're also heading off to Korea simply add the South Korea option!

Our SIM cards use the Softbank (Japan) SK Telecom (Korea) 4G LTE network and can be bought for 7/14/21 days, meaning you don't need to bring 3-4 SIM cards and swap them out. The SIM cards come in a Triple Cut SIM which will have standard, micro and nano sizes. APN settings are usually not required - however if you run into trouble we've put up guides on our site. SIM cards come with data only (no voice).

All our SIM cards come with, a SIM card sleeve and SIM ejector tool. Activation is a matter of plugging in your SIM card once you land. No personal identifiable information is held on these SIMs so you can dispose of freely. Our SIM cards will still work even if you go over your daily allowance (albeit at slower speeds), meaning you won't be stranded in the middle of nowhere without data.

Prepaid Japan Travel SIM Card

  • 500mb per day (resets every 24 hours)
  • 4G Softbank (Japan) SK Telecom (South Korea) Network
  • Data service only - no voice
  • Unlimited 3G data afterwards (OK for browsing OzBargain/Reddit/Google Maps)
  • Cheaper than the SIM cards from vending machines or BIC/Yodabashi Camera in Japan
  • Free Regular Post via Australia Post for all orders
  • Ships from Sydney
  • Make sure to take a look at our SIM guides before you fly out -
  • This offer is for SIM cards which have an activation expiry date of 25/03/2019 (extension for April/May available via PM)
Days Inclusions Price
7 500mb 4G LTE Data Per Day (resets every 24 hours) $19.95
14 500mb 4G LTE Data Per Day (resets every 24 hours) $29.95
21 500mb 4G LTE Data Per Day (resets every 24 hours) $39.95
14 + South Korea 500mb 4G LTE Data Per Day (resets every 24 hours) $34.95
21 + South Korea 500mb 4G LTE Data Per Day (resets every 24 hours) $44.95

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  • +2

    I’m in Korea now and wifi is mostly free anywhere in Seoul. Even in the street.

    • +1

      Hi hyeunjun24, thanks for the top tip!
      Travelers who are heading to other cities in Korea may find that the free WiFi coverage is not as dense as Seoul.

      [email protected]

      • +3

        I'm in Ulsan and there's free WiFi everywhere as well.

        We saw the data sim at the airport but didn't buy it. Glad we made that choice as WiFi readily available in my most cities.

        What we really need is voice. Any sims with this as well?

        • Hi chibot,

          Unfortunately we are offering data only SIM cards at the moment.
          We strongly recommend to our customers to use a VoIP service if voice is required.
          We've had great success with Skype/ViberOut.

          [email protected]

    • This is why you shouldn't believe everything you read online. I'm aussie korean that visits Korea at least once a year and getting wifi is not easy even in Seoul. Wifi is free if you already have mobile plan with a Korean service provider.

      • When I was in Seoul, my experience was that you can get wifi readily at shopping departments and coffee places but it just depends how reliant you are on it eg using maps etc.

        • Yeah you can get wifi from nearby cafe or convenience stores but it's really not reliable. You'll find yourself walking around the street trying to get free wifi from random shops.

  • OP, Travelling to Japan in end of April/May, any deals for that period?

    • +1

      Hi circusmonkii,

      We can definitely put in an extension of activation date for you.
      Please PM me your order number and travel dates.

      [email protected]

  • I go to japan on 28 april 2019 , you activation sim card after that , on you webside should be active on 28 march 2019?

    • +1

      Hi joefan88,

      We are able to extend the activation date of SIM cards for customers travelling later in the year.
      Please PM me your order number and travel date.

      [email protected]

  • +1

    Hi, what's the reason for the expiry of "Activate before 25/3/2019"? I will buy one now but I want to buy a second one as well but need to use that one in May.

    • +1

      Hi watwatwat,

      We can extend the activation dates for customers who are travelling in April/May.
      The expiry dates allow us to offer competitive pricing, it also allows us to provide our customers, the best service and support we can.

      [email protected]

  • +4

    Nit picking here, but shouldn't your title be the other way around?. Eg. $19.95 (10$ off). I intailly read it as $10.

    • +1


    • +2

      Yes I agree. Read it as $10…

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the post

    What does 14+South Korea mean? Does this mean 14 days in Japan and Korea? Or does it mean the first 14 days from activation in Japan + Till sim expiry in Korea.

    • Hi Trainer Red,

      The 14+South Korea option means that the SIM card is valid upon activation for 14 days either in Japan or South Korea. There are no limitations as to which country a customer needs to be in first. Similarly there are no limitations if you go back and forth between the countries (eg. Japan-South Korea-Japan)

      [email protected]

  • What happens if you use up the 500mb in the day?

    • Hi kei,

      After 500mb the speed will get limited to 3G and will reset within 24 hours.

      [email protected]

  • How long this offer last?

    • Hi joefan88,

      We've marked this deal to last until the 8th of Jan.

      [email protected]

  • -1

    Your post says 'Free Regular Post via Australia Post for all orders', but I just ordered the 21 day sim for my son and got charged $5.95 postage.

    • +2

      It defaults to express postage. He probably just clicked without reading it.

    • Hi Tissy,

      Happy to refund you the $5.95 charge for Express if you no longer require it.

      Please PM me your order number and I will process it for you.

      [email protected]

      • Thanks :)

  • -2

    Hi OP do we have unlimited 3G after the first 500MB expired?

    Also, do u have one for 12days only?

    • Also, what kind of GBs are we looking at for "fair use"

    • Hi rickie0704,

      Correct - there is unlimited 3G after the first 500MB. Please note that unlimited 3G as per the description is suitable for light web based tasks, it is not recommended for video streaming, gaming etc.OK for browsing OzBargain/Reddit/Google Maps and messaging.

      The 500mb limit resets daily.

      [email protected]

    • +1

      In my experience with similar SIMs - when it reverts to 3G it’s barely usable

  • Hey op any chance of picking this up in japan instead? I’m leaving on Monday..

    • Hi youngchul,

      Unfortunately we don't have a pickup option available at the moment.


  • +2

    This is a FANTASTIC price for anyone wondering

  • OP, Korea Travel SIM – Unlimited Data 4G LTE Network no stock for 14 days. Will there be stock soon?

    • Hi dreamerman,

      Our Korea only SIM will be in stock within the month - when were you travelling?

      [email protected]

      • Hi, arriving Seoul on 18th.

  • Hey OP, have sent you a PM. Can you please arrange for dates of choice for our orders.

  • Hi, I'm travelling mid June, any possibility of extending the activation date?
    Looking at about 4 cards

    • +1

      Hi wikiwiki,

      Absolutely - please PM me with your travel dates and we can confirm activation extension before you order.

      [email protected]

  • Hi Northsim, can the data only sim card be used for wifi hotspot? So i put in the data sim card on my phone and turn on portable hotspot so my son’s ipad connect to it? Thanks

    • Hi gutenmuach,

      WiFi hotspot can currently only be enabled on Android or Pocket WiFi devices only.
      Once hotspot is enabled any device can connect to it.

      [email protected]

      • Hi Tony, base on your comment, does it mean I won’t be able to use the hotspot function of my iPhone with the SIM card from this deal?!
        Will the SIM card work ok in a pocket wifi I had from Vodafone years ago (unlocked already)? I think it’s a 3G pocket wifi. Thanks.

        • Hi rkung,

          That's correct - unfortunately this SIM card does not work with iPhone's personal hotspot.
          It should work in your pocket wifi (APN settings will need to be configured). Our APN settings are in our SIM guides located here:

          [email protected]

  • Thanks OP, picked this up for my Japan trip in Feb.

    • Thanks for the support trueblue!

  • sorry, why do you need to know our travel dates?
    I feel like my house is going to get robbed…

    • +1

      Hi thumbybumbi,

      Travel dates are used by us to provide support to our customers should it be required.
      If you are travelling before March 25th and do not require an activation extension - you're more than welcome to put in dummy dates.

      We are definitely not in the market for robbing houses :)

      [email protected]

      • +1

        thanks - and sorry if it came off as rude lol. just off-putting telling strangers from a site I don't know when i'll be out of the country and where i live. Dummy dates it is :)

  • 5G is being commercially released in March, 20x faster than 4g.

    • +2

      Hi yoke2018,

      We are also super excited for 5G.
      The upcoming release of 5G compatible phones will be a game changer.

  • Hi I need one for entire month of May. How to PM and extend this can do it til 31st of May??

    • Hi neonlight,

      You can PM me directly with your order number and we can extend the activation date for you.

      [email protected]

      • I need it for two weeks but it looks like its still 29.95 so there no discount unless is one week only?

        What is the speed when the SIM falls back to 3V unlimited?

        • 2 weeks is normally 39.95. so there is a $10 discount on the 2 weeks.

  • Hi OP, please advise if your SIM card can be used in a telstra mobile wifi router. I will be travelling to Japan in May with my son for 11 days , so we can share one card between us use mainly for Google maps and TripAdvisor. Thanks

    • Hi dk9664,

      If the Telstra mobile wifi router is unlocked it can be used with our SIM card.
      Please note that APN settings will need to be configured for the mobile wifi router.

      Our APN settings are available here:

      [email protected]

  • I tried to purchase 21 day , didn't go through says all sold out?

  • It shows as OOS at the moment.

  • Thanks OP, but it seems to be out of stock now. I’m trying to buy a 14 day one for April/May.

  • Hi OP, will this be in stock again? needing a 29 day package for march 29th!

  • +2

    Hi folks,

    We have just replenished the stock on our site.
    We weren't anticipating how popular this deal would be!

    [email protected]

    • If I need a sim for 27 days starting on the 29th of March, how would I go about organizing this?

    • Thanks OP! Just bought and PMed you with my travel dates.

      • +1

        Thanks 11percent - PM has been replied to.

        • Thanks mate!

  • Wow, this is a super deal OP, i leave for japan in 14 days. will pick one up!

    • +1

      Thanks Nads2407!

      • i paid around $40 for a 5gb sim in japan last time. this one is way better value.

        • If you transit in Hong Kong. Surely you can pick up a Travel SIM to Japan for even cheaper than this

  • What are the speeds these cards offer in Korea?

    You mention LTE, however I am aware that these sim cards are restricted to 6mbit (and then further reduces to 3g after the 500mb cap).

    Thank you.

    • Hi legendarylvl1,

      While we have not completed an official speedtest for these cards in Korea - in my personal experience of using them, I did not experience any arbitrary cap on the speed before reaching the daily limit.

      [email protected]

  • Just got 4. Thanks!

    • Thanks Ploix!

  • Hi,

    I'm visiting Seoul 12th-21st April, can these be activated then?

    • Hi beshanh,

      Yes they can - please PM me with your order number and we can extend the expiry date for you!

      [email protected]

  • -1

    Back in 2012 it was 100 yen per $1 . Now it is only 70 yen. It is getting more expensive to travel to Asia. I pray the house prices will go higher , Chinese will buy them and Australian economy will prosper again and I can travel back to Japan as a king very soon

  • +1

    Awesome deal perfect my trip, nearly had to pay $10 extra PER day with vodafone

    • Thanks StaticzAvenger!

  • Hi OP, interested in maybe more than 1 for May 2019 as may travel with friends. Should I just wait for another deal?

    • Hi Tekuza,

      We will definitely have more deals coming up - if the details of your trip are still moving around.

      [email protected]

  • Hi OP, my flight is on the 15 Jan to Japan. I'm in Hobart and just checking that you'd mail out the sims on Monday, so it should get here in the 5 business days for standard postage before I leave. Thanks.

    • Hi kaboom,

      I would recommend you to select the Express option to guarantee delivery by Tuesday.

      [email protected]

  • Wow so many of us going on April/May!

    I'm going from 24 April to 17 May. Can the 21 day one be extended to that amount if we email you? Will the data keep resetting?

    • Hi Oppressa,

      Yes the 21 day one can be extended for you.
      Correct, the data will keep resetting daily.

      [email protected]

      • Thank you… do we need to pay more then?

  • I just tried to buy 2 cards (14 days) and your site says “Coupon usage limit has been reached.” :(. Am I too late?

    • Limit reached for me too

    • +1

      Hi bitek,

      Coupon code has since been refreshed.

      [email protected]

      • Awesome! Thank you

  • Hi there, new to ozbargain, bit am travelling to Japan in late May to June this year. How do I PM you about this? Thanks

    • Hi Daltz01,

      You can also reach us via our Contact Us form/Facebook Messenger links on our site.

      [email protected]

  • Hi op,
    I will be arrive at Busan at 13th of April. What should I do if I want to buy 14 days sim card?

    • Hi WilliamSM
      Feel free to PM me with your order number and we will look after the rest.


  • Folks, the coupon code got hammered overnight. It has since been refreshed.

    Thank you all for the kind words and support.

    [email protected]

    • Just tried to buy 21 days + South Korea but it said out of stock. Any chance to restock?

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