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Teemo Longboard 10S3P Battery: US $459 (~AU $644) Shipped (China) @ Teemoboard


Parameter details
Cruising Range:
Sony 6.0 AH:13 to 14.9 miles(21-24km)
Panasonic 9.6 Ah:18.6 to 21.7 miles(30-35km)
Speed Mode

1.Slow mode/ Beginners : 11 MPH (18 km/h) max
2.Medium mode / Intermediate : 18 MPH (30 km/h) max
3.Quick mode / Pro : 23.8 MPH (38 km/h) max
The maximum Climb Angle is 30 °

Skateboard Deck

Material: 8-layer Canadian maple

Maximum load: 330 pounds (150 kg)

The recommended Rider weight should be under 264 pounds (120 kg)

Front wheel

Bearing: German FAG bearing, the best bearing in the world.

Material: PU solid tire

Size:36x9.4inches (92x24cm)

Avoid skateboarding on bumpy roads and sharp rocks


Type: 90mm (3.54inch) diameter hub motor x 2
Rated motor power: Dual motor each 250W

PU type: PU on the motor is non-replacement


Fast mode: 38 km/h

Middle mode: 30 km/h

Slow mode: 18 km/h

Stronger signal

Powerful and smooth when it accelerates and brakes

Charging time

2.5 to 6 hours our

Battery cover and ESC cover
Material: aluminum alloy

Adapters and chargers

Input: 100-240v 2.5a

Wireless remote control

Capacity: 200 mah

Battery type: lithium battery

Charging time: 0.5 hours

Type: 2.4G rf technology

The board moves with the remote, whether or not there is anything. So when you come down the board, you should turn off the remote to avoid injuries and accidents

Entire skateboard

Net weight: 16.09lb (7.3kg)

Size: 38x9.44x4.92 inches (970x 240x 125mm)

Waterproof grade

Teemo boards have been strictly waterproofed before they leave the factory, but once they start to be used, maintained or swapping batteries, the water resistance of the circuit boards will be reduced.

Do not ride on wet or icy roads. Riding on wet or icy roads is dangerous potentially causing a loss of traction or control.

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  • Boards look okay but it's such an ugly logo, straight out from the 80's.

  • +3 votes

    Pretty sure these are not legal in Australia in public areas.

    In VIC/SA, if they are motorised skateboards are completely banned.

    In other states there is a limit of 200W. (It's possibly banned in all states)

    I'd DYOR and check for your specific state before purchasing.

  • Junk:
    PU on the motor is non-replacement

    So basicly saying when the polyurethane on the wheels (very thin) wears our.
    You have to buy new motors\wheels @ 1/2 cost of the board. That's like needing a leg transpant when you get a hole in your shoes.

    • oof. thats like buying a car and having to change the engine every time your tires wear out.

  • 38km/h lmao. People gonna die.

  • These speeds are only capable with the model with the upgraded battery for $599

  • Charging time is 0.5 hours
    or 2.5 - 6 hours

  • Illegal in Qld even with the recent rule changes

    • Australia’ states becoming Nanny states , more bans than singapore’s Status of nanny country .

    • QLD mainly GC is home to esk8 with evolve, enertion & epic have there HQ here and there boards are thousands of watts. One of my DIY board is 6KW (12S6P battery pack)

  • Teamgee make stealth board that is cheaper than this and unless you look really close it looks like a regular longboard