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Qantas Sale to New York - Depart BNE/SYD/MEL and Other Cities from $1065/ $1057/ $1049 Return (Feb-Aug)


Qantas joins the price war to New York (compare with the previous Virgin deal at https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/430279)

Deals from multiple cities, but the cheapest are the main ones from BNE/SYD/MEL and from $1065/$1057/$1049.

Transits in LAX (Los Angeles) /DFW (Dallas) and then it's American Airlines after that.

Airline: Qantas
From: Various ports
To: New York City
Alliance: Oneworld
Transit: DFW / LAX
Sharing route with : American Airlines
Dates: Feb-Aug 2019

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  • Any deals to LAX in late Feb 2020?

    • +2

      Flights don't usually come out until 365ish days beforehand, so those won't be available to buy yet, let alone have deals. Will keep an eye out though!

    • i'd say too early and plus you cant' book that far in advanced, normally its 12 months before you fly out

  • love the price war, i did different dates and it went via skyscanner via flightscout) and got $1162 qantas return to NY.
    would be nice to do a trip there and then check out the north snowfields too! .. in another lifetime sadly lol

    • +4

      in another lifetime sadly lol

      Screw that. Just do it.

      • once you have a wife you will understand my friend lol

  • OMG

  • OP when would be the best time to book for December 2019?

    • +4

      to New York? Well if it's in the second half of December, frankly ASAP. Christmas time, all bets are off. Otherwise you can probably wait a few months for some winter sales.

      • Wanting to do a winter Christmas this year so am quite conflicted between new York or Vancouver.

        Do you have a rough idea when sales to Vancouver would be posted? For December period.

        • +1

          Christmas time sales? Never

        • +2

          Well when I went over to Oregon for a White Christmas in Dec 2017 New York was under such conditions the airport was closed for at least a week and some people were trapped in their homes.

          My advice, if you are going to NY for a White Christmas then know what you are getting into. I'm sure staying in an apartment might be okay but be prepared!

        • Think about flying into Seattle via LAX - we found this much less expensive than Vancouver. The car hire rates are better too.

          • @LXE3: So then drive to Vancouver from Seattle?

            How long would a drive be?

            • +1

              @Ronerrlaw: Only around 2 1/2 hrs. If you are not used to the roads, the car or the conditions it'll probably take 3.

    • +1

      You actually won't be able to book for December 2019 yet :( Seats generally arent released so far in advance.

      • 13 months booking is standard. Should be available, but prices will probably dip a little still.

  • +12

    IMO - Things to consider - exchange rage is really bad and can not see improving anytime soon. Decent hotel in NYC is expensive. Research about accommodation first before buying ticket. Also, I have flown with united and qantas to NYC and both are equally bad. But very competitive price.

    • -11

      All the hopes the real estate agents will work really hard to help the housing prices go up. Then we buy and sell and profit and then can afford to travel to US. Australian Economy needs a support of foreign investors.

    • +1

      100%.. Man the dollar is killing me… Hope it goes up towards end of the year for my Japan trip haha

    • I went when exchange was around parity and everything felt so cheap compared to Aussie prices. Except hotels, they were still expensive in NY for what you got.

      I flew Qantas/American Airline and they were ok except changing internal flights multiple times, some over 12hrs difference.

    • +1

      I flew AA to LA and agree. Quite a new plane but honestly it was no better than jetstar, actually id probably of preferred it be.

    • I've flown with United to NYC three times in the last two years and they've been great.

      Sure, the food isn't great, but everything else, including legroom (and I'm 193cm tall) was great.

    • Too true - accomodation could easily be two nights for the same price as the flight!

    • Air BNB in New York is way cheaper than Hotels.

  • Great price. Any deals for last week of June or first week of July return Syd-Rome?

  • Is it not qf11 on the lax to jfk leg? I.e. Qf metal

    • -1

      I cant answer directly but its always been that in the past. The LAX to JFK leg usually has about half the passengers of the SYD to LAX trip so its a great time to grab a whole isle in the back of the plane for a little laydown when flying cattle class.

  • -1

    Are you sure you want to go to the USA, like really sure?

    The AUD is weakening, many governments are in shutdown that could affect your travel as a visitor (parks, museums, library, airports), but more importantly there are better places to visit and support.

    Just a thought from someone who has visited USA 12 times in the ten years before the current president.

    • -2

      Been a few times, can’t wait to go back, even with the great current president.

    • +2

      “Better places” ?

      Good grief. If after a dozen visits you dont understand that the USA is a heterogeneous, lumpy grouping of “good places” and “not so good places” I guess you never will.

      Ie. USA is not just one thing.

      • +6

        We've been to 60 countries, so yes are many other places out there. The world does not revolve around the USA.

        • What are your top few countries that you would highly recommend visiting?

          • +4

            @movieman: Without knowing what you like/preference/type of holiday;

            Personally, for luxury/relaxing/beach - either Maldvies, French Polynesia, Seychelles.

            For a city with smorgasboard of things to do and a price to suit everyone - try Bangkok, Thailand. From cheap eats to some of the best restaurants in the world (Gaggan #5, Nahm, Suhring and more). Some of the most amazing rooftop bars are there too. Cheap accommodation through to ones where most of us could not afford. There is history and culture as well.

            European countries; getting off the main visited countries, try spending a few weeks exploring Slovenia, Croatia, Finland. I was blown away by Slovenia. From lakes, to mountains, to the coast in the space of a day. The best winding/driving road is in Slovenia and the mountains that are on either side of your road - wow. The world's best female chef runs a restaurant there, Hisa Franko, we dined there are we blown away by the whole food+service. Much better than the world's best restaurant, Osteria Francescana, which we thought was inferior to Hisa Franko. Croatia is getting a bit too overwhelmed by tourist lately though but still a lovely place if you can get away from the tourist sites (and gets much better value too).

            If you want to see amazing things - now go see the Pyramids, I swear your mouth will drop the moment you approach it from a distance, then you get there and you are wow'ed esp once you know more about it and "how" they built the thing. Skip the camel ride, they can scam you. From that, go on a tour in China (Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors, some of the gorges) again you will be blown away.

            If you love water parks - Aquaventure at The Atlantis Dubai or The Bahamas. Makes Wet & Wild look lame.

            If USA is your thing, even though I advocate against it, there are lots there too. We've been there a dozen times over the last decade, Hawaii 5 times, east cost to west, north to south and all around. Go to Alaska if you want, god it is gorgeous there (the glaciers, ice, scenery) if you go on a cruise. At the other spectrum, New Orleans - 3x there and counting - pretty amazing tourist scene and the food. Yes there are other cool cities too - NYC, LA, SF.

            Other places to really consider, Sri Lanka! It's one of the hottest destinations now, but from the coast, to the mountains, to the religious and historical sites, tea fields, to the wildlife parks. Its a small island however the roads are poor and getting around takes forever.

            We caught the travel bug almost 15 years ago, 60 countries ticked and haven't stopped since, good luck!

            • @TheMindsetTraveller: I snagged the Qantas flight for $1248 back in july for two weeks from 10 Feb. I'm in a long distance relationship with a lady living in NYC for nearly 3 years. I met her there and I'm going back in February for about the 5th time. Definitely keen to see New Orleans although I'd really like to do some more outdoorsy stuff. The AUD is a killer unfortunately.

              Agree with your general comments re the USA and I've also heard great things about Sri Lanka. My Aunty went there recently and loved it.

              • @simonp86: We love NYC, spent many weeks all up there but obviously we won't go back for the time being.

                A little suggestion - head up to Boston, then Cape Cod - it might be a little cold there in February though. A little bit further north, you end up in Canada - try Quebec - such a quirky city.

                If you want to do some outdoorsy stuff, you are definitely spoilt when you are there. A little north and its freezing cold, three/four hours south and you can hit The Caribean.


    • +3

      Are people giving him down votes because of what he said about visiting other places? He's completely correct about the AUD/gov shutdown which will affect your travel.

      • The government shutdown will be over by the time they travel…

        • you would hope so!

  • So what would be the best way to try and book a multi leg flight from Perth to Orlando (around Dec 15th), with a trip up to New York for a few days for new years before heading back to Perth in early Jan (say Jan 2nd). None of the online search sites seem to work for this kind of scenario. Should I just go to a travel agent?

    • Would work on our site (and others) - if you look at a return trip from PER to MIA/MCO (Miami/Orlando) and a return from MCO/MIA to NYC is probably the easiest. Ie book two separate tickets.

      • ok, thx

  • I can’t find any qantas flights for mid-June to end-June?

    Air Canada and Virgin Australia (operated by delta) seem to have a reasonable airfare around $1.1k return. Does this consider ok? Any of you flown with them before ?

  • -2

    who in their right mind would go to the USA except for maybe alaska and hawaii?

    • +2

      An open-minded person? It's an incredible country to visit, each state has its own character and natural beauty. The national parks alone make it a great destination.

      • yeah, okay, maybe the rocky mountains but that's it

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