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5 Shirts for $134.10 Delivered @ T.M.Lewin


I've grabbed this deal last year and impressed with the shirts. Reasonably priced for a semi-tailored option in my experience.

First post.. long time lurker, mainly for bargain running shoes. Thought I had better sign up and contribute back.

Mod: Additional 10% off with AUCSUM17.

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    I will never buy another shirt after getting my first batch of TMs last year. $30 each is all you should be spending as these sales come up every couple of months.

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      5 for $149 is cheaper than $30 each :)

    • Priced at $35 in November, and $40 before that. I don't think it's as low as $30 as much as you suggest.

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        5 for $149 September
        5 for $150 June
        5 for $147 April

        I'm specifically referring to this deal, as I said it comes up every few months.

        150/5=30. I don't get being neg'd for this?

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          It's in the sentence. Maybe spacing it out could've prevented it.

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          This deal is $134 for 5 so cheaper than what you have listed.

          • @onetwothreefour: Discount code was edited in.

            Bloody pedants.

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              @Hinee: Ah OK I didn't know it had been revised, I didn't neg you but will give you a plus :-)

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    Had the shirts for a year now - very happy with the non iron ones. Less impressed with the ‘iron’ shirt.

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    T.M.Lewin sent this to us today as well, I'll add it to the OP and edit the deal, please report if any issues:

    Later on today we’re going to launch 5 shirts for $149. If you use code AUCSUM17 you will get 10% off as well plus free delivery.

    Appears to work:

    Subtotal $149.00
    Order Discount -$14.90
    Australia Delivery $0.00
    Sales Tax $0.00
    Order Total $134.10

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      thanks. ordered 5 shirts for $134.10. $26.82 each.
      i've been wearing TM lewin shirts since 2008 and zero complaints.

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    Potentially additional 20% off with EXTRA20 if you can find your size/fit (makes $24 a shirt). However I believe this code expires today.

    • Good find! Charges $10 for delivery but overall works out $4.90 cheaper (as you said, $25.84 per shirt delivered):

      Subtotal $149.00
      Order Discount -$29.80
      Australia Delivery $10.00
      Sales Tax $0.00
      Order Total $129.20

    • +11

      If you add a $5 sock, you avoid the $10 shipping fee (because order goes under $120 with EXTRA20)!!
      Subtotal $154.00
      Order Discount - $29.80
      Shipping Australia Delivery $0.00
      GST $11.29
      Order Total $124.20

      Get 5 shirts and a pair of socks for cheaper than original post

  • any idea why some shirts are listed as "half sleeve" and some are listed as "short sleeve".. what's the difference?

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      If you had to have a guess, what do you think it means? Literally take a stab in the dark here.

      • +7

        Literally? So he should walk into his closet with a knife and start stabbing?

        • Natural selection

  • +1

    Thanks OP

    Might jump on this instead of waiting on CT

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    Thanks OP!

    It's a shame about the extremely limited stock (i.e. only two non-iron shirts in my size (15.5) and neither of them in my preferred fit).

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    how does this work exactly?
    i checked
    all shirts (and not just sale)
    chose my collar size
    sleeve length
    and non iron

    was given a choice of eight shirts
    one white
    two pink
    and the rest blue

    makes it hard to chose 5 from 8 with the blues looking near identical

    which makes me think do they not have many non iron shirts like CT?

  • Haven't tried TM but they seem pretty lacking in plain white shirts (EDIT: Appears this is sale stock only so) (do not like the weird contrast ones). Holding on to see if CT will match it or bring back their 3 for $100

    • Good luck searching Edler Nultma

  • Long time Charles Tyrwhitt wearer here - how do these 2 brands compare in terms of sizing? Also, think I was sticking with CTS because of the sleeves length option as they have shorter one…

    • +6

      Found this to be a very helpful resource in terms of sizing comparison - http://www.shirtdetective.com/charles-tyrwhitt-vs-tm-lewin/

      • Cheers mate very detailed!

      • This needs to be included in every CT or TW deal as someone will always ask this question :)

        Same with the Bose vs Sony headphones.

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      I have both non irons, CT is more fitted than TML. TML material is softer than CT tho. But god I find the double cuffs on TML frustrating, much prefer CT's button cuffs.

      • -1

        Mate I think you have all that backward.

        • As in? That's based on my experience as I have 5 non irons of each. The only ones available for TML in the last sale were double cuffs.

      • +1

        Darling, TML has a better fit. TML material is thicker and more suited to UK climate. CT shirts use a finer cotton and have a longer length.

        I am wearing TM lewin shirt now.

        • +1

          Thanks hon!

  • +1

    No stock :(

  • Tempted but how does these compare against their non irons?

  • +1

    Meanwhile CT has hopefully sent me an email offering me 4 shirts for $239
    that is an expensive 4th shirt :)

  • Non-iron not included?

  • +4

    T.M.Lewin: The eneloops of business shirts.

  • Do they run large or fit true to size??

  • Been using them for year - highly recommend <3

    Im 6'4 and find their long shirts are great and my shit doesn't get untucked when I raise my hands.

    The non-iron ones work pretty well.. not 100% but if your relaxed at work you can get away with it (if u hand it up)

  • Pitty no shirts fitting a 95cm chest fit anyone with a little chub in the belly. Looks like these shirts are made for anorexic men. There's otherwise a good choice of designs and a good deal for the slim.

    • CT slim are much better for our body type. Modern cut with a bit more room at the waist.

      I much prefer CT anyway.

  • Didn't know about them at all, after reading some comments here I ordered a few. Now most of my shirts are TML. Really good quality!

  • Grabbed 5 shirts from a similar deal last year. Excellent quality!

  • +1

    Put in my size and non-iron, and there was one shirt available (burgundy).

    • +2

      Clear option here is to buy 5x burgundy duh

    • Yeah, once you gone non iron you'll never go back. I still iron all if mine but you at least can get through a day if wearing without looking like you've been put through a wringer

  • Thanks OP,got 5 shirts for 129 delivered

  • Anyone interested in doing a split order and getting 3 shirts?

    I am only after 2 shirts.

    Preferably someone in Sydney East so easy to coordinate once the order arrives.

  • Still haven't received my shirts from the black Friday sale

    • +3

      hopefully you get them by Good Friday

    • yeah.. I'm still waiting on two shirts ordered 2 weeks ago but I have received the two suits I ordered at same time but as a separate order.

    • That’s strange ‘cos I bought 5 shirts at the Black Friday sale, received them about a week later, found they were the wrong size for me, took them to a TML store for a refund, re-ordered them online, and received them about a week later, so I got two orders in about a month.

      • Definately strange, I called up before Christmas and they said the delays were due to higher than usual orders during the Christmas period. Ridiculous as I've had items ordered from China sea mail arrive before this.

    • my shirts have arrived… I would contact support if yours still have not arrived.

  • Cheers Op. Ordered 5 x Shirts. :)

  • +1

    No pockets ….

    • +3

      Shirt pockets are old fashioned

    • need to pay extra for pocket

  • If it’s not non-iron don’t bother, I find their shirts get super wrinkly after a few washes and a pain.

  • +3

    I do not recommend getting the non-non-iron shirts. ;)

    Sorry in advance. lol

    tl;dr - only buy the non-iron shirts.

  • Is there any retailers that stock these so I can check sizing?

  • Damn it no 14.5' non-iron shirts left… i love them!!! not 100% sure on the non-iron ones, last time i picked up a short sleeve non-iron quality is kinda like another other regular shirt :-/

  • I have a bunch of the non-iron and they are amazing. If you follow the instructions (tumble dry and put straight on a hanger) you actually do not need to iron them at all. They are very high quality (pure?) cotton. Fantastic shirts!

  • If anyone's interested in paying a bit more for a non-iron shirt in their size (myself included), this deal is still running:
    Any shirt/tie for $40 with free delivery over $50

    • Is a tie included? they seem to be in the pics but not in the descriptions.

    • It's shirt only for that deal. I asked in the comments.

  • -1

    Is the 20% deal still available???? When does it expire??? EXTRA20

    • Expired when I tried just now

    • Expired midnight last night.

  • Oh man I just ordered 5 last month. Probably should have waited. OzBargain is killing me with these deals.

    • Just realized it's for shirts on sale only. Very limited choices. No wonder deal didn't work when I added shirts I wanted.

  • I looked last night and only one shirt in my size (16.5/91 regular).

  • What is their returns policy like? Can you get them back in to their original packaging to get reimbursed? I haven't ordered from them before, and only good options are fitted which may be a bit tight.

    • Go to TM Lewin retail store and try for fit then buy online that's what I did

  • hey guys remember to stack with UNIDAYS discount I think it's another %20 off on-top

    • doesn't work, you loose the 5 shirts for $150 discount

      • Unfortunate, I stacked last year when shirts were 39?ish each, ends up being the same or $10 last year than this year with both discounts applied.

    • it's 15% full price or 10% off sale items. does not work on these multibuys but the cheap suits work and then you can still add the AUCSUM17 discount. I got two suits for 140 and 170 when they were selling the seperates.

  • Anyone know when this sale ends? Thinking of getting some shirts in a week or two.

    • -1

      On weight loss program?

    • +1

      Shirts will run out soon. When i checked couple days ago, there were only 4 shirts available for my size and preferred fit. Not all the shirts are available for this deal, only those on sale.

  • +3

    Thank you, OP.

    AUCSUM17 is no longer works

    AUAGLE17 is still working

  • Can now get 6 shirts for $153.80 Delivered using BARG19JAN, works out a bit cheaper if you want an extra shirt

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