This was posted 5 years 6 months 8 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Calvin Klein Underwear - 3 Pairs of Men's Boxer Briefs $28.25 + Postage (Free $100+) @ Calvin Klein (Loyalty Membership Req)


The deal a few days ago has just got even cheaper with buy three pairs get 30% off.

They were oringally priced at $59.9 and now on sale for $14.95.
You can get them down to $8.76 a pair by:
* Registered for Calvin Klein VIP Loyalty Program for 10% off.
* Buy three pair for 30% off
* Shop through Cashrewards or Shopback for 7% Cashback.

14.95 x 0.9 x 0.7 x 0.94 = $8.76

Happy shopping!

If you total order price before the 30% off (possibly 10% too) is over $100 you get free shipping.

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    Can’t see many ladies being impressed by a Micro Low-Rise Trunk 🐘

  • +3

    bought $100 with the previous sale and now even better……sigh

    • Same, except I bought $250 worth of underwear :(

      • +1

        Same, might give them a call to see whether they can refund the differences in price..

        • My stuff arrived today. Please let me know how you go.

        • same, please let us know how you go

          • +1

            @StephenAo168: Call Support team they are very friendly & will refund..
            They have refunded 40% price difference ( 30% + 10% Loyalty).

            Great first Post OP :)

            • @Being Askhole: ( 30% + 10% Loyalty) - that doesn't make it 40% off.

              So many people don't understand basic maths.

            • @Being Askhole: I have now called second time. And have been rejected twice. I have no escalated this to their manager. Not sure why I have to jump through hoops

              • @Elanzer: Ahh unlucky you.. I got my refund back to paypal ;)
                Give a try couple of more times :)

                • @Being Askhole: I tried 3 times. I mentioned that my friend got a refund. And they asked for my friends name and order number. Could you possible provide me with that?

        • Yep, I also was able to get a refund for the difference.

          • @JR63: I contacted them and they said they would. How do you know you've received yours?

            • @profounddominator: If they have said over the phone then you will get & also, you will get email sooner or later from them..

            • @profounddominator: Got an email from PayPal for a partial refund.

              • @JR63: Oh sweet. Because I called them around this time yesterday and I still haven't gotten a refund or email

      • +2

        Why do you need so many undies???

    • I know right. A few days ago they had almost nothing in large on sale, now they have lots of choices.

    • Called them today said they cant help me.

      Seems silly to me that they aren't able to refund me the difference considering that it wasn't even delivered to me when this promotion came on.

  • +1

    Great deal, just stocked up on underwear for the next year.

    • This. I do too

  • Good deal but note that Amazon occasionally sells calvin klein for approx $10/pair - if you don't find the style you prefer in this deal, it may be worth waiting for the next amazon sale.

  • oops wish i saw the part which stated you got free shipping on $50+ .. just spent $10 ($12.75 each still not a bad deal)

    • I'm over $50, and it's charging me $10 postage

      • When I did it last time I was a bit over 50. Trying adding one or two pairs more and see when it ticks over to free postage. I've order twice for under 100 and get the free postage

        • maybe $50 before GST, try $55

        • Had to order over $70 to get the free shipping. Tried to get as close to $50 as possible, but kept wanting to charge.

        • +2

          I just got free shipping on a $75 order, the total price before discounts has to be over $100.

  • +3

    For once my laziness has paid off, didn't buy last time… now even cheaper :)

    • +1

      same. lol. bought heaps for coming vacation.

  • Did you actually buy any at the price you listed? I don't get the extra 10% off even though I am signed in as a member.

    • +2

      You'll need to make sure you sign up to receive their newsletter. I was signed up too but I had unsubscribed so I wasnt getting the 10% off until I checked the box again. Check at

      • Thanks. Strange thing is that I already get emails from them even though it wasn't ticked.

  • -7

    0% cotton

  • I can't get the free shipping even though it its over $100 pre discount price.

    • When I did it last time I was around 60. Trying adding one or two pairs more and see when it ticks over to free postage. I've order twice for under 100 and get the free postage

      • The only way I can get free shipping is if I was to get the current sale price (before the new discounts are applied) to go over $100.

        • Ditto.

          • @ShortyX: thanks info updated.

            • @alive3: No worries - thanks for posting. Still got 3 pairs for $41. Usually get Bonds from Coles at $11 each when on sale but happy to try CK for a little bit more.

              • @ShortyX: I've been looking to post a deal for ages but someone always beats me to it. Good to finally give back to the community.
                3 for $41 is amazing. I used to pay $25 a pair in the Myer and DJ boxing day sales. Now im all stocked for years.

  • +1

    8 pairs, $75 plus the 7% CR rebate. Awesome work!

  • +1

    For all those who bought in the previous sale and asking about the result of calling them, recommend to give em a call and they'll refund the difference. I got mine and I ordered $400 worth before so even better with this discount! Really awesome price for CK.

    • I called for an order placed on 27 December (items were the same price as they were yesterday and today) and because the order has been processed and invoiced they couldn't issue a refund, even though I haven't received the goods.

      • Ohh that's really odd cause I received one of my orders and the other only on its way. Asked them if they can't issue a refund I'll just return the order and they place a new order with the new sale prices and that's when they said "to save me the hassle of ordering again, we'll just refund the difference". Maybe just depends as well on which customer service person you speak to. I suggest try again especially if you haven't received the goods, or worst case just reorder with the new sale prices and don't open the first package when it arrives and return it back to them for a refund.

        • Thanks for the tip!

        • They don't refund underwear (it's in their refund and exchange policy) even if the package is unopened so I couldn't leverage this to get a refund :(

          • @spiff: try again and ask for price difference. they have done for many yesterday :)

            • @Being Askhole: Called again and they said they generally don't do price difference refunds :/

  • Any different colour options available?

  • +2

    How do the sizing of these compare with Bonds?

  • Haha!, unless you drop your daks who is going to see them?, I get 5 for $5 at big W,
    no name but super comfy.

    • You say that like dropping pants is rare or monumental occasion… You can keep comfy and look good at the same time, I'm 99% sure most other halves would appreciate looking at something a little nicer

    • +2

      All the more reason to drop my daks bruh

  • can anyone find the cotton stretch ones that asos sell? website is a pain to search and run into errors every time I search by name

  • can anyone comment on getting the pro mesh boxer brief as compared to the cotton ones? will the mesh or cotton ones last longer?

    • I was wondering the same thing… I’ve always had pro stretch (95% cotton). However I purchased some pro mesh (polyester) ones as well this time to give them a go. Apparently meant to absorb sweat more than cotton and hold shape better over time, but I’ve read mixed reviews as to the fit and feel of the material, so I’m going to buy a few and see how they go. Maybe better for exercise. We’ll see.

  • Website currently down :/

    • Ozbargained lol

    • +1

      Overloaded by Ozbargain members?

    • Back again!

  • I'm already getting backend refresh failed when checking out

  • Can't seem to check out ..

    • Working again!

  • Never thought I would get upset at ordering off a deal from ozbargain until I saw this. I just ordered on the last deal and now I actually feel like I got ripped off :(

  • great now i will see all guys at the gym with ck undies!

  • I ordered 3 days ago and also felt ripped off after seeing this sale so I put in another order…

  • +2

    I ordered CK undies a few days ago and now the price dropped.
    I ordered TMLewin shirts few days ago and now the price dropped.

    What's happening here?

    • +9

      Can you please buy a few pairs of boots too?…

    • You’re not buying during their best sales sales? TM Lewin you want to be paying less than AUD20-25 / shirt, and CK underwear less than AUD10 / pair.

      • Damn! Price paid for being a new ozber into their sales I guess

  • Seriously I bought 7 pairs in the last sale for $15 a pop. Damn!

    • +3

      Every time you look at them you will think I could have had 11 pairs for the same price, let that sink in lol

  • +1

    What??? Should I buy more or what?

    • Buy more, I bought more after they gave me the refund for the first order ($14.95) and just counts as almost the same price of my original order.
      I think of it this way, underwear are a necessary item that you will always use now or in the future, even if you bought bulk like 10-20 pairs and only use 5-10 for a year or 2. Down the track you can use the remaining ones. That's how I see why it's good justification. Anyway good luck with your decision.

  • +1

    Delivery kills it

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