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Seagate 2TB Backup Plus Slim Portable Hard Drive $69.30 Delivered @ Officeworks


Potentially a price error as the 1TB is also $69.30, however went in store and collected mine.

Available in Black, Blue, Red & Grey. Free Delivery to Metro Areas/Free Click & Collect.

Blue & Grey Also on their eBay Store at $69.30, Black & red still at $97.30 eBay Store, Out of Stock

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    Also available on Amazon if you wanted to use cashrewards.

  • it's on their ebay as well so i don't think it's a price error

  • Yay! Thanks for that. Was about to buy the expansion for $10 more.
    Not sure what the difference is? This being more expensive I assume it’s better!

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      Hmm, I thought the expansion must have been powered by a cord. But it looks like both models are powered by a USB. Go with the cheapest one?

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      Backup Plus is better, 3 year warranty vs 2, brushed aluminium front vs plastic on the Expansion.

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      If you're shucking the drive then I find the backup plus much easier to open. Just need to pry the top aluminium cover off. Also it's easily reusable as the aluminium can be bended back into shape.

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    Is this the cheapest this has ever been? Just instinctively bought this haha
    Thanks OP

    • Nope, it was the same price last November at an online store, so I got Officeworks to be beat it by 5%

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        Wasn’t that the expansion?

        • My bad. You are right. That was the expansion. Sorry >_<

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    $69.30 tag on shelf for both the 2TB and 1 TB….pricematch reduction to keep up with Amazon I would presume

  • shuckable?

    • Yup. Easy to open too.

  • Awesome, thanks OP! Perfect timing.

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    Not a price error, probably just a temporary price match with someone. Put out the tickets today myself. Doubt it will last long but probably the lowest I've ever seen it go. Lots of stock too.

  • Price has gone up on Amazon.

  • seems like grey out of stock

  • Got a blue one, thanks OP

  • thanks OP. got it in black, free next day delivery woo!

    • Gently pry the aluminium top cover up, only held on by clips & double sided tape. Then put the HDD from your PS4 in the case to use for extended storage if you haven't got a portable already.

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    Great. Now time to google how to shuck them for a PS4.

  • Thanks OP picked up 2 from Pitt Street. They have heaps in stock

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    Thanks OP. Got one from eBay with 10% off giftcards.

  • Tempted to open this up and chuck into my computer or would I be better off purchasing a HDD from MSY/UMART?

    • OEM pc hard drives are much cheaper. These are more for limited space requirements like laptops, game consoles.

    • You may void the warranty by shucking the drive but otherwise it's pretty much the same. The drives inside are usually standard 5400rpm 2.5" drives. You can save a bit of money by buying this.

  • Buy first, ask questions later.

    Thanks OP

  • Please enter a quantity of 0 or less

    • Means it's sold out.

  • Cheers OP, was looking for a 2tb

  • Ordered. Thanks OP.

  • Selected C&C and within minutes got the 'ready to pick up' email. Cool!

  • I bought the 3TB seagate expansion drive from officeworks and found out that the Linux support for that drive is poor (on Windows it seems to be good). The symptoms are really slow write speeds (less than 100Kb) after writing a large chunk of data.

    This was surprising to me since I didn't think there was any difference between drives.

    Here is a link to the issue:

    This seems to be common on seagate drives.

    I am aware that this is a different drive so may not suffer from this issue.

    I ended up giving it to my Dad and went out and bought a WD drive and all my usb resets were a thing of the past!

  • Will this work with ps4?

  • playing with the price

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    Looks like its $99 now

  • Yes back to $99 now.

  • Thanks, picked up two as backup drives on our router.
    Bought them in store about 830pm.

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    PHew, got in just in time. Was going to wait until tomorrow!

    • Same here. Was happy sitting at home, didn’t want to order only. Mentioned the deal, son wanted one and was going straight there, I tagged along so we got one each at 830.

  • Is this the one that can be used on PS4’s?

  • Any chance it is still available in-store?

    • No chance. It went to $99 later on last night and that includes in store.

      • Thanks, saved me a trip. I get my email at noon and always miss out on stuff posted after noon. I asked mods if we could subscribe to morning, noon, and evening but they didn't believe it would be useful to anyone. cry

        • If you're still after a cheap portable drive then there is a 3TB for $99 at Officeworks which is pretty good.

          • @Yuri Lowell: Crap I ordered the 4TB model from Amazon for $153 just after my previous post. Thanks anyway!

        • I receive an email for every deal separately and usually its shortly after it is posted. Have you subscribed for newsletter?

          • @sidozziee: Yeah I subscribed to the noon newsletter, and a few other very specific things. I find that if I subscribe to more I will waste my whole day on ozbargain.

  • Anyone got a shipping notification yet via eBay? Seems weird that the deal lasted such a short period and now the price is back up.

    • Nothing weird about a very temporary price reduction to gain sales. Amazon does it all the time.

  • I bought this disk, received it next day, sold the 2 months creative photography plan for $20 which is worth $28 so this disk cost me $50

    • If you don't mind me asking, what's the creative photography plan, and how did you sell it? I bought this but haven't opened it yet.

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        when you will be registering your disk online, it will give you a code for 2 months adobe photography plan membership that includes Photoshop and Lightroom worth about $28. I sold that code to someone who needed Photoshop.

        • Cheers.

        • Hmm I didn't get the code. I got my email confirmation of registration but nothing about adobe. It's pretty poorly explained in the intstructions too!

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            @Hoju: There is an exe file in the disk. You need to run that. Run that program and when program starts, emter your username password, it will register again. Keep clicking next and it will ask you to creae adobe id and then show the code. You can redeem that code or if you wanna sell it, just note ot down and dont redeem. You dont get code if you register online instead of running that program on diak. Code is valid till 31/1

            • @sidozziee: Thank you, I didn’t realise you had to go through the setup file on the desk to get that process going

              • @Hoju: I did the same mistake and then read the leaflet in the box and realized i need to run setup. cheers

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