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Up to 50,000 Qantas Business Rewards Points with Caltex StarCard ($2.95 Fee Per Month)


Right now, you can receive up to 50,000 bonus Qantas points with a new Caltex StarCard, the best offer we've seen on this product in some time

The Caltex StarCard provides savings on fuel purchases and car costs, with the ability to earn Qantas points on purchases. And while it's targeted towards business owners, anyone with an ABN can sign up.

How to sign up for the Caltex StarCard for up to 50,000 Qantas points

  • Sign up for a new StarCard account by 28 February 2019
  • Link your StarCard and Qantas Business Rewards accounts by 28 February 2019 (If you're not yet a member of Qantas Business Rewards, you'll be prompted to join within the Caltex StarCard application form)
  • Spend a minimum of $150 on your StarCard account per month for 5 months

You’ll receive 10,000 Qantas Points for each month that you meet the Spend Criteria within the 5 months after linking your accounts (up to 50,000 Qantas points in total)

The required spend to get the 50,000 Qantas points is $150 per month on eligible purchases ($750 in total), which is much lower than many credit card bonus point minimum spend thresholds.

While some instore items are eligible, there are quite a few exclusions (including the purchase of giftcards). You can access the list of exclusions plus find out more information about this deal at our post here: https://thechampagnemile.com.au/caltex-starcard-sign-up/

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Caltex FuelPay: random (157)

Referees save 6c a litre on their first 3 fills. Referrers receive a once-off discount of 6c a litre per referee.

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  • So spend 150 a month on Fuel with Caltex through the card. Seems pretty easy to do

  • What are the implications for signing up for an ABN that will never get used?

  • Are there any ongoing fuel savings?

    • Perhaps even the opposite. I think use of the Star Card prohibits use of Woolworths Rewards 4c/L discount.

      • If you use premium fuels you get 4c off anyways.

        "Save 4c per litre on Vortex Premium fuels. Save 2c per litre on regular petrol and diesel"

  • Valuing QFF points at $0.01/point, 50000 = $500. You are also forced to spend $750 + $14.75 fee.

    Definitely not worth it for the points for the average Joe. Only worth it for a small business already planning to get fuel card anyway. Other card offers are much better.

    • How much more expensive is your local Caltex? I'd be surprised if anyone if many have to go out of their way to reach a minimum of $150/month in petrol

      • That's not the point.

        1. Applying for this fuel card will initiate a credit check. If there's a good card offer anytime soon, you may end up missing it or getting rejected.
        2. You are also forced to spend $750 on fuel, whereas with other credit cards, you can book airfares/accommodation that is refundable and then cancel after you get the points ie. essentially no spend required.
        • "Forced to spend on fuel". If you're a rare person who doesn't spend $40/week on petrol then this isn't a suitable offer. Otherwise it's fine, you would be spending it anyway so the only consideration is whether Caltex cost more than your usual petrol station which should be negligible for most.

          Credit check wise I can't imagine a card from Caltex counting the same as a $15,000 card from Westpac and co.

          In fact the biggest consideration is this is meant to be for business, so potential tax issues if you incur this 'business expense' and use the points personally.

        • Applying for this fuel card will initiate a credit check. If there's a good card offer anytime soon, you may end up missing it or getting rejected.

          Not clear that they will do a personal credit check for businesses.

          You are also forced to spend $750 on fuel

          It's actually eligible purchases. I'm pretty sure buying gift cards/milk/bread/phone recharges in store would qualify for the min spend.

          1. Credit check is a COMMERCIAL credit check, which does not impact your personal credit at all. Shows in a different section of your credit report which only shows up if the creditor requests commercial history.

          2. $750 on fuel, which is something you have to get anyway, is not hard to do if you own a car.

    • That's $500 value on top of your spend for items you need but agree only worth it for those with an existing abn.

    • 'Forced to spend' It's fuel. If you don't use it, don't get the card. If you do, as most do, it could be handy.

    • $500 off a $750 spend! Imagine if it was an eBay promo code. It would break Ozbargain!

      Good deal op..bad timing for me as I recently bought a plug in hybrid and haven't refuelled since August.

      Maybeeee… starmarts sell eggs, bread and milk cheaper than woolies.

      Lastly, can you just enter your TFN into the ABN box? As mine as a sole trader is the same.

  • Can use my smsf ABN for this

  • Thanks, just signed up.

  • Just signed up too. Thanks for the tip!

  • signed up, wonder how long it takes to process and deliver the cards……
    Just spent 800k points need to start stockpiling points again….. SIGH.

  • StarCard is possibly a good deal for any Uber drivers among the OzBargain crowd too, as you can even add your tolls to it (50c a month) and pay for your tolls at the end of the month while getting paid by Uber for them daily or weekly.

  • Can you use this in conjunction with your company fuel/fleet card to acquire the points?

  • Does this card trigger a credit check?

  • Anyone can list the exclusion list?

  • Damn, it seems like a good deal but my car is a bit too frugal. I do around 600kms per week but only spend like $30 Max on fuel which makes it $120/month, otherwise this would be the cheapest card for 50k points.

  • BUMP - Does anyone know if this would trigger a credit check?

  • 2 quick questions:
    - Does anyone know how long the approval process usually takes?
    - Do you have to wait to receive your physical card or is there a digital card you can use straight after approval?

  • Can confirm they do a credit check

  • Anyone can confirm, if already have this card last year and already closed it last year, is eligible for this offer?

  • Has anyone heard anything from their application?

  • Signed up today , got 6 junk finance emails this afternoon - fishy fishy fishy

  • I linked my account in the final week of January. Does that mean I just missed out on my first month? If so that's ridiculous.

    • I applied on 30Jan
      got my card 20 Feb and can't spend $150 by end of Feb then got a statement for $119 T___T
      looks like we just got a bad timing

    • What?? QBR points transfer 1:1 to your personal QFF account.

      You are confused with the QBR business earn for flights booked under a QBR ABN which are in addition to the points awarded to the additional traveller.

  • has anyone got approved on this card yet? Just want to figure out how long would it take to get approved. Thank you.

  • Is this still live? There's no link to the 50,000 points (the Champagne Mile link now goes to the Amex offer)

    Went to sign up, just no mention of the 50,000 points on Caltex nor a live link on Champagne Mile makes me think its finished?

    • No it isn't!!

      a) apply for and successfully open a Caltex StarCard account between 12.01am 14/01/19 to 11.59pm 31/03/19;

  • Does anyone know how long it takes to get the points on a monthly basis?

    • Also wondering this, haven’t had any QBR points yet.

    • No points here either … also wondering how the min spend works in the 1st month. It looks like the billing cycle follows calendar months, so I didn't meet the $150 min spend, as I received the card at the end of Feb and got a bill a few days later. It looks like they didn't charge the $2.95 fee for Feb though.