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Black Laptop Table $10.99 (Was $45) + Delivery (Free with Prime / $49 Spend) @ Astivita via Amazon AU


Due to popular demand we are putting the Black Laptop Table on Sale!!

$45 $10.99 Black Laptop Table

  • 4 Adjustable Table Angles - Great for either sitting up to work or laying back to relax
  • Foldable Legs For Easy Storage!
  • Perfect For A 17 Inch Laptop Notebook!

$39.95 $6.99 All Directional Bathroom Shower Arm

$29.00 $6.99 Pacco Double Towel Rail 600mm

$29.00 $6.99 Gianni Bathroom Shower Mixer

$10.00 $3.99 Pacco Toilet Paper Roll Holder

  • This sale has over 2500 items available in total!

In the next few months we will be introducing a large Food Offering on Amazon! Stay Tuned OzBargain!

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +12

    got two of the brown laptop stands in previous deal,

    great quality, and handy to use around the house

    • <3

      • +2

        OP please let us know when the table is back in stock, missed out :(

    • +7

      I literally bought one because of your comment. I rely more on comments here rather than on Amazon/Ebay itself. TRUST! By the way, thanks OP. Will review the item and leave the feedback.

      • +2

        You won't be disappointed. I bought a brown one in the last deal as well and my 5 year old uses it everyday for her drawings as well as reading & writing. Good quality and easy to carry around the house. Also very compact when folded down makes storage easier than it may seem.

        • I also got one from the last deal, the only problem is that there's no locking mechanism to lock the table in place when storing it.

  • +1

    Thanks OP!
    Got the black laptop table

  • +3

    Thanks for the lower price. Have been wanting something like this for a while and this price is "wife friendly".
    Just grabbed one. Cheers!

    • +1

      No Worries! Make sure to leave a review!

  • +1

    Just grabbed one. Thanks OP:)

  • +2

    Perfect for the Fiance. She's a teacher so this will be very handy to sit on the couch and mark items.

  • +1

    When were these $45?

  • Is this one different in quality/materials to the wood color one currently $25 ?

  • +1

    Cheers OP, grabbed one!

  • +1

    These are great tables.

  • +1

    Have been meaning to grab a table, thanks OP. :)

  • +1

    Ordered :D, they are around $50 on ebay.

    The brown version is $25 by the same seller.

  • +2

    would this work for having snacks and drinks on on while on the couch?

    • +5

      Depends if your snacks and drinks are on the supported models list. Make sure they don't exceed 17" diagonal

    • I'm looking for something similar, this would be too high for that I think.

  • +2

    Got one to try based on comments above, thanks.

  • +1

    Any chance of doing the brown table for the same price OP? Want to get two different colours. Cheers!

    • We have run out of stock completely of the black one and don't have many left of the brown. Could maybe do a $15 deal if there is interest?

      • If both are same functioning wise and just colour change then yes please

        • +1

          Okey, will run the deal in the next 2 weeks!

  • Thanks OP, got 1 folding table. Wonder if you also have similar model with a USB laptop cooling pad? Cheers

  • Grabbed the brown one from the last deal. Wish I held out because the black one looks nicer. Table is a bit heavy, but still good. Great for using laptops/tablets/Nintendo Switch.

  • How much weight can these bear? thinking of retasking the table for something else.. eg holding up a monitor

    • +1

      I'm glad you clarified.

    • seems pretty solid, I was going to use it to hold up a monitor as well but I didn't have enough depth on the table.

  • Does anyone think this would be suitable for use as a racing wheel stand on a couch?

  • Genuine question, can these be used as a laptop table in bed?

    • Only if you don't put the bed on top of it.

      Edit - yes.

      • +13

        Well you put that question to bed.

      • I got one from the previous deal and have tried it on my bed. It depends if your mattress is firm or soft. Its stable on my firm mattress however when i tried it on the soft and cushy one the table is very unstable and would tip over towards me

    • +1

      Yep, that's what mine is used for. Works fine for 13' MBP and tablet.

    • I bought the last one to use as a laptop table in bed, however I found the table to be too high so I can't sit and use my laptop for typing.

      It is a nice solid little table though.

  • +1

    Do I really need to create an account just to see delivery cost?

    Can a fellow Ozbargainer provide an estimate? Inner city Brisbane.

    • $5.99

      • Thanks. Ended up being nil with an Amazon Prime trial 🙂

        • $5.99 can get one a one month worth of paid Prime Membership that includes the Prime Video subscription too, I believe.

  • +2

    Good for out door bbq with my portable bBQ unit

  • +1

    Any chance of ordering more than 1 at a time. Would love to get a few!

    • +1

      I managed to do so by ordering again in a separate order (using same account)

  • +17

    Wife Minister of Finance and War said yes

    Ordered one


    • This is a funny comment

  • +8

    I can't believe I managed to order a popular Ozbargain deal before it said 'Expired'. First time ever.

    • Here, have a +1 to celebrate.

      • My first +1 too! What a day!

  • I got one. Cheers

  • Thanks OP, got one.

  • Thanks OP, I guess I’ll find a use for it.

  • Can the stand support a monitor? Is there enough space to put a monitor on the flat half and laptop on the tilted?

    • I would like to know as well…

  • +1

    Didn't need one, bought one damn

  • So the Laptop table is not a Amazon prime item? So we shouldn't expect usual 2 day delivery being a Prime member?

  • +1

    +1 for general great customer service and great deals on new bathroom stuff.

    FYI the Air Conditioners are great and have many family members happy.
    so good i am ordering 4 more next week.

    Keep up the good work AstiVita team.
    (and i am no way associated at all, just a happy customer)

  • +1

    I'm having trouble visualizing how this works ..anyone have a picture of a human and a laptop using the table?

  • Thanks, bought one for my kids as a mini table.

  • Got a new Amazon account for wife and grabbed this one for her as well.

  • free shipping would have been lovely

  • Is there a way to search for all of your products only on amazon- ie search by seller?

    edit : accidentally worked it out

  • Also great to use for the car! No more eating on the lap!

  • Thanks heaps OP! Got one for myself from last time, but the missus loved it and was angry I didn't get one for her 😅

  • Thanks OP i bought one. Great for having both hands free in the bed ;P

  • It was in my cart about to check out!! Any chance it'll come back at this price OP? Just got off work to find its sold out.

    • Neither of them look like they have an adjustable angle surface.

    • You can't compare these qualities to this.

    • jdogg I agree with your sentiments (hence plus vote to you), and whilst I reckon the cushioned table you've linked would be better, they aren't the same type of product really.

  • +8

    Hi Astivita, The black laptop table @ $10.99 is sold out. Any chance of adding more stock?

    • Completely out of stock sorry, put everything we had on sale, over 900 tables! More on order but will be a month or two :(

  • WHat type of food do you guys offer?

    • We are looking at premium coffee beans! Thoughts?

      • +1

        what about bulk food? noodles, ramen, camping food?

        • If you could do a poll of who was interested if we started selling bulk food offerings (think pasta/ coffee/ tea/ biscuits / pickles etc.) ordering a couple kilos at a time, then we will definitely look at getting it in.

          • +1

            @Astivita: I think you can offer something that is different to super market

            1. Noodles and Pasta
            2. Healthy snacks
            3. Bulk biscuits
            4. Coffee products
            5. International food
  • +1

    It was uncomfortable for me, too heavy and bulky

  • +1

    $150 for the laptop table ?!?!?!?!
    Umm… you can buy a cheap netbook for that! No thanks.

  • +1

    Don't need it. Bought it. Thanks OP.

  • Pretty happy with my laptop table, housemates use it as a snacking station

  • Hi OP, any chance you could add more black laptop tables?

  • I got the timber look one a few weeks ago. Keen on a black one if any more stock comes back. It is definitely very bulky - aka not portable. good for just sitting static in one spot and raising the laptop height +28cm from desk surface. (aka similar to rheems of paper)

    • Its rims. Anyway can vouch for it feels solid and sturdy. Has some weight as a result. Not good if you want to bring outside and carry arroind. Very stable on bed and just works great as a stand moving from room to room inside the house.

      • +4


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