This was posted 1 year 5 months 26 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free Telstra TV 2 if You Have a Bigpond Movies Account


Just got an email saying as a valued customer of bigpond movies entitled to get a free upgrade.

Not sure if targeted or not.

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  • It's targeted "This offer is only available to select Telstra TV customers. Customers who are eligible for this offer have been contacted via their registered email address and must enter that email address in the form below to register for the offer."

  • I have logged in with my Telstra account.
    Filled in the form.
    Got "You have successfully registered for your free Telstra TV gift!"
    Let's see…

    Thanks OP

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    What new features does the Telstra TV 2 have?

    • Things you can watch on Telstra TV 2 include:

      All available Free To Air TV channels,
      9Now app
      Plus 7 app
      Tenplay app
      ABC iView
      SBS On Demand
      Foxtel Now
      BigPond Movies
      Hayu (a streaming service dedicated to reality TV)
      Red Bull TV

      (Includes 4K streaming capabilities)

      PS1 From the website above: "At $192 outright, the Telstra TV 2 is a bit cheaper than a new Apple TV, but a bit more expensive than the new Foxtel Now Box or Fetch TV Mini. Still, there's plenty of functionality to warrant the price tag, and it's a great bonus if you were planning on signing up for a new Telstra NBN plan anyways."

      PS2 Also from somewhere else:"Telstra TV now works with your Google Assistant on smart devices like Google Home. Using just your voice, you can turn on your Telstra TV, open apps, pause and select live channels."

      • Mine already has all that, I must have the version 2 then.


          2 is a larger thinner unit. 2 has dedicated buttons on the remote for Foxtel and Netflix. So great to use with Logitech Harmony.
          Both units have cut down HDMI CEC, so I just press the left arrow, TV, Home Theater all power on and switch to the correct channel.

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        You Forgot "Plex" :) It is available from the App Store for both TV and TV2 users.

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          You Forgot "Plex"

          It's locked up on me a couple of times recently, not very stable.


            @jv: I have found Plex extremely stable. I run in on 2 x TV1 and 1 x TV3.
            Make sure you use Plex from the App store and not the old side load workaround

      • Don't forget Kayo Sports

      • Does any one know if they are going to add Amazon Prime Video on to it?

  • Thanks for providing the link OP! Thought I'd give it a shot anyway considering Telstra are so out of the loop with their processes, they randomly sent us a Google Home Mini the other day for no reason, good luck everyone!

    • They sent me 2 iPads once instead of 1 and they could rectify it so was forced to keep it

      • Yep I got two iPhone XS the other day. Will be selling the extra one next month when the second billing cycle clears!

        • Vodafone is a joke too. A few years back I ordered a Samsung Galaxy on a contract. Then cancelled it under network guarantee. Asked for a prepaid label to return the phone but never received it even though I emailed them a few times. 1 months later they settled the contract at $0. So I got to keep the phone (and sold it for $800 on gumtree)

      • I was charged $500 in service charge fees recently on my cable plan, they credited it back after a live chat but also credited me $560 extra, so now I'm $560 in credit for no reason.. They really just have no clue.

        • So that's why my Telstra shares are in the red. I want my capital back doweyy!

        • Tell them that you want to close your account and they will send you cheque in the mail with the balance. I kept on receiving statements from Telstra until I did this. I did contact them 3 times first to try and give the money back.

    • Hmm I was meant to receive one from them early December. Now I know where it is :o

    • They sent me a Telstra Essential Plus phone even though I'm not a Telstra customer!

    • Yep. I took up the free 12 months Apple Music when the service first launched and then at the end tried to cancel Telstra’s carrier billing. They were unable to do it properly for whatever reason so for about 8 months I’d get billed for it and then have the cost refunded on my account after they confirmed my requested removal hadn’t been processed properly. After complaining I was sick of following up they escalated it and refunded me the 8 months cost (for a second time) and then tried to disable the service but in effect all they’ve done is remove it from my bill, service is still live. I’ve had free Apple Music since launch and for 8 months they gave me $11.99 for the privilege.

      Joke but I spoke to them about a dozen times about the issues so I’m not shedding any tears and see it as reimbursement for the hours I wasted on the phone.

  • The same upgrade deal for a free Telstra TV 1 never worked if you were not invited.

  • Entered but I doubt this will work. I'm sure the system will cross reference whoever was sent the email.

  • Getting an "Internal Server Error" response when trying to fill out the form :(. Am a telstra member but just only on pre-paid

    • Same here - was hoping for a free 2 for Kayo Sports

      • Update: Registered! There was an issue with my address, I live in a block of flats so I just tried a different approach on the address and it worked

      • Much better ways to get kayo. Chomecasting, or even plugging a laptop will give a better result, as you can't multiscreen with a telstra tv

  • Don't have Bigpond movies or Telstra Internet but have 2 TTV1's on the same account. Worth a shot.


      Just a heads up, if you dont have telstra internet the Telstra TV 2 will not work for you.
      Telstra Tv didnt matter what internet provider you had, but the Telstra TV2 requires telstra broadband.

      • Only live TV and the front menu won't work properly. All the apps work fine (source: I had one till it died). It will display "Telstra Broadband required", but the apps still work.

        • One of the reasons I sold ours, switched from telstra nbn to aussie bb.
          The Live tv feature was great and I was under the impression as long as I still had a telstra email login it would be fine,but it figured it out out pretty quick.
          Maybe a cheap sim and telstra hotspot would have kept it going, but that would have been too much stuffing about.

          I use the PS4 for almost everything streaming now.

  • Thanks op!!! No email, went through fine


    Does it work if i had an account ten years ago?

  • I'm a current Telstra broadband customer who got a Telstra TV a couple of years ago as part of the bundle. But, never signed up for Bigpond Movies or anything.

    I put my details (with the bigpond email address they made for account management etc.) and got a message that "[I] have successfully registered for my free Telstra TV gift!"

    TLDR: if you have a Bigpond account of any kind, give it a go. You have nothing to lose.

  • As a Telstra account holder, I gave it a try….


  • As a Telstra account holder but not a bigpond movies subscriber I'm giving it a go too!

  • I don't upvote these types of deals until I receive the item in hand. See how we go.

  • Have an account with them (bigpond movies). Never got the email though, so went through and registered with my account email.

    Funny thing is I have 3 registered email addresses with Telstra. (a mix up years ago)

  • i have this teltra tv 2, live tv doesn't work if you are not using teltra broadband


      Works fine for FTA without telstra broadband, you do require a FTA antenna though

  • Tried and just got the following error message

    "Internal Server Error"

    Promotion dead?

    EDIT: worked with a different browser.

  • I gave it a go too, only was sent one of these recently when I redid my broadband plan, not sure if they will send another one LOL!!

    A few days after Christas they sent me a google home mini as a christmas present. No idea what I did to deserve that.

    So they are big on presents at the moment.

  • I'm glad I sold mine off for $100 recently, if they're handing them out to selected people for free, surely a new edition or a price drop is in sight.

  • Thanks OP.

    I hadn't checked my email and there it was 👍

  • What the?? Signed up for this years ago and it worked. Thanks OP

  • Just entered my bigpond email and went through. Hopefully this works.

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    Anybody get any sort of confirmation email?

  • what a load of crap

  • So what’s the chance of being charged if you weren’t targeted?

  • I remember last time this deal came around. Said I was going to recieve one but it never came.

  • I received the offer email 18/12 and submitted my claim. I received a delivery from Telstra today. They sent me another TV1 (4200TL). Hahaha ??? Will call them later to query.

  • Vodafone TV has a DTV Tuner so I think it wins against this box if you can’t get this deal for free.

  • I have a TV2 and have found it is streaming Kayo sports ok, the FTA TV is good with all HD channels showing up, Foxtel Now is ok, and good EPG.
    On the downside it does not have a volume control, so it can be a PITA if you have powered speakers/sub without remote volume control.
    I prefer the Vodafone TV over this for Android TV system as well as bluetooth audio capability (unsure if TV2 has this?), VTV downsides are the TV tuner does not seem as good, colour seems a bit weird, and it does not yet support Kayo sports.

  • Did anyone (non bigpond movies customer) who signed up as a Hail Mary get one of these?

    • I don’t think anyone who entered there details once it was posted here has got one? But I may be mistaken…

  • i'm a Telstra ADSL customer but still haven't received mine.

  • TV2 came in mail today. GL everyone.

  • Just got confirmation email saying delivery from Telstra on its way.

  • All I have now is a Boost pre paid mobile and I just got mine delivered!

  • Telstra TV2 delivered today. I had the offer emailed to me.

    • Curious how long it took from when you registered online?

      • I registered when I got the email on the 16th Jan. Startrack knocked on the door this morning.
        No email, no confirmation that it was coming.

  • Received mine this morning. Don't know what I'm going to do with it. Don't need it, but it was free.

  • I'd forgotten about this. Yesterday I had a knock at the door and was handed it by a delivery guy.

    Not sure what I'll do with it. Might good for bedroom TV that has sluggish Netflix. Shame there's no Amazon Prime Video

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