This was posted 3 years 9 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[QLD] Whites Outdoor 3 Pot Vertical Garden Set $18 (Was $54) @ Bunnings


Always wanted to give this a try, looks like a good starter kit.

Garden Up turns any wall, fence or vertical space into a living, growing green wall or edible garden. Personalize your backyard or balcony with your choice of decorative floral displays or edible crops such as herbs, salad leaves and strawberries. Garden Up softens hard features and improves air quality. Its water-smart design with integrated saucer prevents over-watering and conserves excess water. Garden Up is supplied as a complete set including the modular grid, three pots and six hooks.

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Secure wall mount
  • Ideal for balconies and courtyards where space is at a minimum
  • Water-smart design
  • Enhance your garden with a compact display

Maybe only QLD stores, title changed, Price seen at Underwood QLD Store.

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  • Link just goes to the bunnings page

    • Probably not available anymore

    • +1

      May be different for different locations.
      Shows in QLD for nocure & me.

      I/N: 2940820
      Material Steel / Plastic
      Colour Black
      Product Dimensions (mm) W:500 H:900 L:200
      Weight 3.8kg

      Video: About Whites Outdoor Vertical Garden Set

    • Same, I'm in VIC. Must be QLD only. Too bad as that's a really good price. You'd have to get all the components separately without this kit.

    • That's just the wall mount. Is the one the OP posted just the wall mount or is there more to the kit?

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        Deal is kit as displayed in deal thumbbail (no plants)
        Garden Up is supplied as a complete set including the modular grid, three pots and six hooks.

        Cheaper than buying just the grid!

        • What he said but it is a smaller grid.

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            @iShibby: Yes kit is listed as 500 x 900 instead of 600 x 900 as separate item.

            Takes same containers (just hook on), so shouldn't make a difference being a bit narrower - a grid is a grid if it works the same.

            It's a promotional line, probably already sold out in many stores.

  • Could someone post a screenshot from QLD or an invoice please

    • If the page isn't available where you are, this kit is unlikely to be available…

  • +1

    Product info

    Will pop in later & buy at this price. Have an old wall that needs some sprucing up & cover some damage.

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    I'm in Brisbane and can't even find the product listing. I've always wanted this but baulked at the price - $18 is more palatable.

    edit- I managed to get to the listing via Pricehipster

    • Normally $54😱
      I'm buying 3!
      Pity all the stores showing stock can't find any😢

  • Rang Bunnings in Brissie - this is a promotional line on sale for a while.

    Only showing in very few local stores - with only a few per store.
    Stores I rang couldn't find stock the system said was there.

    • 5 calls & 1 hour later still found none at stores showing most stock😢

      • You might need to visit a store and check in the promotional stock areas, particularly in outdoor garden section.

        I asked one staff member and they didn't have a clue and suggested as a promotional item it was probably not there. Asked a second staff member and he knew exactly where it was.

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    There are at least six in the Prospect, SA store. They are located in the outdoor gardening section.
    Also had some herb garden kits for $12. Similar design, but significantly smaller.

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      I just went to the Arundel store and they said they had three but their staff are hopeless at counting… So there's probably none. Saw your post and went to the garden section. Grabbed the last 2. So thank you! 😁

  • I picked up a couple at the Alexandria (Sydney) store today. There was no shelf edge ticket but they rang up at $18

    They don’t come with any fastenings so be prepared to have your own screws or nails.

    • Yes, fixings to wall not listed on Bunnings site. Just 6 wire hooks to hold containers.

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    Finally found 4 in stock @Capalaba QLD & bought the lot😀
    No stock found: Mt Gravatt, Cannon Hill, Underwood.

  • +1

    Thanks OP.

    None at my local store so i rang the Bundaberg Store and they had 5 left. 3 now that they have put 2 away for me. Wasn't easy to convince them to put some away for me. My parents will pick them up until i can get up there.

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