$200 in MongoDB Atlas credits


From an email to get MongoDB Cloud users to move to MongoDB Atlas. A quick and easy way to shave $200 off your MongoDB Atlas bill if you're already using it or just starting up.

The ability to auto-provision cloud servers with MongoDB Cloud Manager was deprecated 18 months ago in July of 2017 and as of October of 2017 a notice was provided in the UI that the feature would be removed. Next month, this capability will be formally removed.

While you can continue use Cloud Manager for monitoring, automation, and backup, I strongly encourage you to abstract all of the management away and move to our elastic, global database service, MongoDB Atlas, available on AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

To explore MongoDB Atlas, you can use your existing Cloud Manager login: Just create a new Atlas Organization. You can restore backups directly from Cloud Manager into MongoDB Atlas clusters, or use our live migration service to migrate with only a bounce of your application servers.

While MongoDB Atlas offers a free forever free tier, you can also use the code PROVISIONING to unlock $200 in MongoDB Atlas credits.

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