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Free 7-Eleven Banana Bread via 7-Eleven Fuel App


Been an ozbargain member for a while but this is my first post

As per the other posts, today's (18th Jan) deal is free banana bread.

I had a bad experience with a rude unhelpful attendant this week in Melb CBD and I don't eat bananas. However I walk past that particular store daily and noticed he isn't there at a certain time so I'll be redeeming this deal and donating it to the homeless :) thanks 7/11

Have a great day :)

Original Freebies in January @ 7 Eleven deal post

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    Soup Nazi?

  • It also applies in WA, shows up in the app for me.

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    Well done OP for thinking about giving this to the homeless.

    • Thanks…I was thinking of pulling down the post tbh and going to do it regardless. A bit of kindness doesn't cost a cent, the irony is its the exact opposite from one 7 11 worker who made me think of it

      • Alerting people about the deal and you doing it are two separate matters.

  • Does anyone know if these are delicious and banana-ry? 7-Eleven's a fair walk away and the chance of no stock high so it has to be good.

    • +2

      They are ok. I get them for my kids as a treat when im short on time.

      Would i go out of my way to get one? No.

      • Thanks!

        • On the way, it's fine.
          But not on its own. But then again, it's free, so do whatever you want with it like give it to the homeless/pigeon/kid/dog/7-11 staff/boss.

    • If you've had the Woolworths ones they are pretty similar. Tastes as you'd expect banana bread to taste, on the more moist end of the scale I'd say.

      Luckily for me I can take a slight detour on my walk into work and hit 2 or 3 stores so I've managed to get most deals (except that ice cream the other week!) but probably wouldn't go out of my way to try to grab one with no guarantee, at this time anyway. 6-6:30am might have been OK because most stores should have this in stock but with people on their way into work now….

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    "Error, Try Again Later" Classic.

    • Same!

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    If you're looking to donate to the homeless, might as well donate it to the 7-11 attendant that served you in the first place.

    • I suspect he ain't a worker but more the franchisee.

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    Are you taking about the 7/11 on Collins St next to Southern Cross station and opposite to Krispy Kreme Donuts? Both guys there are very rude and always come up with excuse whenever you would want to redeem free coffee. Happened with me 3 times.

    • +5

      Make the coffee, take it to the counter with the coupon, if they refuse to honour the coupon, leave the coffee on the counter and walk out. It will annoy them more.

      • Why waste a perfectly fine cup of coffee?

    • 7/11 management(?) needs to sort this sh*t out… not acceptable. Why make the app and show deals then…

    • Im not naming and shaming yet but 7/11 need to think about how this could impact their branding. I've already made changes to my spending

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    Oh hallelujah we have Banana bread 🙄

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    I toasted it at work, and it was delicious.
    Note - this only applies to the plain flavour - the one with walnut is not part of the deal.

    • +2

      +1 for toasting. The excessive sugar (28.4g in a 90g slice) caramelises nicely.

    • I didn't even know there was different flavours. Nonetheless I have got the one with walnut for free

      • Lucky - I picked up the walnut and was rejected.

        • +1

          I picked up both just to be ready if they rejected the walnut one.

  • Luch sorted

    • +11

      Is that a meal between brunch and lunch?

      • +1

        Lol yeah healthy luch nana bread and a flavored milk 5 health stars.

  • Don't normally give a positive vote for a repeat 7/11 post, but for the homeless comment, I will.

  • Yesterday’s chocolate milk was delicious

  • Does this work at any 7/11, or just the ones with fuel?

    • Any - subject to stock

  • Is the banana bread just one slice? What's the net weight?

    • 90g - one chunky slice

  • The offer isn't coming up for me, I checked at 8am and again now 11am (QLD time). Is it targetted or has it already sold out?

  • I just had one, still stock in Queen St, Melbourne 7eleven

  • +5

    The lady scanned my barcode then said the system is not working. She did this twice. I placed the item back and walked out.

  • Got it. Loads at my local for once, maybe they took note of my complaint after all.

  • Got one from the Sydney George st store opposite QVB. They were adding more stock on the shelves when I went.

  • Glancing at the thumbnail, I thought this was a deal on Crazy Taxi :(

  • The attendant at my local 7/11 said that they don't offer it at this store. 🙄

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