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10% off Sitewide via eBay App (Min Spend $120, Max Discount $300) @ eBay


10% off everything when you purchase via the eBay app.

Conditions. The offer entitles you to 10% off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) on all items listed on the eBay App except the Excluded Items when you spend $120 or more in one transaction during the Offer Period, up to a maximum discount of $300 per transaction. A maximum of 2 transactions applies. Multiple items may be purchased in one transaction (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction). All monetary amounts specified in these terms and conditions are in Australian dollars (AUD).
'eBay App' means; purchases made via the eBay app in the following operating systems:

iOS (iPhone and iPad)

'Excluded Items' means;
all items listed in the following categories;

Cars, Bikes, Boats (9800), Car & Truck Parts (6030), Coins (11116), Collectables (1), Gift Cards (184609), Other Lots More Items (88433), Real Estate (10542), Services (316), Tickets, Travel (11730);

all items sold by the following Sellers:

Fantastic Furniture

Mod Edit 22/1: As per this comment the code is reported to end 25th of January, however eBay can end it at anytime, so take this date as a best case scenario.

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      • Theres a few new ones for $400 plus $20 delivery, but im looking at Good Guys $460 ($414 with 10%) but can just click and collect instead waiting by the post for amazon. Maybe amazon will have a better price tomo? Probably not, was hoping to get one around $360 after discount but dont think will be in luck after just looking on ebay now

  • In T&C " To redeem this offer during the Offer Period, enter the redemption code PAPP10 into the redemption code box during the checkout process. This code cannot be used in conjunction with any other eBay offer, coupon or voucher. " - Does this mean can not redeem gift card with this code?

    • You can

      • 5 gift cards and 1 promo code can be added at a same time.. is that correct?

        • +1

          Pretty sure I used more than 5 recently. Maybe it's 10.

  • Good timing, needed a new dryer :)

    • I'm looking for a new dryer too, which one did you end up buying?

      • We're looking at this one at the moment since we wanted a heat pump dryer, it's within our budget and it has some pretty decent reviews

        • Great thank you. I was looking for a condenser dryer, I wasn't aware of heat pump dryers, I will look into those too.

          The condenser dryer I was looking at was also an Esatto (it also has good reviews, despite me never having heard of that brand before).

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    Nice!! Was about to hit pay on a $200 eBay cart with the usual 5% off until my OzB senses tingled me to recheck any new deals.

  • +1


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    Why are Car & Truck Parts excluded.

    • +2

      It is a category that trades well and they don't need to give any discounts.

  • Min spend $120….looks like they increase their min spend by 20%

    • -2

      Higher min. spend means you save more $$$ - you should be thankful!

  • Really need to change the definition of 'sitewide' when there are a heap of exclusions.

  • they will just start adding zeros to the minimum spend I reckon xd

  • Just found this. Got two things on my watched list, so will check tomorrow.

  • +1

    Damn, bought a phone just yesterday with 5% off code

    • Same here…

      • +9

        At least you'll be able to install the app now :P

  • +6

    I remember the good old days about 5 years ago when there was genuine 20% off and 25% off. Well as you already know, those days are now gone.
    Now with all the Price gauging going on these days, it is now cheaper to buy from the preferred ebay seller of your choice only using a 10% discount. Crunch the numbers guys. I also remember we had 10% off for most of the year with a $40 min spend in 2015 / 2016.

    ebay has put the big squeeze to max out profits and the buyers are now paying for it.

    Worst boxing day ebay sale ever last December…Even the normal retail shops such as the Good guys and even myer are now offering some better pricings with their genuine 10% off sales with … no price gauging.

    It makes you think right ? What are your thoughts regarding this matter ? Let's hope ebay gets to have a good read….

    • +2

      When I think of eBay five years ago, it was actually a pretty low point in my mind. The standard final value fee for sellers had recently been hiked to 9.9% and there were almost never any discounts on them. I pretty much stopped selling on eBay, which also impacted my buying as I wasn't getting as much money from selling my old goods. Now there are $1 weekends and frequent targeted free/discounted listing offers.

      From a buying perspective, maybe the price jacking phenomenon wasn't such a big thing, but discount codes in general were far less frequent.

  • Code not ready yet.

    Anyone getting the same message?

    • Starts at 10 am . My bad

  • Waiting for 15% off sitewide…

  • +1

    When does it end?

  • I cant seem to use this when buying from American seller?

    Edit: actually cant even use locally. It says code not ready yet?

    Edit: oh starts 10AM lol

    • +1

      Try again in 15 minutes. The code doesn't start until 10am AEST

  • +1

    The 15% off site wide is better.

    Just sign up for Plus, and cancel after trial period.

    • I got plus already and i need the extra discount on this offer. Good tip for non plus members though

      • I got plus already and i need the extra discount on this offer

        Just create a new account.

  • Code is up and working

  • Any price jacking?

  • nice, i just bought an item and it had 5% off + able to use 10% coupon… $305 saving, unexpected but welcomed!

  • I'm calling this a load of crap, waited for the xiaomi stick vacuum and they jack up the prices by 10%.

  • About to dump a grand at Computer Alliance. But I am scared there'll be a 15% off or something on their store soon…argh!

    • Jack always gatecrashes those parties

  • Gopro Hero 7 Black for $472 after discount. Not as good as the amazon deal a month ago - but pretty decent still

  • Thinking about ordering a xiaomi mi robot vacuum, but they're about $342 after 10% off at gearbite which is still significantly more expensive than they've been in the past.

  • Edit: Never mind, I removed a couple of items from the cart and it works after that…

    Can anyone checkout? I keep getting the error:
    Something went wrong. Please try to check out again

  • Can't use on 'travel', so cannot use it to purchase suitcases.

  • I keep getting the message "We can't apply this code until you reach the minimum order deal" even though I have $122 worth of stuff in my cart, and the GST component of that amount is $1.41, so the total amount is $120.81. WTF eBay!!! All items are in AUD as well.

    EDIT: I added another $1 item and it worked. WTF man.

    • Can't include shipping

      • Shipping was free on all items, and the total amount (excluding GST) was more than $120, hence my surprise at it not working.

  • You can contact ebay to complain why car parts or travel are excluded. They may generate a one off 10% coupon for you.

  • -1

    Please run this until mid ight or tomorrow because some of us have to work

    • +4

      You could have purchased in the time you wrote that comment.

      • you must have missed this username. He's busy making his billions…

      • +1

        Busy counting my giftcards and applying those via the app is so slow

  • +1

    One thing I've noticed is that when used in conjunction with vouchers (if you have any discount ones to use up) is that the app actually enforces the 8 maximum limitation. So with coupon, only 7 codes can be used. Previously I believe some were able to use 15 or so vouchers via the web browser. Something to look out for if anyone's buying something with a lot of vouchers.

  • Any ebay store selling iPhone 7/8 Plus that's not grey import?

  • +2

    I asked ebay chat and was told that this will end on 25 Jan.

    • Cool. Mods should update the OP

      • I “reported” it to the mods last night. Hope they update the OP.

        • +1

          Confirmed ends today. Its showing as "expires 25/01/2019" in My Ebay page

          • @John: thanks. updated the expiry date

            • @r0xz: how can we see if it is expired? It isn't on the front page currently?

              • @ChurchMouth: It's on your my eBay page. Not everyone have it but multiple people have been reporting the same

  • The code does not seem to work properly. Even have $10 over the required minimum spend and it still comes up with 'does not meet minimum spend required' or whatever. Pretty frustrating crapBay

    • +1

      You have to purchase through the app on iOS or Android.

  • Purchased 3 items to meet minimum spending and one seller just cancelled the order.. the other 2 seller already shipped the items.
    Do I have to pay 10% back to Ebay?

    • why would you be so kind?

      • I was wondering if Ebay would cancel all discount and charge me back

        • +1

          of course not.

          • @r0xz: Is it because seller cancelled order? If not then anyone can abuse with min spending..

            • @reservin: yes. if the seller canceled the order that's beyond anyone's control. you can't abuse min spending as that's the requirement to activate the discount code.

  • +3

    Ugh, Car and Truck Parts excluded again :(

  • Didn't work for me (item $200). Tried twice. Just noticed no car parts… grrr

  • Thanx op.. got a Galaxy S9 64gb from oz_digital_online

    • grey import right?

  • Thanks OP just bought nutri ninja bl682 from Myer

  • Just bought a $700 kitchenaid mixer for $440 :)

    • how?

      • -1

        Well when I say $700, that seemed to be the going rate anywhere I looked when not on special ($699 - kms160). But found 'peters of Kensington' on ebay had them for $494+$11 postage.

        Discount brought it down to $440 total.

        So i guess when I say $700, thats the price the missus would have paid unless I took over the bargain hunting haha.

        • you can get a refurb (brand new ex display) one on catch for 399. Have got a few refurb KA items from them in the last year or so. All brand new.

          • @ClemFandango76: Yeah I saw those, but 12 month warranty vs 5 years.
            Happy to pay the little extra for 4 years extra peace of mind.

  • +2

    Thanks OP

    • just bought robotic pool cleaners for my daughters' pools. Saved $178. Checked in-store and the best they would do was $60 off.
    • have you got a link? Thank you, interested as well

      • +1

        This is the cheaper online version of the Zodiac TX35. It doesn't have the caddy or the clear plastic lid, and the cord is 14 metres vs 16 meters for the TX35. That was $30 off each cleaner - I bought two, so $60.


        The TX35 is not "sold online" - instore only. The real price seems to run from about $990- to $1250. Not sure how useful the caddy is and so you are paying almost $200 for a longer cable and a prettier unit.

        Seems to have good write-ups. The unit is 5.5kgs, which is a lot lighter than others around, including the Zodiac CX35.

  • http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=333027...

    wanted this - grr cant be bought on the ebay app

    • You're $1 shy of $120

  • I have $133 in cart and when apply this coupon says I have not reached the minimum

  • what the…

    I have ~US$1000 (30x of one item) in my cart, adding the code only reduces by US$33.. how is that 10% even with their dodgy exchange rates??

    • +1

      maximum of 10 items per transaction

      • thanks mate.. baah missed that bit :p

  • Why does Couponese have the date of 2019-02-03 in the listing?

  • Finally pulled the trigger on my car stereo upgrade. Thanks OP

    • So car audio units/accessories don't fall under 'Car & Truck Parts' exclusions, do they? I thought those were excluded.