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Paxcess, Bluetooth Audio Receiver/Transmitter.
3.5mm socket and an optical in and out port.
I bought one before Christmas for $15.98. Went to buy another after Christmas and the price had gone up to $29.95, so I have been keeping an eye on it for a price drop. At 29.95 it is a reasonable purchase, especially compared to the inferior Taotronics unit which sells for $52.99($37.99 with code).
At the current price it is, well, silly.

It supports aptX and aptX Low Latency, and can connect to two headphones(no aptX-LL) just like all of the other units.

Compared to the Taotronics equivalent product:
This has noticeably better latency. Tested by splitting the analogue signal input to both units, while each was paired to VAVA28 BT Earbuds with aptX-LL, with the left earbud from each unit place into my left and right ears, which resulted in the Taotronics echoing the sound from this unit.
It has a separate pairing button.
Includes Volume/Transport and Pause/Answer Buttons as a receiver.
In transmit mode the volume buttons control preamp volume transmitted. That is, you end up with source volume, this units transmit volume, and the volume on your BT paired listening device.
Superior clean audio with none of the sound EQ and compression of the Taotronic(might be the cause of it's poor latency).
Around 30% greater range.

The only oddity I found was that in TX mode when on battery and the usb port is connected to a power source, the unit turns off. Not really an issue in transmit mode where it is generally permanently connect to an external power supply.

I have tried a few of these recently and this is my favorite transmitter.

The only dilemma is should I buy a third before it gets Ozbargained?

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    Pls make this offer live again :)


    Does anyone know if these devices support the microphone on bluetooth headphones? I want to use this with the Nintendo Switch console for 2 way chat. I.e. hear in game chat and talk back through the mic on the headphones connected via one of these devices to the Switch.


      None that I have seen allow that .

      I have also not seen one where you can use a headset's microphone in RX mode, though there are units with a built in microphone.

      Both of these uses seem pretty obvious so there could possibly be a product that does allow it.


      The Genki bluetooth transmitter has a hidden mic mode that allows the bluetooth microphone to be used. It's an "experimental" feature, though: they purposely chose to go with an external 3.5mm mic because they thought the sound quality with bluetooth mic was not good enough.

      The problem is, AFAIK, all the good quality BT codecs (AptX, AAC, etc) are one-way only. To get mic audio (two-way transmission), you have to drop back to A2DP, which has crappy audio (eg. phone call quality).

      But yes, you can do it with a Genki, if you wish. Otherwise, you're probably better off with a wireless headset that uses a wi-fi dongle.


      Thanks for the responses. Appreciate it.

      Might look at a separate mic plugged into the switch. Might need a splitter to separate the mic and connection to the BT transmitter for the headphones.


    Can you set a pairing code ?
    Keen for any recommended units that can set the code.


    Available now, but only 1 left after my order.
    All gone now.

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