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[eBay Plus New Members] Sony WH-1000XM3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones $338.13 Delivered @ Mobileciti eBay


It's ya boy NC here to bring u a deal on the NC headphones!!! kthanxbai

100% AU stock, GST tax invoice with ABN, TRS if eligible, local Australian manufacturers warranty.

Thanks to skido2 for the Original AUPLUSJAN15 15% off Sitewide for New eBay Plus Members.

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  • Ebay plus membership link here - https://pages2.ebay.com.au/plus/

    I think this is the best deal so far on these.

    I'm very tempted to buy but having second thoughts on waiting for a similar deal with the silver colour (which is apparently having stock shortage issues in Aus so not sure if this will be fixed)

  • It's ya boy NC here to bring u a deal on the NC headphones!!! kthanxbai

    I cringed my face off

    • +7 votes

      hey friend my 8 year old fortnite-playing nephew still uses "cringe" in his vocab as well and he's asking me to ask you for your gamertag so you can "duo up together" whatever that means thank

      • The Oxford and Merriam Webster dictionaries also have it in their vocabularies. Clever nephew you've got there, foster his learning buying him some books. Feel free to read them too :^)

      • Similar situation recently: I tried explaining what kind of people are good at video games. And could only come up with “this is an old word, but they are called Geeks or Nerds. They spend a lot of time playing games so they are good at them.”
        To which I was promptly corrected
        “They are called professional-gamers.”
        I was like yes yes that is a much better way to describe them.

    • Really glad you let us know.


      iMagoo 2.0?

  • I'm pretty salty that existing eBay Plus members aren't exactly being taken care of - I would be really keen on buying these :(

    • Buy off Amazon, cheaper and leagues better customer support.

      • I have Prime too and otherwise buy everything I can on Amazon. The only reason I have eBay Plus is because I wanted a Google Home Mini, and a membership with the free Home Mini was about the same price as just buying one. Cancelled my membership renewal though, there's absolutely no benefit to Plus.

        • Yeah, Plus is a joke, there is absolutely no way they can ever think about competing with Amazon with the way they are treating their customers. Only downside is that Amazon's XM3's sold out before I could grab a pair.

    • Just canceled my membership too. Industry I work in is all about retention, with Amazon and others around this was a poor decision by ebay to exclude current members from this not so good deal.

      • Just cancelled my membership with eBay plus as well. They can get stuffed with this nonsense of only offering deals to new members. I really don’t understand why a company would do this. Seems worse than not offering deals at all.

  • Got these in one of the deals a couple weeks back.

    I'm no audiophile or anything but there is plenty of in-depth reviews out there.

    I've been super happy with them, the noise cancelling is top notch, and they are very comfy on my ears, haven't had any discomfort whatsoever.

  • If only my 1000xm1s would die already. Unfortunately still going strong after 4 years.

    • my m2's started to die on me late last year. Sony service hooked me up with a replacement m3 earlier this year. Chuffed.

      • What happened to them? Would be great if that could happen to mine, only 1 year warranty though right? Bought mine December 2017

        • Started to get muffled audio after a period of usage each time I did use them. They would be fine after switching them off for a while and turning them back on, but again, it would persist into muffled audio again. Also my battery life was abysmal. I was lucky enough to get them exchanged/replaced within the final month of my 1 yr warranty. Sony support and service are great.

  • $327 from Amazon this morning

  • What a spit in the face for existing plus members

  • how do people always get that flash deal from amazon? is there some kind of alert or do they just constantly check the site out?

    gosh i've been waiting for so long for amazon deals but always miss them

  • It's ya boy NC

    NC please come home your mother and I miss you and we aren't mad.

  • Are you Aa9skillz in disguise?

  • Right in time for 40+ hours trip (round), tested the WH-1000XM3 in Costco and it doesn't feel uncomfortable at all, the sound quality is acceptable to me (better than expected).

    I'd take this deal, black is better than the silver (which is a bit girly?).

  • Just got mine and came here to say these are incredible! Best purchase this holiday season. I had Bose and returned them same day. They weren't as comfortable ans NC was not half as good.

    I love for two main reasons: 1) can quickly hear ambient sound by placinf hand over the rifhty side. And 2) there's no sinking in the water feeling with NC as i experienced with Bose.

    Just love em.

  • Can you price match this at JB hi-fi??

  • Appears that the 15% off storewide deal is no longer available.

    Signed up to Ebay plus and it did not accept the AUPLUSJAN15 code

    • damn i was about to join ebay plus. thanks for the info

      • It still works, but you have to wait for ebay to activate your plus account within 48 hours.
        I never got an email confirming it and the code initially did not work. ~24 hours later, tried again and it worked fine. Bought the headphones just now.

  • would of purchased if they did this for existing plus members.

  • I have a question. The code expires 28 February but my Ebay Plus free trial expire 19 February. If I cancel my free trial, for example, in 10 days or 18 February for don't pay, my 15% discount will be still available?

  • I just got it for around $19 cheaper without the plus membership using code POOLTIME

  • any bricks and mortar shops around this price - want to price match and use up a DJ's gift card i've got?

  • I made a Ebay plus account but the code doesn't seem to work. I received an email from ebay which says that Ebay plus has been activated. Any tips?

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