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Sony Over-Ear Headphones, Black (WH1000XM3B) - $327.04 Delivered @ Amazon AU


On sale again. Got decent reviews

Volume Control Touch Sensor
Sensitivities (dB/mW) 104.5dB / mW (1kHz) (when connecting via the headphone cable with the unit turned on) , 101dB / mW (1kHz) (when connecting via the headphone cable with the unit turned off)
Plug Gold-plated L-shaped stereo mini plug
Magnet Neodymium
Impedance (Ohm) 47 ohm (1kHz) (when connecting via the headphone cable with the unit turned on) , 16 ohm (1kHz) (when connecting via the headphone cable with the unit turned off)
Headphone Type Closed, dynamic
Frequency Response (Hz) 4Hz-40,000Hz

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  • Price in title please m8.

    In before pointless comments of 'Waiting till they're $299' etc

  • +26 votes

    I use these daily. You're mental if you're trading off the enjoyment of using these over time for the sake of saving $50 who knows when. Just buy them.
    Don't go out for dinner for the next week if that'll help your wallet conscience.

    • +7 votes

      And people pay $4 to $5 for their morning coffee. Forgo that for two weeks. There's $40 to $50 right there.

      My Bose qc35 makes my morning and afternoon train commute bearable.

      Not to mention the occasional flight overseas.

      • Last flight home there were three screaming babies in close proximity. Let's just say nc headphones, 1, inconsolable toddler, 0

        • A bazillion times this. People underestimate the value of anc.

        • Let’s hope you will never have kid.

          • @Montyjpm: I got nothing against those who choose to have kids. More power to them. However why should someones choice to have a kid be to the detriment of others?

            As a parent if your kid is screaming out when they could just talk to each other without having to scream out the words they are saying. Then it's your duty as their parents to discipline them.

            Have another parent who thinks leaving their pram in the common area in the apartment block is ok. Guessing just laziness that they don't bring it in to their unit upstairs. This is against fire safety regulations for those who aren't aware. Not to mention a trip hazard to the residents of the unit the pram is left at.

            But hey let's just hope people never have kids instead.

          • @Montyjpm: lets hope together my friend

    • Lets just say we have different priorities 😄

  • Will Jb or harvey instore price match??

    • +3 votes

      Just did it at JB. They couldn't believe it

      • Good to hear. Hope the deal is still live tomorrow

      • JB store policy is to always price match as long as it's Australian stock, we appreciate the fact you came to us rather than buying from wherever else. Unfortunately not all sales staff follow this and I do apologise for them. I personally don't see why they don't do it as even a pricematched sale still goes towards their weekly budget.

        • Because some JB staff are literally just f***tards who make up their own rules as they go along. Someone made a whole forum post on it with a similar responses on how retarded some of them actually are.


          • @BargainKen: I was at Geelong JB when there was a really good deal on Breath of the Wild and asked if they would price match it. The guy in the games department said "No? Why would we? That's stupid they don't pay me why should we match their price."

  • I firstly looked at Bose qc35 ii.since a month ago. But after reading so many comments and reviews, I finally pull the trigger on Sony xm3. Sorry Bose

  • Showing $327.04 for me at the moment!

  • Showing at $327 for me!

  • Currently showing as $327.04 for me (put an order through, will see what happens). Refreshed a few times and it did jump back up once or twice but has since returned to the lower amount.

  • Just got them for $327!

  • +2 votes

    Bought - remember CashRewards to bring it down to $310!!

    Thanks OP!

  • I ordered at 350….. can I cancel it and re order?

  • Suckers paid this price for refurbs!

  • Damn brah, price is too good to refuse if paid with shopback.


    • Have you received any cash back from shopback, for me everything seems to be pending for last 4 months.

      • I've only made a few purchases and still have pending till date x? Once that date hits, I'll know if I can claim or not. Surely there shouldn't be issues, otherwise there business will be for the toilet.

  • Finally pulled the trigger on these. $280 odd after cashback and TRS. And they are tax deductible for me as well!! Cheering.

  • Party's over folks.
    Price is back to $402.

    Wasted my time negotiating with HN for a price match. They said it's way below the market value and the best they could do was $420.

    Should buy from Amazon directly..

  • Isn't B at the end of the model number same as refurbished model listed before?? I could be wrong in staying that these are refurbished

  • Gone! So glad I jumped on it when I did :D

  • Price increased to $402.90

  • Thanks! Picked one up for $327. Absolutely stoked!

  • 327for how long? 20 minutes?

    Amazon is freak…… I ordered at 350 at around 8pm, when I saw 327 I was trying to cancel my original order, because it is just like in jb hifi they sell me something on 350 and sell to the next customer on 327 when I have not even left the shop…… but I could not find the cancel button, I was a little bit disappointed, trying to find an amazon online support to help me to cancel, still cannot find……. then it is back to 402, shall I be happy for not cancelling my 350 order?

    Anyway, pardon my ignorance, I am new for amazon, I still need to ask, how to cancel an unshipped order on amazon? Do they have online support to help customers with orders?


  • I'm gonna say it……. I bought these yesterday via ebay for $350 and I'm still happy with that.

  • Missed it damm

    • Longer you wait the cheaper it will get. Just depends on how long you want to wait.

      • To a point. Not like I wait 5 years and these will be $100 each. Sony ain't gonna be like that. When these start hitting the lowest it's worth for Sony to sell. They are going to make something else.

  • Took mine to NZ yesterday worked like a champ on the flight.

    Great headphones at sub 350.

  • $330 is a great price for a pair of great headphones.

    Got mine over Black Friday when the price dropped to $359 and used the AMEX deal so got it for $309.

  • wwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaath. how did i miss this

  • Here's my comments on the difference between the QC35's and the Sony XM3's…

    I just need to say how amazing these headphones are (Sony's). I bought them a few weeks ago for $350 in preparation for a trip to China. I'm back now….and the headphones were the best investment I could've made. It was a sheer joy when I placed them on my ears once the plane engines started and the crying babies continued and there is that 1 second moment of looking forward to the headphones announcing "power on" and then comes the almost absolute silence. I love that 1 second of anticipation. Every time I did it I could hardly believe it was really happening. I was able to endure 12 hour flights in virtual silence thanks to these babies. They instantly connected via bluetooth to my phone every time I turned them on. The Sony headphones app is also very good.

    They are so easy to use. I love the double tap on the ear cup to pause and continue watching/listening. I love the feature where you just cover the right ear cup to listen to the flight attendant asking what drink or meal you would like. The Sony's come with an airline adapter, a short little USB-C charging cable, a good length headphone cable and a decent case. I would recommend using/purchasing a longer USB-C cable for charging these babies.

    My mate had the Bose QC35's and when we did a real time comparison whilst standing next to each other, we both instantly agreed that the Sony's were far superior in noise cancellation ability. In fact, I was quite disappointed with the QC35's performance after comparing them in real time to the Sony's.

    If anyone has a need for noise cancellation headphones, these Sony's have no equal. They work fantastically even when you're not listening to music or videos.

    The battery was at 70% after more than 14 hours of continual use on the Sony's. Then on the way back, I had used them for about 20 hours and the battery was at 60%.

    I made some phone calls and I had no problem whatsoever hearing the person on the other end and they had no problem at all hearing my voice. The calls were made at busy airports, so I'm not sure why some people have had issues with being heard clearly when making calls using the Sony's.

    The comfort was good for about 6 hours. I would then take them off for a few minutes or slightly adjust where the headphones sat on the top of my head and they were good for another few hours. I've heard the QC35's are better in the comfort area, but I was more than happy with the Sony's comfort and with the obvious noise cancelling advantage and great sound quality, slightly better comfort is not enough for me to choose the QC35's.

    If you MUST have the ability to connect to more than one bluetooth device at the same time, then I guess the Sony's aren't for you, but for me, everything else points to the Sony's being superior to the Bose.

    Good luck with your testing and choice. It's all personal preference in the end.

    • did you have any problem with the device being too cold in China? i guess it must be freezing out there and i heard there were issues with this under 0 degree celcius.

      • I never actually used the headphones outside, so I have no idea if there would be issues with using them in colder weather. I would definitely have given it a go if I knew this was a potential issue. I like to experiment. It got down to about -20C in Harbin where I last was, so it would've been a good test.

        • it sucks you werent aware of it. it seems like it had been known for a while. maybe next time? ;)

    • good review, thanks trainingwheelz

  • Amazon if you are looking at this. PLZ BRING THIS BACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

  • Back in stock guys. Get in it quick!

  • lol that'd be right… pulled the trigger on the mini disc price and now this… oh well… i love em, highly recommended!

  • Can't add to cart :(

    EDIT: Out of stock again

  • I'm confused it's coming up as 400 for me

  • Well it’s back in stock and I just purchased one for $327.04

  • This time i did not waste my time dealing with HN online sales, thanks OP

  • Thanks. Been looking to get these for a while. Missed out before I went os for Christmas, but pulled the trigger now 😁

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