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Google Pixel 3 64GB $899, Pixel 3 XL 64GB $1049, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 512GB $1299 at JB Hi-Fi


First time poster so be gentle
Saw this in the latest JB HiFi flyer.
Cheapest price for Australian stock I believe.

Google Pixel 3 64gb $899
Samsung galaxy note 9 512gb $1299 outright
Google Pixel 3 128gb $1049
Google pixel 3 XL 64gb $1049
Google pixel 3 XL 128gb $1199

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  • good price wonder if any discount for the pixel 3 xl

  • Pay using discounted gift card, save further

    Or buy from domayne, price match and pay using Amex if got offer saved (150$ off on 750 spend)

  • Brilliant. Wonder if Google store online and Harvey Norman will come to the party with the same price like last time!

  • I urge you to read threads such as this one;

    Before deciding to purchase googles hardware.

    After owning several google phones, in my opinion, the quality and the support is orders of magnitude out of step with the price.

    And if you don't believe me, have a chat with your friendly sales rep at JB, ask two questions:

    1. Under what circumstances will you swap this faulty device for a new one
    2. If I bring this back broken tomorrow, how long will it take for you to give me a refurbished phone?
    • Edit: ignore - link is specific about the 3..

      Interesting… I've owned the OG Pixel, and currently using a Pixel 3. Had an issue with the aux input on my OG Pixel. Called Google, the guy asked me to go into safe mode and follow standard process. Didn't work so I called back, they issued me a replacement without me needing to send my existing phone back until the new one arrived (placed an auth only transaction on my credit card).

      Great service in my opinion. I suppose YMMV.

      • Clearly you bought from the google store, you do NOT get that option if you buy from telstra/jb/kogan/etc

        • Bought from gumtree off a guy that won it at work (I believe he was a HN employee). I thought my situation would be worse than a JB purchase. Shame really..

        • Bought my OG Pixel from Telstra. Replaced with a brand new one during 2 year consumer guarantee period, no questions asked.

        • That is a load of crock. I purchased a google phone from JB and had it replaced under warranty through google support without any issues. Consumer laws force manufacturers to give support to their devices no matter where they purchase the device.

          • @BlitzR: That's not how consumer law works. Consumer law imposes obligations on the retailer (who then presumably chase the manufacturer).

            I'm glad to hear you had a good experience with the manufacturer going over and above their obligations, though!

      • Had the OG Pixel audio issue 2 weeks ago — and that's a month after the 2 year warranty has expired. It seems to be quite a common hardware problem. I wonder what's the chance of getting Google fixing it.

        • Something pretty cool is that the phone has a live chat option to contact support built into the settings. They've been quite helpful with grandfathering my youtube red (premium) service at a lower price. I'd hope they would help in some way with hardware defects too.

      • It's a pain though when google send you multiple refurbs that keep breaking.

        Some faults are immediately apparent like a pixel refurb I got recently the type C charging port broke, one before that the voice call volume was super soft, and the one I had now died couldn't even boot into recovery after 1 week use.

        Dealing with google call centre staff is horrible and every time they pickup the refurb they give you a half or full day window for the courier to pickup the broken refurb from you requiring me to take multiple half days off work.

        100% done with Google, almost zero QC. I'd like to say it's isolated but my wife has had her nexus 5X break too and given the similar run around.

        OnePlus 6 should be arriving soon…fingers crossed $500 with more RAM and headphone jack vs $1200 Jb discount pixel 3XL

        Don't see the OP6 getting much cheaper, even when SD 855 comes out. maybe $400 at lowest before it goes out of stock. The 5T is still selling $400+

        • 100% done with Google, almost zero QC

          Same. Since the Nexus 6P, their QC has been close to non existent. I'm looking towards the Nokia flagship this year, or the Note X.

      • I bought from Google store and didn't get that level of service, and I have been through it 7 times now.

      • I had to get a Pixel replaced due to the microphone not working (locks up calls and video recording)

        Had to go through chat with rep, remote access via phone, then call while it was bring reset to factory

        Eventually got them to organise for a courier to come pick it up and get a refurb (in a different colour than my original)

        One week later, same microphone issue in the refurb…

        After hearing similar issues plague the Pixel 2 and 3 phones, I wouldn't pay the premium for them.

        Gcam is ported to other devices so just buy a mid-range phone and grab the apk from xda

    • Also this, https://www.reddit.com/r/GooglePixel/comments/aijpl3/pics_my...

      posted just 3 hours ago. Apparently 3XL caught fire. While its not the same phone but just putting it out there.

    • Curious… As I've had the last 3 pixels, never had a hardware issue, broke a screen but hey, that was on me.

      What manufacturer are you comparing to in terms of quality and support?

      • I've had smartphones since 2006, and I have never had to replace a single of my devices from HTC/Samsung/LG. I have had 7 RMA's over 2 years with pixels. Starting from OG Pixel.

    • I've had a similar experience with Google. Wonderful customer service. I've had 2 pixels replaced. Not too many questions asked and it was even my fault once. I broke the glass and they knew this is why I asked for a replacement. I didn't even our buy through them.
      Highly recommended Google. I have a note 9 and I much prefer Google.

    • Agree I've had several nexus & pixels break. They only give refurbs, never fix. Sometimes it takes 2-3 refurbs to get one that works. Horrible quality control.

      I'm waiting for my OP6 to arrive with the 15% ebay plus voucher, fingers crossed that works out. But definitely done with google.

      • Apple usually swaps with refurbs as well, to be fair

        • Apple has a much better backup and restore process than Android.

          Much less tedious to get your phone back up and running just like your old phone

          • @twig: In my experience, Android with the built in options that Google does involving photos, contacts, apps and all that sort of thing works very painlessly. The issue though is SMS and call history, which many people don't really care about.

            The blessing / curse of free choice by the consumer and phone manufacturers is that unlike iOS you're not forced into the good backup options, this is why pixels / stock Android makes it easier.

          • @twig: I was able to easily restore all my data from my Pixel 1 to my Pixel 3 via the native Google Sync/Backup, and the included data cable. It took much less time than iCloud Restore as well.

          • @twig: You can seamlessly backup and restore the entire phone, including SMS messages from pixel phones.

            • @varunpant: @BenR31415 @itsfree @varunpant In my experience (several Android devices, even a Pixel), Google doesn't restore all apps (some installed via third party, removed from store, etc) and fails to restore data for some apps which don't support it (settings don't come back correctly, etc)

              I spend a lot of time tinkering to get things "just right" so its an absolute pain in the ass when it comes to switching or factory resetting.

              NAND backups seem to be the closest way to getting an image backup, but even then vanilla TWRP has some sort of allergy to backing up user data.

      • I switched from the Pixel 2XL to the OnePlus 6 and I've been incredibly happy with it. It's just a no nonsense phone and hasn't missed a beat in the 6 months I've owned it.

    • I loved Android as an OS having owned Nexus 5 then 6P for a few years.

      But hardware quality control and poor after sales support forced me to switch to Apple and never look back.

      I have been using iPhone 8 since release and feel safe in the knowledge in case there is a hardware issue I can jump into an Apple store and have it repaired or swapped, at a cost or not.

      • I can jump into an Apple store and have it repaired or swapped, at a cost or not.

        You're already prepaying for that level of support through their (huge) product prices. Apple isn't known for giving things away for free.

        • It’s almost like you get what you pay for…

        • That’s true but Pixel 3 aint getting any cheaper at launch.

          At this price without the same level of after sales support? No thank you.

          • @ryangoal: Fair enough. I haven't liked Apple products UI/OS so far, but I expect Android to be significantly cheaper as they definitely die more or lose manufacturer support. If it isn't say 30% cheaper then I'm not buying.

            • @justtoreply: Android phone manufacturers spend a lot on R&D, components, testing, etc and now on advertising, so to expect their prices to be significantly cheaper (especially at or soon after launch) is unrealistic, but can be attained a few months post launch.

        • You're already prepaying for that level of support through their (huge) product prices. Apple isn't known for giving things away for free.

          Google isn’t exactly pricing their phones at bargain basement prices. Look at the entry level cost for Google and Apple’s latest devices, there’s virtually no difference in the pricing set by Google and Apple. Pixel 3 64GB $1199 RRP. iPhone XR 64GB $1239 RRP. The other big brands like Samsung and even Huawei are certainly hanging in there with Apple to see who can sell the most expensive phones. They’re all just as greedy as each other, but there is not even a close second to Apple for after sales service.

          • @aja12: All android phones get cheaper by 20% or more after launch (and are further discounted with sales) in the first 6 months, while iPhones rarely are on sale or discounted, especially in the first 6 months.

            • @Trishool: You’re completely missing the point, and making invalid new points. Most Android phone makers try selling their flagships at very high prices, comparable to Apple. The figure that you’ve made up - “All Android phones get cheaper by 20% or more after launch…”, why do you think that is? Do you think the manufacturers start to feel more generous and drop RRP? Do you think they have second thoughts on pricing strategy, and want to do right by consumers, so lower RRP? The market dictates the prices, not the manufacturers. Google, Samsung, Huawei, LG, etc., are all as equally profit driven as Apple.

      • Out of my iPhone 3GS, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Sony Xperia Z3 only the iPhone 3GS died completely…the battery ballooned up broke everything, well out of warranty but it still happened, the others still work.

    • Have a Pixel 2 XL, bought it from Telstra store (vs JB) and have that safety blanket of knowing it can get replaced.

      I haven't had any issues yet, apart from a weird camera crashing bug for a few days (went away next time I restarted - silly me) and it's been nothing but amazing.
      Of course, a lot of top tier phones would be good, but the camera has been a lifesaver ever since I've started my new job. I know I could get the same vanilla android on others with an emulator, but it just feels so smooth. 3 years of updates + monthly security patches are also good :D

      • almost close to the 5 Apple gets. I still get lag around the camera and other things, and my apps shut when in the background constantly.

    • Had an issue with my 3xl bought by telstra, was replaced without issue. Took 2 days.

    • I'm still on an OG Pixel and the device has been mostly good apart from a few issues around random rebooting. I attempted to get it fixed under warranty when this was occurring that was denied by Google support because it had a hairline crack on the back plastic piece (Cosmetic, but Google support wanted me to repair it before they would consider any RMA). I thought that was a bit crap, but can understand (kindof) where they were coming from.

      Would I buy another one (specifically a Pixel 3)? Probably not. Stock android is definitely worthwhile and the camera is great but paying over 1k for flagships isn't worth it these days. Although I'll probably be a total hypocrite and start lusting over the S10 when it comes out.

      I reckon there will be further discounts on these once Snapdragon 855 devices start showing up - we'll see.

    • I bought my pixel 2 xl from jbhifi, they swapped mine out for a brand new replacements if its under <3 months, on the spot. After that, they'll send to Telstra for replacement repair for some reason and give you a loaner phone in the meantime (my loaner phone was a nexus 6p)

      I think the support is decent and fine. but I had troubles with rattling speakers on my pixel 2xl and no amount of replacement seem to fix it. tried everything online.

    • Bought a 2XL from JB last year and wasn't satisfied with the screen grain and blue shift. I ended up having the navigation bar burn into my screen and once I showed it to them at JB they refunded it. YMMV though… I'm sure it depends on the store/staff member.

    • The retailer MUST offer to repair or replace if it has a major fault. You as the consumer can reject the offer of repair and request an immediate replacement. Under consumer law they must replace on the spot and then they deal with the manufacturer…

  • Thanks OP…great debut!

    The Pixel 3 XL is without a doubt the best phone I've ever had - great battery, incredible camera and super speedy

    …and I paid full price 🤨

  • +14 votes

    Thanks op, signed up a username to say thanks,right about to purchase a new phone then Seen this on special. Was keen on the pixel 3

  • I got mine during the December promo off Google store, but regretfully returning it tomorrow because the notch is annoying, some apps are not fully optimized. However, software experience for a stock android is really good and best of all, the Gcam produces astonishing results.

    • Can you elaborate?

      • Basically, the notch just makes the overall screen very small. Watching videos without notch feels like you are watching video on 5".

        Also, the 4gb of RAM is not helping at all especially with multitasking, at times when I tried switching between apps, there is a noticeable lag. Further comments about the Gcam, at times when I open the app, at times the app started 1 to 2 sec slower, hence sometimes missing moment shots.

        Therefore, I am sticking with my Note 9 at this stage.

    • Pixel 3 > 3 XL

    • Yeah that notch seems god-awful. The option to hide it is good, but a bit pointless because it just makes more bezel. Doesn't need to be that thick.

      Love my 6 inch phone (LOL don't even) and don't want to go back to a 5 inch, so here's hoping the 4XL is notch free :D

    • What apps are not optimised for android?

    • Where did you buy from that you are able to return it after using it for a month?

  • Great price OP. Don't know I'd be able to go down to a 5-inch screen though.

    • 5 inches is fine. That's what she said.

    • See the updated deal.. includes pixel 3xl and note 9

    • Any bigger than 5" is too big in the pocket.

      I dread needing to upgrade because at this rate there wont be any flagships that are a palatable size. (Yes I'll beat everyone to the joke by saying only 5" fits in my mouth…)

      • That jokes already been inferred twice..

        You must have small pockets - a 6 inch phone fits in there fine with no dramas. Could fit a larger one if I want. And I'm not exactly a big unit, my clothing (and hence pockets) are quite normal.

  • Naturally this deal pops up just after I pull the trigger on a Mate 20 Pro. Was wanting a Pixel but couldn't justify the price. Ughhh…

  • Deal updated.. includes pixel 3 xl and note 9

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