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[NSW] 40% off Full-Priced Adult, Concession and Child Tickets to Taronga Zoo Sydney


Time to experience Rise of the Tarongasaurs is running out! After being extinct for 65 million years, Dinosaurs have roared back to life at Taronga Zoo Sydney – but on February 3rd 2019, the prehistoric adventure comes to an end.

To celebrate the end of the holiday season, we’re offering a Dino-sized discount on zoo entry to our loyal subscribers and their friends and family!

Until 3 February, receive 40% off full-priced Adult, Concession and Child tickets to Taronga Zoo Sydney when you use the promo code ZOO40 when purchasing tickets online.

Don’t miss out – discounted tickets are strictly limited and are only valid for redemption between 23 January 2019 – 3 February 2019.

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  • You were just a min early.. lol
    This is great deal for families

  • I wonder if they've done it because the forecast is 35 degree temperatures for the next week and no one is going to the zoo right now?

    • They're valid for more than a year…

    • Actually the queue on the Tiger "exhibit" is an hour long. Personally I'd rather a large viewing area and more time with the Tigers than a fake plane ride and an hour wait followed by being rushed through a crowded exhibit. Zoo management have lost the plot.

  • I’ve heard that quite a few exhibits are closed due to renovations at the moment. Can anyone who has been recently confirm?

    • Have been recently and yes, most of the exhibits are closed and it's really quite a boring experience. Just like walking through a construction site. If you've been to Melbourne Zoo or any of the other ones in Victoria (Healesville for example), it really blows Taronga out of the water right now. Asked management and they said construction won't be done for another year. Would not recommend it at the moment unless you're really short on places to go in Sydney.

    • Yes - a lot of exhibits are closed but I guess they try to make up for it with the dinosaur attractions at the moment.

    • I went on New Year's Day and it was still a great experience for myself. We saw the gorillas, chimps, giraffes, tigers, elephants.. all the sea animals.. the birds.
      Essentially, every animal exhibit listed on the map was there and open.


      As the map indicates, the only construction site is across from the chimpanzee enclosure. This is the 'Savannah' exhibit, so we didn't see any lions on the day. But I guess they won't be there until 2020 - when that exhibit opens. Hope that is helpful!

      I also read one comment mentioning there are no tigers - they are certainly there! You just need to line up for the 'TIger Trek' - it simulates a plane ride going to Indonesia. I found it a bit odd that this was the only 'closed' enclosure but I figure this was just to limit the amount of people entering the exhibit at one time. There were times in the day when the line was quite long, however we went after a quick lunch and it was only a 3 minute wait. :)

      It was just me and my boyfriend that went so we didn't stop once for any of the dinosaur attractions, however a lot of the kids were quite enthralled with them.

      EDIT: another commenter linked the closures, so I guess I lied when I said every exhibit is open. The only animal that is currently off display are Tasmanian Devils.

    • Was there recently and majority still open, just a couple of spots under construction. This is a great deal at 40% off

  • Cheers we are going this weekend.

  • Only applies to individual tickets, not the family ones.
    Adult $42.30
    Children $24.30
    Concession $33.30

    $118.40 for a family ticket (2 adults and 2 children, or $88.80 with the equivalent individual tickets.


    Would the code work for annual passes?

  • Is taronga zoo the one on mosman?


  • Went to the zoo about a month ago. Very disappointing experience. The zoo was going under refurbishment and half the exhibits were closed. No lions, tigers and many others. It was very sad.

  • Just came back from Melbourne where their zoos (both Melbourne and Werribee) were free for kids during school holidays and weekends.

    Taronga's pricing structure shows they clearly don't want visitors.

  • I am not getting 40% off. this is what I get when I enter the code:
    $42.30 - $14.10 = $28.20
    It should be minus $16.92
    is everyone getting the same as me?

  • "discounted tickets are strictly limited and are only valid for redemption between 23 January 2019 – 3 February 2019."

    I just tried purchasing the tickets and couldn't see anywhere that states you need to use it between those dates.

    • What does your ticket look like - does it show the discounted price you bought it for or no price?

      • Just purchased. The tickets state that it is valid for 6 months. And has no pricing info on the ticket.
        So I think this is an awesome deal. And looks like the redemption period applies to when you can use the promo code, rather than when you can use the ticket you've purchased.

      • says valid till July 22 2019

        • I bought one today and it's a very basic receipt/ticket with a barcode/scan, ticket number, name, email and expiry date: my expiry date is August 2, 2019. I assume as long as you use the code before it expires then the ticket is good Until the ticket expiry date on the ticket purchased. Cheers

  • Now I can see why the Zoo's offering cheap prices. Scoopon/Cudo offering Zoo Friends Annual Pass package for $99 and with the 10% promo codes, it comes down to $89.10.

  • So what's there to see at the zoo with all the construction and changes happening? Stuff the dinosaurs, I'm after live real animals.

  • I would prefer to buy the annual pass which is less than $100 more via Scoopon and Cudo.

  • Lots of Bin Chickens and Bush Turkeys…

  • Pretty sure i know the answer to this but im going in mid-February. Does 'redeem by 3/2/19' mean that you have to visit the park by then or buy tickets for a certain day by then? i would imagine enter the park by then right?

  • Anyone know do i have to print out the tix?

  • Any good food at the zoo?

  • Thanks OP!

  • Perfect! I had already booked accommodation for this weekend to visit the zoo. What a great deal!

    Saved me $22!

  • Fair warning. We went 2 weekends ago, trying to get value for our ZooFriends passes. There's a lot of construction going on and lots of the exhibits are closed. Taronga Zoo is large, so there's still quite a bit to see but it's not the value it usually is, and the exhibits that are open are theme park line up busy. Lots of the construction is scheduled not to be complete until the end of the year.

    Edit: I see there are similar comments above. Leaving mine as it mentions this will continue for the rest of the year, and the queues.

  • sounds like you can upgrade to annual pass for $19.

    • "Day tickets cannot be upgraded against discounted online membership prices (at-gate rates apply)."

    • That's the cost of upgrading 1 adult day ticket and 2 child day tickets to a family pass. Anyone know the cost of upgrading an adult ticket to an adult annual pass?