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Yamaha ATS-1080 Soundbar $159.20 (OOS), [NSW] LG OLED 65B8T $2390.40, OLED 55B8T $1510.40 C&C (Or + Delivery) @ Bing Lee eBay


Greetings everyone, this sound bar is back down to it's cheapest price ever, I personally got one in a previous sale and absolutely love it, I highly recommend it!

For anyone wondering, this is identical to the Yamaha YAS-108, just under a different product code.

Update: Sound bar currently out of stock.


Take your TV sound to the next level

Experience TV with sound that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This low-profile sound bar fits discreetly in front of your TV and can even be wall-mounted. Setup is a breeze with a single cable to your TV while Bluetooth® means you can wirelessly stream your favourite music from mobile and Amazon Alexa devices.

Virtual 3D surround sound with DTS® Virtual:X™
Clear Voice mode makes movie dialogue stand out and easier to hear
All-in-one design: built-in dual subwoofers deliver powerful bass
AConnect two Bluetooth devices at the same time with Bluetooth Multipoint
Simple setup with HDMI®, optical or aux connection
Easy to wall-mount

OLED TV's Available at an awesome price (Seems to be NSW only however):

OLED65B8STB - 65" B8 OLED TV for $2390.40 C&C (Or + Delivery).

OLED55B8STB - 55" B8 OLED TV for $1510.40 C&C (Or + Delivery).

As always, enjoy!

Original PELECTRO 20% off Select Items @ Bing Lee Deal

Soundbar Postage: Excludes: Northern Territory, Perth Metro, QLD Far North, SA Regional, VIC Regional, WA Regional, WA Remote, PO Box
TV Postage: NSW only.

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  • Sweet deal. Got one last week for $195 delivered on the videopro eBay code. $170 delivered is a bargain.

  • perfectly paired with the Samsung 55" NU7100 I got from yesterday deal.


  • +2 votes

    This is also a good deal for an alternative - $320 pickup for a proper (albeit budget) 5.1 system with receiver

    Also the higher model Yas 207 is at cheapest price

    • I grabbed a YAS-207, Thanks!

    • the problem with a setup like this is that the center speaker may be a bit too tall and cover some of the bottom of the TV

      I am looking to upgrade my tv and my centre speaker is approx 160mm tall and I will have this problem

      • @bwilso06: are you referring to the sub?
        @tunblor: it's almost twice as expensive, can buy two 108s or a single 207. Granted we get a sub too. I know that we can get a sub later on, people have mentioned it on here but I can't remember what it's called or how much it costs.

        • Subs aren't cheap, and they make a big difference. I was looking at buying a receiver, and then speakers, so 800+ all up.

          This was an impulse buy (unusual for me!), but looking at alternatives, I might be able to save 50 bucks or so by buying a different sub from somewhere else, with no guarantee it would match the soundbar's frequency response. Subtract from that saving additional postage or time spent finding the sub, and I'm not burning too much!

          • @Tunblor: If you intend to use with movies : “What i have found and read from Yamaha is that the bass frequency cut off is set to about 160Hz on the YAS-107 ( this is to high) and if i used my subwoofer as LFE and used the Yamaha YAS-107 as the crossover i could start hearing dialogue and other unwanted content thru the subwoofer just like the YAS-207 which is not good. Only when i decided to use the internal crossover on the subwoofers and set it to no more then 100hz (90hz was good for me) then it started sounding like it's suppose to with good bass. ”

  • Whats' the point of ebay plus when they are trying to charge me $10 postage for this Yamaha?

  • Showing not in stock, but this was posted only 10 minutes ago…

  • Good price if you can get it delivered. I picked up an older model (yas-103) secondhand for $50 and it is great doesn’t support hdmi arc but neither does my tv.

  • Amazing price on a 65B8!

  • Hisense 65" P7 $1,278.40

  • -3 votes
  • good to see the OLED price coming down now…..soon it be sub 2k. If appliancecentral or videopro price match this i'll pull the trigger now….hint hint is any of reps here reading this :)

  • I really like my Yamaha ATS-1080 soundbar, but the remote has a conflict with the some of the Hisense 65P7 remote control buttons, and you can't change the frequency used by either remote control, unfortunately. Have only noticed the issue in Netflix, though, but it's when changing the volume on the Yamaha 🙁

    • maybe use the Home Theater app (which uses bluetooth, not IR) with the soundbar, whilst using Netflix.


      Yes. If you can black tape on the IR sensor and use HDMI ARC to control the soundbar.
      Always use a HDMI cable with that specifies ARC support, been caught out with expensive cables before, that is despite so called supporting HDMI standards that define ARC!!. Least I got my money back!!

      So now I go for cheap ones from Kogan\Catch and look for ones that specifically say ARC support and\or the features you require. Have never let me down for any installs.

  • I don't get Bing Lee's postage policies….surely they can sort out postage Australia wide.

    Yamaha - ATS-1080 - Excludes: Northern Territory, Perth Metro, QLD Far North, SA Regional, VIC Regional, WA Regional, WA Remote, PO Box

    LG - OLED65B8STB - Excludes: Adelaide Metro, Brisbane Metro, Melbourne Metro, Northern Territory, NSW Regional, Perth Metro, QLD Far North, QLD Regional, QLD South East, SA Regional, Tasmania, VIC Regional, WA Regional, WA Remote, PO Box

    LG - OLED55B8STB - Excludes: Adelaide Metro, Brisbane Metro, Melbourne Metro, Northern Territory, NSW Regional, Perth Metro, QLD Far North, QLD Regional, QLD South East, SA Regional, Tasmania, VIC Regional, WA Regional, WA Remote, PO Box

    • I know!!

      Bing Lee bites!

    • It doesn't seem to make much sense. If you are willing to post at all - why can't you post to all domestic locations to which your carrier delivers? Just adjust the price accordingly.

  • Can I use the soundbar with my Sony bravia without having to plug in all my console hdmis + satellite TV through the soudbar? Can they all just go into the TV as they are now and just have one cable outputting the audio to the soundbar?

  • Thanks doweyy for always finding the best of the deals out there

  • Weird, but they don't post to Cairns 4870

    • Yamaha - ATS-1080 - Excludes: Northern Territory, Perth Metro, QLD Far North, SA Regional, VIC Regional, WA Regional, WA Remote, PO Box

      Yes weird Bing Lee postage policies!

  • Google assistant not supported?

  • Bought one, been waiting for a sale. Cheers OP.


    Great Soundbar massive improvement over in-built speakers, but don't fall for the in-built sub claim. For a compact unit, the sound is actually quite loud with lots of bass, but not the same as an external sub. But short on mids, but overall very good.

    If you are hard of hearing, the "Clear Voice" or whatever it is called makes a huge difference to actually hearing the dialogue and good for night listening.

    • Hey, are you saying this you would highly recommend this for night listening and it's good for differentiating dialogue compared to guns and explosion sounds?

      • I believe that is the purpose of the ‘clear voice’ function. I have seen other sound bar brands call it ‘night mode’.

        (Personally I find ‘clear voice’ does not work with music, gives an unnatural boost to higher frequencies. May be fine for talking voices [movies] but sounds off with music)

      • You ideally want one with dedicated centre channel (for dialogue) and ‘night mode’ or similar enabled. This does not have centre channel.

        • I think the centre sound stage is adequate enough given it is a sound bar and the left/right channels are quite close. This is what makes them quite unique in design. Giving centre soundstage and depending on driver placement quite distinctive and separated left/right soundstage.
          (Tweeters on the front corners, Mid-range in-between tweeters & woofers for YAS-10# series)


        Exactly, makes it easier to understand voices, particularly good for drama's and doco's but change modes for music!!

    • The shortness on mid-range is caused by either Bass Extension on, or subwoofer level over +1. Mid-range is compromised by increasing bass levels. Some people are bass-heads, or are impressed with the level of bass with Bass Extension on, therefore decide to leave it on, at a detriment to overall detail and clarity.

      The maximum i ever put my subwoofer level is +2 and is only for modern sounding music (with thumping bass).
      At +2 I can notice a slight dip in the midrange but it is less obvious with modern music.

      Epilogue: I believe these days people are looking for the sound they like at lower volume listening levels. I tend to listen at what I call adequate volume, and this is where speakers really shine.
      If you are looking for great sound at low volume, you are relying mostly on DSP(software) and less so speaker(driver) quality and amplification.

  • Just wondering if anyone knows how this compares to Logitech Z623's apart from obviously the sub.

  • does anyone know if Harvey norman, good guys or the like will price match these Ebay deals for the yas?

  • Amazing prices. Shame no delivery to Melbs.

  • May be just me but I have not enjoyed the sound from yamaha1080 soundbar..

    • May be just me but I have not enjoyed the sound from yamaha1080 soundbar..

      If you are talking about music better go with proper AV Receiver + Speaker.

      • 3D surround is good, but the voice wasn't clear.. anyways returned my piece. Binglee support has been helpful.

  • Just bought the LG 55B8, it was definitely the price drop I was looking for that finally made me pull the trigger. Cheers OP!

  • Is the ATS-1080 the same as a YAS-108?

  • Does Bing Lee usually deliver interstate? I thought they were predominantly a NSW thing?

  • What a pity it doesn't post to Melbourne :(

  • Binglee posts are depressing for people living in WA

  • Got the YAS-108B for Xmas for $195. To anyone looking for a high value for money soundbar I highly recommend it. The sound quality is excellent, juicy, and packs some punch as well. Probably not loud enough to alarm your neighbours when watching action scenes but personally the volume is just enough for my open living area. Mind you this is just one opinion, but it is in the context of a number of soundbars I tested in media stores that ranged from cheap to expensive.

    By the way, a piece of info I looked for myself but couldn't confirm anywhere: I plugged in my chromecast directly into the YAS-108 and then passthrough HDMI into an older TV which has very limited in/out (no ARC, optical, etc.) It works like a charm and interestingly the TV is able to cast even with the soundbar off (ie, passthrough remains active as long as the bar is powered up.)


      Got one last year for a small apartment, it certainly is a good unit for the $$$

      The ARC option is good with the Hisense P7 TV, no remote conflicts either. Bluetooth is a bonus.

      Highly recommended if you don't have the budget space for a 5.1 system. The clear voice option works well too, as most film soundtracks have a huge volume range, so you can still hear the dialogue with lower volumes.

      I've never owned a soundbar before, only 5.1 systems of various quality, this unit is a surprise package!

      • I wonder how you don't get remote control conflicts: do you use the built-in Netflix app and change the volume? That's when I get the conflict (and the Netflix app starts doing different things)


          I don't use the TV apps, except Youtube and that seems fine.

  • cashreward doesn't work for ebay australia, just saying.

  • Got this error for the Soundbar: "This code can't be applied to your order." Any idea what I'm doing wrong here?

  • I think Bing Lee is NSW only may be better update the title.

  • Can anyone please confirm if this works with Samsung QLED Series 6 TV? I heard some issue about ARC?

  • Can't check out the soundbar, stuck at paypal page, says no stock.

  • Oh daaaaannng Would absolutely get a 55" B8 at this price! Anyone get a close price match in Melb?

  • Thank you! Got the soundbar already installed. First impression is good!

  • Just got the 65" B8 in Canberra.

    It wouldn't let me deliver to an ACT address, and seemingly wouldn't let me do a click n collect here either.

    Then I set my address to something closer to Sydney, and then it let me do click n collect at an ACT store (Belconnen)


    • Have done the same for a previous ebay sale (the soundbar as a matter of fact!), just put in a Sydney postcode then it allowed me to do click and collect in CBR at the payment screen.

    • Make sure you have a van or a ute with some ratchet straps, you're not meant to transport it laying down (although people have) and the box is fkn HUGE.

      • Hmm, yeah I learnt today how huge it is when it wouldn't fit in my Pajero. Going to regroup and try again tomorrow. Just have to the take out the cargo barrier and should hopefully be right..

        But yes I guess it'll be going in flat.. I don't have a van or ute handy. It's a 15 min drive, what do you reckon? Should I pack some pillows and whatnot in as well?

        • Yeah, just make it as secure as possible, drive slow and try to avoid too many bump; the issue is that the panel is so thin that it can be damaged when laying down as it is not designed to take the weight in that position.

          I read a Reddit thread though where a few people had transported it laying down without any dramas. I'm in the same dilemma. Let us know how you go :)

          • @tedzr: Yeah no dramas! Put the seats down, chucked a doona below it and some pillows round the edges. Seemed pretty cozy. Just needed to call a mate when I got home, to help me take it from the car into the house and unbox it.

            I was starting to worry that maybe I should've gotten the 55 instead haha.. but. It's pretty sick. Just not looking forward to the next time I move house.

            • @shiggiddy: Unreal, yeah I'm looking forward to setting it up, seems like a beast. Maybe keep the box if you know you're gonna move, at least then you have the foam cutouts and all that for transportation, guess the issue is storing it somewhere lol. Enjoy ;)

    • Hi mate,
      What postcode closer to Sydney did you use to click and collect in Belco?

      • 2528.. It was weird, because I couldn't figure out how to get it to let me choose click n collect at all, so I just started trying to set my address as the address of Bing Lee stores. So 2528 is from the address of a Bing Lee in Wollongong.

  • Such a ridiculously good price for that 65 OLED..

  • Amazing.. 55inch OLED for $1.5k

  • Stupid price for the LG OLED, one of the best TVS money can buy. No postage to WA unfortunately!

  • Throw your money at that 65 inch OLED price and don't look back

  • Any click and collect near the Vic/nsw border? That Oled is an amazing deal

    • Seems like there's stock for both the 55 and 65 in Albury and Wodonga, is that close enough?

  • I can't believe I bought this on an impulse…but a 55" OLED for $1500 odd is just too hard to resist! Thanks OP!

  • As much as I keep going back and forth on purchasing these OLED tvs and I've already been holding out since Boxing Day B7.
    I will wait till end of year for B9 or C9. Whose on the wait train with me lol

    Also dammit!! I would have bought the sound bar but Out of Stock makes me sad :(

    • Might as well wait for the BX/10 or something else in a years time.

      I couldn't resist at the price. Picked it up today. Yet to unpack it.

      • After the welcome responses, I caved and picked it up this arvo.
        Literally just fit in the car and setup at home is complete.
        Still going to wait for it to sink in that I actually ended up buying it. Feeling pretty mixed at the moment.

    • If you keep waiting. You will forever be. Just buy something already.

      After buying my 55" panasonic fz950u. No regrets.

      Coming from a bravia 46" the picture quality is amazing on these oleds.

  • Does anyone know if you can pick up B8 55inch from the Melbourne warehouse in Dandenong South?